The Deep State and its destructive modus operandi

In one of my many thoroughly enjoyable conversations with The Baron over at Gates of Vienna, we were discussing the amazing job President Trump was doing, specifically in terms of reducing the power and stability of brutal totalitarian regimes like Iran and Turkey.

This is the first time since Jimmy Carter who caused all this with Iran, and Obama who increased Iran’s power and control considerably, that any US president has managed to actually challenge these horror shows and genuinely threaten their existence as regimes.

The question came up as to why the US government consistently fails to act in its own interests up to now. Since we see how easy it is for President Trump to wreak real havoc on Iranian and Turkish economies with a few calculated chess moves and no military involvement in a direct sense at all.

We also know that North Korea, Iran, and Turkey are despotic, anti democratic and anti-human rights in ways unfathomable to most of us, and especially the left, so caught up in their passionate hatred of all things non-leftist that they make obscene comparisons of POTUS45 and his supporters to genuine tyrants and mass murderers, about which they have zero comprehension.

So why has the US government not acted against these regimes, and several others like it, till now?

My guess is the following:

Imagine your white corpuscles were both conscious, and had a drive to survive and thrive.

The first thing they would do is, make damn sure you never took an antibiotic.

The second thing they would do would be to make sure that the disease responsible for their existence was never cured and ideally would get worse at a predictable rate so that funding and resources including power and authority would continue to be provided to them.

It wouldn’t take too long before these various antibodies would have enough power, wealth and authority to threaten all other systems suffering from the actual diseases.

The immune system becomes an enemy of the host body.

Lets call this phenomenon,

Deep state arthritis. Or alternatively, Deep state Lupus, or IBD.

For the first time in a long time, the US has a president who is not beholden to, or a part of that machinery. So we see highly predictable results from actions that one has to ask oneself why no one has done this stuff before, when it was all so easy and obvious.

There has to have been an impediment to doing rational things.

We also see the deep state reacting as one might imagine our white corpuscles doing. By dumping any and all toxins it can into the system to correct the host back to a path of slow degradation to empower and enrich those corrupted systems.

STRATFOR in one essay, referred to an older system which used more resources to protect itself than to actually accomplish its job, as a “senile system”. STRATFOR cites a US Carrier Group as an example of this.

Brilliant thinking frankly. But as I see what is taking place in the US now, its only a part of the story. What is causing that senility?

I think we have our explanation above.

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  1. Things are getting bad when he asks the people to sell their gold, and only a fool would sell gold to buy Turkish Lira.

    You are right in what you are saying but you are forgetting to factor in the hold over thinking of the Cold War, some of the people in DC ate stuck in the Cold War thinking look on Turkey and Iran as being either allies against Russia or as client states of Russia. Trump correctly looks on Russia as a long tern threat but a lesser short term threat the Iran, and he correctly thinks that if we leave Erdogan alone he will become as big a threat as Iran. Trump wants to remove two threats (1 major and 1 currently semi minor) so he can concentrate on Red China and North Korea. Although the Chinese regime is showing signs of major internal conflict as the tariffs hurt their exports.

  2. Reuters has been serving as the Turk’s mouthpiece for a few weeks, not just Reuters-Ankara. His house “brands” are becoming increasingly polished for the European market as well. MB investments in media must be outsized.

  3. The Turk and the Ayatollahs are dazed. The “axis of evil” meets its match!

    The President is crafting the image for our Gulf allies with as much skill as he’s managing the global economic levers. Don’t fall in love with the images, be aware of how they’re deployed on the cognitive battleground, and enjoy the show.

    Article In Saudi Daily: Canada Is Waging A New Crusade In The Guise Of Defending Human Rights

    Against the backdrop of the Canada-Saudi Arabia tension following the arrest in Saudi Arabia of human rights activists,[1] on August 8, 2018, Muhammad Al-Sa’ed, who writes in the Saudi daily ‘Okaz, published an article harshly critical of Canada.

    He wrote that, following Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election, leftist circles across the world have found in Canada a substitute for the U.S., and that Canada has thus become part of an “alliance of evil” that includes the left, Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood.

    He added that Canada is acting to destroy the Middle East and especially the Saudi kingdom as part of a colonialist offensive that, instead of using troops, tanks and warplanes, disseminates the “insane” values of the left in the guide of defending human rights. But Saudi Arabia, he said, is standing fast in the face of this new “crusader war,” preventing any infringement on its sovereignty.

    Translated excerpts from his article:
    [Delicious reading.]

    • Remarkable in that he identifies the axis as the left, the MB and Iran yet exempts SA who perpetrated 9/11. So if we dismiss the exemption as disingenuous, which it clearly is, we get full confirmation of our enemy’s MO—from our enemy. Intelligence gathering and speculation cannot surpass this.

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