Mental Illness epidemic in Toronto: Links 1, Aug. 26, 2018

1. BBC: ‘Era of TV With White Men Imparting Knowledge is Over’

(I have been meaning to do a post on proving that many Western countries, and in particular Canada, are already communist. The purpose of the post would be to explain and demonstrate how communism is simply not what people think it is, but is in fact, things like this. I hope to do it in September. Its very depressing to think about. But it remains true. And the fact that the far left has relied upon the corruptibility of major corporations as part of its scheme is even more depressing, As in the US for example, its major corporations that are driving the communist agenda more than the government. I give you Facebook and Twitter as just two examples but I am confident they are not the largest or most pernicious out there.)

The era of TV shows in which white males impart information on a subject is dead, a top BBC executive has said, stating the corporation must find “different ways” of bringing expert insight and knowledge to audiences in future.

BBC Four editor Cassian Harrison, an upper middle-class white male, told the Edinburgh Television Festival that people are no longer interested in “static” television programmes featuring a white male presenter talking about a topic, The Times reports.


“There’s a mode of programming that involves a presenter, usually white, middle-aged and male, standing on a hill and ‘telling you like it is’. We all recognise the era of that has passed.


“What we’re looking for is different ways to shift a form. Different ways we can bring that specialism, that information, that insight to audiences,” he said, adding that the bosses of other BBC channels had also decided that the format was outdated.

(Once you abandon merit as the sole or at least principle method for determining modus, you abandon civilization. We are about to see how fast that destroys a people and nation in South Africa for anyone to blind, willfully or via misdirection, to have seen it happen in Venezuela.)

2. And on that note, White Privilege in the US of A.

(I wish he had mentioned how in China, there are overt and systemic barriers against equality by non Han Chinese. Gwi Lo, white people, pay often twice as much or more than locals and there will be few or no locals who are not Chinese, and mostly Han Chinese. Japan is the same. Why does that not get mentioned at all ever? His explanation of Asian conservative values and morals and their relationship to success is water to the thirsty though.)

3. Nothing racist about this at all:

4. The Canadian government and media are now adepts at covering up jihad in Canada. This is an excellent example of how a communist state handles dangerous events which are an existential threat to our people, culture and laws.

This is one of many in the past week by the way. Some I cannot report on here because people I knew called me and told me what they had seen with their own eyes. But no link and no photo or video so no type, Once upon a time, I could have.

Then there is the people throwing rocks off mountains at people in Alberta where their faces are blurred for some reason and the stories are being scrubbed, also for some reason.

We really are a communist country, And we did it so slyly and so well, most have not noticed it. They just watch CBC and many do not even wake up if they are themselves connected to a victim as we saw in Greek Town in Toronto. Sanctimony is as powerful a drug as crack.

Thank you M., Ava Lon, Johnny U., Wrath of Khan, Gates of Vienna, MissPiggy, and many many more who have sent in an amazing array of materials this weekend so far,

Here is another Toronto stabbing although this one is likely gang related, although the knife used is highly ornate and has a sort of middle Eastern look to it in that olde school, Ali Baba way.

Please everyone who visits this site, have a dive into the Reader’s Links post comments. There is information there. Which makes it unlike Canadian MSM.



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  1. Yes we all live in communist nations some full communism and others with a less degree of communism but still communism. One big thing to remember about communism is they always have to have an enemy they are fighting against, without that enemy the self proclaimed elite who think they were given orders from God to rule over the little people would not have any excuse for what they are doing besides personal pleasure. Currently the left in the US is using Russia and the Whites as their enemy, in the rest of the Western Nations it is the Whites that are the enemy.

    The actions of our communist leaders are evil, and we need to be intolerant of this evil just as we were intolerant of hte evils of Slavery and other forms of oppression.

  2. “A gunman is among the ‘multiple fatalities’ after a mass shooting broke out at an online gaming tournament in Florida that was partially captured on a horrifying livestream.”

    This implies that the killer was a victim too!

    The gunman was not amongst those murdered. And yet they said he was one of them.

    This fear, (who can we trust?), driven straight into the subconsciences of their believing readers.

    Mental illness, is the loss of perspective. Not knowing right from wrong. To lose reality through terror. To rely on what we are officially told by our experts.

    These who made us a mad population of tattooed, screwers of ‘girlfriends,’ we can make a better world, running-nowhere-but-back-again, armchair pundits.

    Islam gets a pass. Communism gets a pass. Sexual Perversion get a pass.

    At least one, is the Master they defend.

    • The shooter killed himself. He’s a 31-year old White male hooked on gaming.
      Apparently, he lost out on the first round and went nuts.
      Quite a few people hooked into the gaming world are not stable individuals.

    • To discover you are also a loser in your own fantasy, has this effect. The dhimmi in reality meeting their avatar dhimmi, the new name and identities of Islam/Collectivism/LBGTQ who hate those of talent and merit.

      Tens of Millions of real Russians and real Chinese are dead. Murdered by the hands of such as these. The envious. The thieves. The Proud.

      • Hundreds of millions. 170,000,000 at Dr. Rummel’s last revision, climbing as the victim’s are recovered. This number is solely democide, excluding those killed by war. The simple truth is that communist/marxist states have killed more of their own citizens than all the wars of the 20th century combined.
        Islam is still the all time champion, with 270 million kills since ‘mo started loping off heads, 11+ million muslims killed by other muslims since 1947; marxists and muslims accounting for most of the wars of the 20th century…curiously, no wars have occurred between western free market democratic states in the 20th century, and the U.S has the lowest democide/genocide/colonialism/war kill rate of the 20th century, and probably historically.
        Shhhhh! Nobody tell the leftists.

      • “We reproduce here a letter that Harry Whyte (a British Communist Party member) wrote to Stalin in May 1934, in which Whyte posed the question: “can a homosexual be considered someone worthy of membership in the Communist Party?”.

        At the time, Whyte (himself homosexual) was working in Moscow at the Moscow Daily News. When he heard about the new law, he wrote a letter to Stalin asking him how he could justify it. Whyte pointed out how the new law was cancelling all the progress that had been made on such matters since the October Revolution.

        Found in the Soviet archives, on the first page of the letter is a note written by Stalin:

        “Archive. An idiot and a degenerate. J. Stalin.””

        Like the men-who-would-fems for their supremacy of top Collective in International Socialism and the men-who-would-be-doms for their supremacy of Man above National Socialism; once their fantasy-driven utopias were realized, their Useful Idiocy was immediately over. Both Communist and Fascist dictators disposed of them.

        “Fidel Castro was many things: a revolutionary, a communist, a garrulous orator. Amid the fawning encomia released upon his long-overdue death at the age of 90, it should never be forgotten that he was also an oppressor, torturer, and murderer of gay people.

        “We would never come to believe that a homosexual could embody the conditions and requirements of conduct that would enable us to consider him a true revolutionary, a true communist militant,” Castro told an interviewer in 1965. “A deviation of that nature clashes with the concept we have of what a militant communist should be.”

  3. 2- Unique to “white priviledge” is the whites’ historical ability to create laws in their own societies that usurp said priviledges. Contrarily, the current South African regime just shouts “KILL WHITES!”

    The contrast is rather nuanced, don’t you think?

  4. I take issue with calling Canada a “communist” country. Communism is when the gov’t owns everything and citizens own nothing. All land, factories, etc. belong to the gov’t.
    I think it is more accurate to call Canada a “fascist” country where the gov’t controls the means of production, including the media.
    I would use the term communist sparingly as the words “racism” and “nazi” have come to mean nothing due to their overuse.

    • “I take issue with calling Canada a “communist” country. Communism is when the gov’t owns everything and citizens own nothing.”

      This model has progressed to Cultural Marxism. From the reptilian brain it has moved into the mammalian brain. This kingdom therefore is not controlled by ownership of industries anymore but those industries that own you. They know everything about you. And their government knows everything about what they know.

      The virus of islam, is the way to infect, to get into the Son of God that is you, and sit at your right hand while you look into the mirror of pride.

      This taking of every human soul, is their end game. The destruction of man-woman relations. Humanity neutralized. They riot and desire to kill their best.

      Canada does not need to nationalize and turn workers into zombies. It already has.

      • There are many mothers who have homosexualized their sons, because as these women have not faced their demons of resentment – they have driven out men instead seeking beta ‘yes men’ as partners. Their boys protecting their moms’ egos from her or harming them by driving over a cliff, in doing so, infect themselves.

        Their daughters either rebel or conform. The former taking drugs and sex and the latter ending up committing suicide.

        When males go Communist or Marxist and can no longer have natural relations with women.

    • Fascism is a variation of communism, given the mind set of the left is is unlikely that they will wait many years before they start seizing the factories etc.

    • I see your point, Babs.
      I’ve using the term a little promiscuously myself. When I was growing up, “communist” was the f-word or the n-word. Just about unspeakable.

      So, like a kid feeling liberated spews obscenities, I’ve been using “communist” kinda loosely. Maybe I’ll go back to “commie” – a sorta, kinda descriptive.

      Unless I’m talking real communists or former communists.

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