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11 Replies to “Tucker exposes mainstream Democrat politics today”

  1. When I was a child and young adult we all knew that while we might disagree with the Dems we could rest assured that they loved the US and were Patriots. Now the patriotism of all Dem politicians is in doubt and you have to wonder about the voters who vote for the non patriots.

    • OT Johnny-
      If Canada becomes intolerable for you or your kids, you can apply for Hungarian citizenship. Mr. Orban is inviting people of Hungarian descent to “come home”!

      Part of the drive to improve demographics, they’re anticipating an influx of Christians and Jews.

      The catch: You’ll have to learn Hungarian.

      • Yucki, I’m doing it! Been going on now for a while, but the wheels are in motion. I took the whole family there a couple of years ago and they were in love. My wife took particular note of how the Hungarians took such care of children. As for learning the language, ugh, I have a good vocabulary but stringing things together is the trick. Really hard. But now most young Hungarians speak English so meeting half way is easy. You should make a visit some time if you never have. Budapest has the biggest synagogue in Europe I believe.

        At the end of the day, though, I am a child of this place. We may get pushed out of some regions but giving up the whole continent to commie bastards and tards? Not a chance. I’d move the bunch down south first if you’d take us in.

        But we may as well fight. Everybody needs a hobby.

        • You are more then welcome, and once we patriots win the war down here we can start planning on liberating Canada. Having Canucks (SP) as an Army in exile will help a lot.

        • Governments-in-exile or “shadow govts” might use Hungary as a base.

          Good for you, Johnny, on studying Hungarian!

          As far as “everybody speaks English”, you can’t really be part of a country without learning the language. The article about citizenship for people of Hungarian descent made that point.

          Sorry, I can’t remember where I read it. It was about the birth rate rising, but still too slow.

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