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9 Replies to “Infrastructure failure or terrorism? Italy, Genoa, Aug. 14”

  1. BBC – Genoa bridge collapse: What might be responsible ?

    Maintenance issue + Design flaw + Heavy traffic


    Engineer warned in 2016 that Genoa bridge would need rebuilding

    An engineering professor warned in 2016 that the so-called Morandi bridge near Genoa, which collapsed today, needed to be completely rebuilt as its structure had deteriorated too rapidly

    […]Genoese architect Diego Zoppi, former president of the Genoese Order, told the ANSA news agency that the bridge was flawed in its construction.

    “The problem with the Morandi Bridge is that the tie rods were made of concrete and not metal. In the 1960s they did not expect concrete to degrade and then collapse. Fifty years ago there was unlimited confidence in reinforced concrete. It was believed to be eternal.

    With the continuous vibrations of traffic, the cement cracks let air pass through, which reaches the internal metal structure and making it oxidize”.

    “For this reason, the bridge has always required extensive maintenance work. It was very expensive to manage.”

    […]Another issue raised about the bridge was the weight of traffic passing through it, as it is the main artery linking southwest France and northwest Italy with the heart of the country.

    “When it was built, it was not built to sustain the traffic of such heavy vehicles,”


    • I don’t think it has anything to do with the volume or vibrations of traffic.
      Traffic vibrations are never harmonic.
      As you already stated over the decades rainwater seeped into the construction causing the rebars to rust and weaken. At that point all it took was a stroke of lightning to explode the accumulated water and causing the concrete to fail.
      The rusting rebar would fail next and it did.

    • Without even looking, I can tell that you linked to “Galloping Gertie”.

      Once a structure begins oscillating in more than one axis, things rather quickly tend to go all pear-shaped.

  2. why not .. they might be punishing Italy they might have known specifically the problem with this bridge .. Greece and Sweden fires are thought to be not natural

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