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  1. Cyprus Intercepts 36 Syrian Migrants On Boat (breitbart, Sep 3, 2018)

    “Cyprus police say they have intercepted 36 Syrian migrants, including 11 women and 14 children, after their boat was located off the Mediterranean island nation’s southeastern coast.

    Police said a patrol boat located the migrants’ vessel around noon Monday off the island’s Cape Greco area. There were four infants among the children aboard the vessel.

    It’s the third time in four days a Syrian migrant boat has been located off the Cape…”

  2. Suspect in stabbing of Americans believes Dutch insult Islam (abcnews, Sep 3, 2018)

    “An Afghan asylum-seeker accused of stabbing two Americans in Amsterdam believes that Islam is insulted in the Netherlands, Dutch prosecutors said Monday, giving the first indication of why they think a “terrorist motive” was behind the attack.

    The 19-year-old suspect is accused of stabbing the 38-year-old tourists Friday in an unprovoked attack after he arrived at Amsterdam’s Central Station on an international train.

    The American men were not targeted because of their nationality, which the alleged attacker did not know, prosecutors said. The suspect’s grievance was with the European country where the assault took place, they said in a written statement.

    “It is apparent from his statements that he believes that in the Netherlands, the Prophet Muhammad, the Quran, Islam and Allah are repeatedly insulted,” prosecutors said, noting that the young Afghan man specifically mentioned Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders, who is well known for his fierce anti-Islam rhetoric…”

      • Deutsche Welle –Italy’s Salvini: Merkel has underestimated the challenges of migration

        Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini says the German government has been underestimating the risk of social conflict over migration for years. DW spoke with him as his government marks 100 days in office.

        Italian politician Matteo Salvini is the head of the country’s far-right League party, which formed a populist coalition alongside the anti-establishment Five Star Movement in June. In addition to his post as interior minister, Salvini serves as deputy prime minister to Giuseppe Conte, a newcomer to politics chosen by both parties as their head of government.

        DW: After 100 days as part of a new government, do you feel like you have addressed Italy’s most pressing issues, such as poverty and unemployment?

        Matteo Salvini: I am very happy with the 100 days. Under my remit, which is security, immigration, and public security, we have achieved extraordinary results. Regarding employment, taxes and pensions, in the autumn the new government will make its mark, with a new path, change, growth, so I’m not worried about data for this period. We are already working on growth, which should finally rebound.

        International markets seem skeptical though. The famous “spread,” that is the risk premium for Italian bonds, has doubled since you came to power. How do you explain that?

        There are people who are speculating. There are also people who are against us. Our government is free and independent from the multinationals, from big finance, from banking powers — both international and European. We have no fears. The Italian economy is sound. Italian business is sound. So the economic reforms will provide all the answers that the so-called markets and the lords of the “spread” are waiting for.

        It seems like Italy’s new prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, is not very present. You are more present than he is. Do you feel like you are the real head of the government?

        No, we have two different personalities. He is a man of mediation and listening. He visited Donald Trump. He will go to China. He attends the European summits. I am deputy prime minister, along with Luigi di Maio [of the 5-Star party] . We are party leaders. So it’s clear that due to our characters and our roles we tend to be more present, but we are a good team.

        Let’s turn to the European Union and the topic of migration. You seem at odds with the EU on some points. Do you feel like the goal going forward is to find a compromise with the EU or are you on confrontation course?

        Even though I am often described as a hooligan, I am always trying to reason, to discuss, to ask questions. Take the revision of the Treaty of Dublin and Operation Sophia for instance. We are making proposals, we are waiting, we are suggesting. It is clear that I had to stop the migrant landings. Last year in the period up to August, 100,000 migrants arrived and the European Union did little or nothing. This year we had fewer than 20,000 landings, and the European Union is still doing little or nothing. So I am still willing to debate, but more recently, we’ve also been talking with some non-European countries, such as Albania, Serbia and Montenegro.

        On the issue of migration, you recently agreed to form an alliance with Hungarian Prime Minister Victor Orban. And yet you’ve stated that you want to see redistribution of migrants across the EU. Orban doesn’t want that – but German Chancellor Angela Merkel does. So aren’t you closer to Merkel than Orban on this?

        I’m trying to get something good out of everybody. Victor Orban talks about defending Europe’s borders, about protection in the countries of origin and investment in Africa, and I agree with him. Angela Merkel is proposing a redistribution inside Europe, and I can agree even with this position in the very near future. What we have to do is help these people so that they don’t flee their countries. We should be rapidly investing 500 million euros in Africa. I believe that both Germany and Hungary are right regarding certain issues.

        You’ve seen what’s been happening in Chemnitz, Germany at the moment, with the extreme right, and with the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. Some are blaming Angela Merkel, saying that this is the result of the migration crisis. Do you agree?

        I would say that Angela Merkel certainly underestimated the risk of a social clash when she claimed that there was space for hundreds of thousands of people in Germany. I still remember what happened during the New Year’s Eve celebrations in Cologne in 2015, and also elsewhere. However, violence is never a solution! Violence calls for violence, but the German government has been underestimating the problem for years, and the rise of the AfD is clearly a reaction.

        Your government has been in office for 100 days now. Do you think it will hold another year?

        Yes, I think that this government will have a long life if it respects its obligations to the Italian people.

        Is it harder than you thought it would be?

        (Laughing) I’m happy that I can finally participate in what is happening.

        Is it harder than you thought it would be, yes or no?

        Well, it is not easy. Italy is a big country. We have important challenges to face, but I was tired of being in the opposition.

  3. Sweden Democrat leader’s visit causes disquiet among Malmö’s Muslims (thelocal, Sep 3, 2018)

    “When Jimmie Åkesson, the 39-year-old leader of the populist Sweden Democrats, starts railing against “giant mosque complexes, with huge minarets everywhere” Adam and Mohammed begin to protest.

    “It’s you who want to build that!” Mohammed, 25, shouts out when Åkesson accuses Muslims like him of trying to create a parallel society.

    The leader of the Sweden Democrats is speaking in Sweden’s third-largest city as part of an election tour which has seen protesters attempt to pelt him with eggs in Falkenberg, and a rapturous reception in the party stronghold of Landskrona.

    In Malmö, the mood is somewhere in between, with a big crowd of supporters and a small but energetic group of protesters.

    “Jimmie, you think we have so many problems in Malmö,” reads one sign. “Well, go away and we’ll have one less.”

    Opposition to an anti-immigration party should be no surprise in a city where more than half the people have at least one parent born abroad, and an estimated 20 percent are Muslim.

    But Adam and Mohammed, two second-generation Malmö residents of Palestinian origin, have come more out of curiosity.

    “I’m against the Sweden Democrats, but I’m here to listen to what ideas they have, because they’re going to be big after the election,” says Adam, 24. “There’s a lot that can happen.”

    Mohammed says what frightens him about the party is its focus on Islam as a problem in and of itself.

    “One shouldn’t mix religion and politics, they don’t belong together,” he says, “And SD have connected these two things. They don’t talk just about immigration, they talk about Muslims and Islam.”

    He points to the article Åkesson wrote in Aftonbladet in 2009 in which he called Muslims “our greatest foreign threat”.

    “You just can’t say that sort of thing when there’s nearly one million people who are Muslim living in this country,” he says. “I can’t judge the whole of Christianity from one event. That’s where racism comes from.”

    The party has, however, been making remarkable progress among immigrants in Sweden, increasing its share of the vote of those born abroad to 12 percent this May from two percent in the May before the 2014 election.

    Partly, it has done this with the party’s ideology of “open Swedishness”, a cultural nationalism open to all regardless of where they were born or the colour of their skin.

    Throughout his tour, Åkesson has been introduced by Jonas Chongera, a black, Congo-born former pastor who represents the party on a municipal council in Värmland.

    “We all know people with backgrounds in other countries, among our friends and even in our families,” Åkesson says at one point in his speech, underlining that he is against high levels of immigration, not immigrants themselves.

    But soon afterwards, he begins to accuse Muslims of trying to force Sweden to introduce gender-segregated swimming pools, and complains that kindergartens in Gothenburg have been forcing children to wear the hijab.

    Mohammed is baffled by the party’s support among immigrants. “The most crazy thing is this 12 percent who have gone with SD,” he says. “Some of these people don’t even have citizenship, some of them only have residency, and they want to vote for a party that might send them out!”

    Despite this, the two are sanguine about the high chance that the party will sweep up as many as one in five votes in Sweden’s general election on Sunday.

    “I’m frightened for the future of course,” Adam concedes. “But at the same time, we are citizens. So as long as we don’t have problem here in Sweden, we feel OK. But others who have come here more recently fleeing war, they could be in trouble.””

  4. United Arab Emirates to send first astronauts into space (france24, Sep 3, 2018)

    “The United Arab Emirates has selected its first two astronauts to go on a mission to the International Space Station, Dubai’s ruler said Monday.

    Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed al-Maktoum named the new astronauts as Hazza al-Mansouri, 34, and 37-year-old Sultan al-Neyadi.

    Writing on Twitter, he said the duo “raise the bar of ambitions for future Emirati generations”.

    We announced today our first astronauts to the International Space Station: Hazza Al Mansouri and Sultan Al Nayadi. Hazza and Sultan represent all young Arabs and represent the pinnacle of the UAE’s ambitions.

    Sheikh Mohammed, the UAE’s vice president and prime minister, last year vowed to send four Emirati astronauts to the space station within five years.

    The UAE has its sights set on space with a programme worth 20 billion dirhams ($5.4 billion), according to Sheikh Mohammed…”

  5. reuters – Trump warns Syria not to ‘recklessly attack’ Idlib province

    U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday warned Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his allies Iran and Russia not to “recklessly attack” Syria’s rebel-held Idlib province, warning that hundreds of thousands of people could be killed.

    “The Russians and Iranians would be making a grave humanitarian mistake to take part in this potential human tragedy. Hundreds of thousands of people could be killed. Don’t let that happen!” Trump wrote in a tweet.
    MoA Syria Sitrep – U.S. To Stay To “Create Quagmires”

    Last week we looked at the upcoming campaign to liberate Idleb. The attack will commence only after the September 7 summit of the presidents of Russia, Turkey and Iran in Tehran. Meanwhile the U.S. detailed its future role in the war on Syria.

    […]The claim that the U.S. is there to fight ISIS is a lie. ISIS is still active in two places in Syria. Both are under U.S. control.

    […]The U.S. is massively expanding its positions in north-east Syria. More than 1,600 trucks with new equipment arrived over the last month. The U.S. now has 18 bases in north-east Syria, 6 of which have their own landing strips. The media continue to claim the the U.S. has 2,000 soldiers in the north-east. The real number is more than double or triple of that. It is quite obvious that the U.S. is settling in with the intent to split the north-east from the rest of Syria, similar to what it did with the creation of a Kurdish entity in northern Iraq.

    Syria Civil Defence Idlib .. “in Science we Live” campaign

    • Odious MoA needs heavy fisking: he draws some conclusions that are pure editorial bias, consistently in support of the Syrian Regime. He whitewashes the butcher Assad – believe me, Assad is _in fact_ really, really bad – but at least he’s rational, controllable evil. The others are off-the-wall.

      MoA is pro-Iran, pro-Russia. A full-depth anti-American pos, whose readers celebrate our loses.

      BUT he puts some facts together to make some valid arguments. FUKUS [France, UK, US]-oriented sources aren’t doing it.

      ~ ya gotta consider this stuff or ya fall for stupid ~

      I’ll think about it, maybe tomorrow write something.

      Just a side note:
      A comment confirms something I’d seen elsewhere.
      The “Syrian Observatory of Human Rights” is another of those fake “humanitarian” NGOs. Even the New York Slimes is admitting it’s “essentially a one-suit operation”.
      Bogus pix, vids, #s, etc. ALWAYS seek alternate regional sources (from other side[s]). Beware of anybody who links to them regularly, and especially if that’s the exclusive “source”.

  6. the gateway pundit – President Trump Was Right – Obama Must Have Signed Off on FISA Warrant to Spy on Trump!

    President Obama must have signed off on FISA warrant to spy on candidate and President Trump!

    TGP reported over the weekend that it appears that the reason there was no FISA Court hearing on the Carter Page FISA warrant was because Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch forced through the application per an obscure loophole in the law.

    We next reported this Labor Day morning that if this is correct, then likely AG Sessions or Rosenstein pushed through any extensions after President Trump took office.

    Now we’ve unlocked a bombshell and it’s worse!
    President Obama would have had to approve the Carter Page warrant per law in order for the spying to proceed without a court hearing. The rule is described on page 7 of 1978 FISA Act!
    The Act reads as follows –


    SEC. 102. ø50 U.S.C. 1802¿ (a)(1) Notwithstanding any other
    law, the President, through the Attorney General, may authorize
    electronic surveillance without a court order under this title to acquire
    foreign intelligence information for periods of up to one year
    if the Attorney General certifies in writing under oath “

    • The information is trickling out and Trump is going to do his best to see that more hits the news before the elections, It won’t matter to the committed leftist but it has the potential of really shifting the voters to vote for the people trying to clean up this mess.

  7. “MUST SEE! Laura Loomer Confronts DNC Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison on His Physical Abuse of Women — ELLISON FLEES EVENT! (VIDEO)”
    by Jim Hoft – September 3, 2018

    “Keith Ellison CONFRONTED About Domestic Violence Allegations”
    Laura Loomer – Published on September 3, 2018

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