The big (and fantastic) news in Canadian politics

For those who follow Canadian politics, which would be the same people who watch Chess matches and paint dry, might know that the current leader of the Conservative party of Canada, Andrew Scheer, who is as conservative as Justin Trudeau is liberal, threw out an actual classical liberal from the shadow cabinet for having a rational view of economic policy.

His name is Maxime Bernier, who today, decided to quit the Conservative party of Canada and start his own.

Normally this would be suicide for any Western politician, as established parties tend to soak up all the lazy votes, which is nearly all of them.

But a short glance at The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, and in a way the United States as Trump was as anti Republican as he was anti-Democrat, and threatened to run as an independent if they didn’t stop interfering with him, shows that the smart money may be on new systems as the old ones are clearly senile and ineffective at everything except getting and holding power.

It is with great sadness that I see Stephen Harper, who I admire very much, tweet support for the current leader of the Conservatives, who is basically just Trudeau lite.

Of all the people who I would have hoped would understand a principled stance over a tactical one, it would be Stephen harper.

For all Canadians who read this site and understand that Max Bernier appears to have libertarian-conservative principles, lets hope he forms a new party soon and rally behind him with everything we have. It really can work. It did in Austria, and it is in Germany.

As Merkel says, “We can do it”, but more importantly, as we say, “it is a thing worth doing”.

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4 Replies to “The big (and fantastic) news in Canadian politics”

  1. For those who follow Canadian politics, which would be the same people who watch Chess matches and paint dry…

    Well, at least you’re honest about it.

  2. Bernier is the guy we need. I was so happy today, a wish come true. He’ll be needing donations, this is very important.

    As to Harper, it is said Scheer is Harper’s boy. So, I expected him to support his boy. What disappoints me is his first sentence.

    Jason Kenney also wasn’t very gracious. They’re all upset and worried.

    • They’re all upset and worried.

      You say that like it’s a bad thing!

      PS: Please rest assured how I full-well realize that “upset and worried” people can do all sorts of desperate acts. Be that as it may, Canada’s own endemic species of politically hypertrophic, EU-mimicking, terrestrial jellyfish present little threat of anything save the stinging lash of lawfare. That said, once authentic Rule of Law™ has broken down, attempting to do anything of the sort to genuine Conservatives (i.e., Classical Liberals) will likely prove to be a brutally masochistic endeavor.

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