Dear readers of Vlad T:

Today I might have set a record for total number of videos subtitled and edited within a 24 hour period for me and this site and our group.

This means that I have not been able to post even the small fraction of important news that comes in to the above the waterline part of this site.

So I once again, as I so often do, but with greater force, beseech you all to check out the Reader’s Links post for today, which has a stunning amount of qualitative news links ranging from the phoney witch hunt of President Trump and the more and more frequent discoveries that ‘evidence’ was fabricated by the presenters, to increasing amounts of evidence that Western governments from Canada to Sweden, Germany and elsewhere are running roughshod over their own laws to create a leftist hegemony and freeze out any chance for a people’s republic, democracy or land of individual rights.

More chemical weapons attacks on Spanish border guards, which meets the spirit and the letter of an act of war beyond what the Geneva convention would allow, and events in the Netherlands which hint at major plots to kill Geert Wilders.

Please do have a look. This is a fantastic opportunity to take advantage of the Wisdom of Crowds and it is here, at this site, in spades, and especially today.

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