An amazing discussion on the postmodern state of our culture

I am only about half way through this excellent video, but I could not bring myself to keep it from you any longer. The intro is highly entertaining, and the main speaker, the niece of the man who is credited for inventing Quantum Mechanics, (Never let a Quantum Mechanic touch your car by the way, you won’t even know if you have a car after that and you won’t know where you are and how fast you are going at the same time) will embolden you to speak openly about what is obviously true in the face of a forced narrative of socialist bullish*t.

Thanks EB.

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  1. You’re welcome Eeyore.


    “Trans artist activist Casey Hoke has died at 21”
    The Blade – August 10, 2018


    Casey Hoke, a transgender artist, activist and national public speaker dedicated to helping others combat marginalization, has died in Pomona, according to a family statement on his Facebook page. A spokesperson for Los Angeles County Deputy Medical Examiner Juan Carrillo told the Los Angeles Blade that the cause of death was deferred until after an official inquest. He died at his home in Pomona, outside Los Angeles, California on Wednesday, August 8.
    “?My younger brother Casey Hoke passed away yesterday in the Los Angeles, CA area,” Hoke’s brother Ryan Benjamin Hoke said in a statement. “My family is heartbroken. We ask for privacy, but at the same time want to make sure Casey’s friends and connections know.”
    Ryan Benjamin Hoke later told the Los Angeles Blade: “Casey lost his battle with mental illness.”

  2. Related:

    “Should Blood Tests Be Required To Get Married?”
    by Kristen Meinzer – August 5, 2009


    Fewer marriage licenses are issued when blood tests are required. Is that such a bad thing?

    Until the 1980s, most states required people to get a blood test in order to get a marriage license. The test, which screened for certain illnesses, like syphilis and rubella, was put in place to cut down on the spread of communicable diseases and prevent birth defects. By 2006, however, the blood test requirement was phased out everywhere U.S. except Washington D.C. and Mississippi.

    Until the 1980s? Hmmm

    “HIV and AIDS — United States, 1981–2000”
    CDC – June 1, 2001

    • “Why Were Blood Tests Required Before Marriage?” – Reference


      Premarital blood test laws were written during an era when premarital sex was largely frowned upon, and the legislators writing those laws probably assumed that most sexual encounters happened within the confines of marriage. In contemporary culture, sexual encounters commonly take place both within and outside the bonds of marriage, making these tests largely irrelevant from a public health perspective.
      Only the District of Columbia requires premarital blood tests for both partners; however, Montana requires females to get premarital blood tests, and in New York, African-American and Hispanic applicants have to get tested for sickle-cell anemia.
      The reason Montana may still test its female residents is related to that fact that these tests often screened for rubella. Rubella can be deadly if passed from a mother to a fetus; however, even women in Montana can opt out of the testing with a waiver from a doctor.

      “In contemporary culture, sexual encounters commonly take place both within and outside the bonds of marriage, making these tests largely irrelevant from a public health perspective.” – Reference

      “STD Epidemic, Responsible for Babies’ Deaths, Reaches Record Level in California”
      By Kaiser Health News – May 17, 2018

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