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  1. AUSTRALIA – National Dawah day

    Allhamdullilah first major National Quran Dawah Day was held on 6th of May 2018, it was participated by more than 8 different Dawah teams at 10 different locations, through this initiative we aim to give out Free Quran copies to Non-Muslims and convey the true message of Islam.

    We are planning to run this campaign twice a year making it more bigger and better inshAllah

  2. When the Mueller Gang Met Judge Ellis
    The Manafort trial isn’t going to give Mueller what he wants.
    August 3, 2018
    Daniel Greenfield

    Paul Manafort. Tony Podesta. Tad Devine. Greg Craig.

    Manafort worked for Trump. Tony Podesta is the brother of Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager. Tad Devine was Bernie Sanders’ chief strategist. Greg Craig was Obama’s White House Counsel.

    All four men also, directly or indirectly, allegedly did work for the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine. And the ECFMU was allegedly a front for Yanukovich’s Ukrainian pro-Russian faction. Manafort and the Podesta Group had failed to register as foreign agents. Tad Devine had worked for Manafort on the Ukraine project. Craig had written a report on Ukraine for one of Manafort’s lobbying efforts.

    But only Manafort had the predawn raid, the solitary confinement and the high profile show trial. Mueller referred Podesta’s case to the Southern District of New York, which has been doing some of his dirty work, even though the Podesta Group was based out of Washington D.C. Tad Devine was called as the first witness at Manafort’s trial. (Next up was Daniel Rabin, a Democrat ad man who had worked with Manafort on Ukraine and who had worked on Martin O’Malley’s presidential campaign. O’Malley’s partner had been O’Malley’s campaign manager and was a former Obama senior advisor.)

    Podesta, Devine and Craig are getting a pass because it’s not really about Manafort. It’s about Trump.

  3. Italy Family Minister Calls for Repeal of Hate Speech Law Used as ‘Ideological Weapon’ by Globalists (breitbart, Aug 3, 2018)

    “… The racism card is used “to point the finger at the Italian people, falsely accusing them of every abomination, to make the majority of the citizens feel guilty for their vote and for the intolerable distance from the rhetoric of the groupthink,” he said.

    Mr. Fontana has called for the abrogation of the sweeping Mancino law, “which has been transformed into a normative beachhead used by the globalists to disguise their anti-Italian racism as anti-fascism.”

    The Mancino law prohibits gestures, actions, and slogans supposedly linked to Fascist ideology, whose purpose is to incite violence and discrimination on racial, ethnic, religious, or national grounds.

    The racism card, Mr. Fontana went on, is “a subtle and dangerous ideological weapon designed to sway opinions.” The front pages of all the newspapers “pointed the finger at the worrying wave of racism, to discover, in a tragic parody, that there was not even the shadow,” he said.

    “If there is any racism, today, it is primarily the one used by the mainstream media against the Italians,” he said. “The reason? A people that do not think all the same way and that are aware and conscious of their own identity and history are scary to the globalists, because they are not exploitable.”

    American mainstream media were quick to denounce Mr. Fontana’s proposal, with the Washington Post claiming that Second World War fascist resistors had called for Fontana’s immediate dismissal.

    The Post characterized Mr. Fontana as a member of “the far-right League party” who was “facing broad condemnation” after calling for the abolition of a “1993 law condemning racist violence, hatred and discrimination”

    How they determined that the condemnation is “broad” was not revealed.”

  4. Tommy Robinson and Britain’s Ongoing Descent Into Madness
    Future ages will see the UK’s persecution of foes of jihad terror as its darkest hour.
    August 3, 2018
    Robert Spencer

    Britain’s darkest hour has followed its finest hour by 78 years.

    Tommy Robinson has been freed from a stint in prison that he never should have been serving in the first place. The New York Times reported: “On Wednesday, the Court of Appeal ordered his release, pending a new hearing in his case. The court questioned the speed with which he had been tried and convicted, noting that it took five hours from the time of his arrest to a conviction.”

    Indeed. Tommy Robinson was arrested, tried, and sentenced with a Stalinist rapidity, for the crime of calling attention not only to the Muslim rape gang crisis in the UK, but to the abject failure of British officialdom to deal adequately with that crisis, for fear of being charged with “racism” and “Islamophobia.”

    Thus it was only just to free Tommy Robinson, and lessens the impression that Britain is becoming a police state in which it is illegal to criticize Islam and mass Muslim migration in Britain today. Britain is still on that road, but apparently in this case the May government was feeling too much pressure to keep Tommy in prison.

    However, no one should get the idea that Theresa May’s government has suddenly decided to behave decently toward foes of jihad terror and Sharia oppression of women, gays, and others. Ezra Levant reported Thursday that “Tommy was physically and psychologically abused in prison. You can see it in his face. His appearance is shocking — he lost 40 pounds of weight in just two months. If he were to have stayed in prison much longer, I fear his very life would have been in danger.”

  5. Labour-Style Antisemitism Takes over the Democratic Party
    The latest sign of the death of the “moderate” Democrat.
    August 3, 2018
    Ari Lieberman

    In 2010, Britain’s current Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, hosted an event which facilitated a tour for a shadowy group called the “International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network.” The entire event was predicated on Holocaust revisionism and revolting comparisons between Israel and the Nazis. During the course of the event, one of the speakers likened Israel’s defensive measures in the Gaza Strip to the Nazi treatment of Jews in the Holocaust. Such outrageous comparisons amount to nothing short of Holocaust denial, yet Corbyn, who was a relatively obscure member of parliament at the time, stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the rancid speaker.

    Eight years later, Corbyn, who is facing increasing criticism for failing to address mounting antisemitism within his party, apologized. “I apologize for the concerns and anxiety that this has caused,” he said. Corbyn’s faux expression of contrition, eight years after the fact, is a case of too little, too late.

    Corbyn, who likes to pal around with terrorist groups like Hezbollah and Hamas, is an anti-Semite to his core and his Labour Party has taken its cues from him. In the last week alone, there were at least three reported incidents of overt antisemitism from Labour officials with close ties to Corbyn.

    Damien Enticott, a lawmaker in Bognor Regis, a town on England’s southern coast and a member of the Labour Party shared a Facebook post accusing Jews of drinking blood and engaging in pedophilia. He initially denied sharing the post but then acknowledged doing so due to “frustration at seeing unarmed civilians being shot by Israeli soldiers.”

  6. Trump Slaps Sanctions on Turkish Officials
    Standing up for an imprisoned American pastor.
    August 3, 2018
    Matthew Vadum

    The Trump administration imposed economic sanctions on two senior officials in Turkey’s increasingly despotic regime Wednesday as retaliation for the “unfair and unjust detention” of American pastor Andrew Brunson who has been in Turkish custody since October 2016.

    The repressive pro-Islamist government of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accuses Brunson, 50, an evangelical Presbyterian minister from North Carolina who has lived in Turkey for more than 20 years, of espionage and helping terrorists, NPR reports. Specifically, Erdogan’s government has accused Brunson of aiding the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), a long-running separatist insurgency. Brunson, who was in jail but is currently under house arrest, could be given a 35-year prison term if convicted on all charges. A relative who visited him said he had lost 50 pounds in jail.

    “Pastor Brunson’s unjust detention and continued prosecution by Turkish officials is simply unacceptable,” Secretary of the U.S. Treasury Steven Mnuchin said. “President Trump has made it abundantly clear that the United States expects Turkey to release him immediately.”

    The sanctions are aimed specifically at Turkey’s justice minister, Abdulhamit Gul, and its interior minister, Suleyman Soylu. The sanctions forbid U.S. citizens from doing business with both individuals and block any of their assets that are under U.S. jurisdiction.

  7. The DACA Sword of Damocles
    A solution worse than the problem is hanging over America’s head.
    August 3, 2018
    Michael Cutler

    On Sunday morning, July 22, 2018, Congressman Steve Scalice, the Republican Whip in the House of Representatives was interviewed on Fox News about the Republican agenda, particularly in light of the upcoming midterm elections. He understandably touted the booming economy, plans to create more jobs and then, in response to the question of “protecting the DACA recipients” he expressed determination to secure the border and “protect DACA recipients.” He bemoaned the refusal of the House Democrats to join with the Republicans to protect those supposedly “young” illegal aliens.

    My immediate thought, “Not again!”

    The original effort of the “Gang of Eight” to pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, employed the scam that since we cannot deport the millions of illegal aliens who are present in the United States America should first secure the border (with Mexico) and then get the millions of illegal aliens “out of the shadows.”

    On May 5, 2005 I testified at a hearing conducted by the House Immigration Subcommittee on the topic, New “Dual Missions” Of The Immigration Enforcement Agencies.

    Republican Congressman Lamar Smith, a former Chairman of that subcommi

  8. Suspect in killing of HW Bush’s doctor may have ‘hit list,’ report says

    A former friend of the suspect in the killing of former President George H.W. Bush’s former doctor said he believes the suspect has a “hit list,” according to a report.

    The friend of suspect Joseph James Pappas, 62, told Houston’s KHOU-TV that he could be hunting his next victim, adding that cardiologist Dr. Mark Hausknecht was “number one on the list.”

    • Full transcript of Obama’s speech in South Africa


      Thank you. To Mama Graça Machel, members of the Mandela family, the Machel family, to President Ramaphosa who you can see is inspiring new hope in this great country – professor, doctor, distinguished guests, to Mama Sisulu and the Sisulu family, to the people of South Africa – it is a singular honor for me to be here with all of you as we gather to celebrate the birth and life of one of history’s true giants.

      Which is why, at the end of the 20th century, while some Western commentators were declaring the end of history and the inevitable triumph of liberal democracy and the virtues of the global supply chain, so many missed signs of a brewing backlash – a backlash that arrived in so many forms. It announced itself most violently with 9/11 and the emergence of transnational terrorist networks, fueled by an ideology that perverted one of the world’s great religions and asserted a struggle not just between Islam and the West but between Islam and modernity, and an ill-advised U.S. invasion of Iraq didn’t help, accelerating a sectarian conflict. Russia, already humiliated by its reduced influence since the collapse of the Soviet Union, feeling threatened by democratic movements along its borders, suddenly started reasserting authoritarian control and in some cases meddling with its neighbors. China, emboldened by its economic success, started bristling against criticism of its human rights record; it framed the promotion of universal values as nothing more than foreign meddling, imperialism under a new name. Within the United States, within the European Union, challenges to globalization first came from the left but then came more forcefully from the right, as you started seeing populist movements – which, by the way, are often cynically funded by right-wing billionaires intent on reducing government constraints on their business interests – these movements tapped the unease that was felt by many people who lived outside of the urban cores; fears that economic security was slipping away, that their social status and privileges were eroding, that their cultural identities were being threatened by outsiders, somebody that didn’t look like them or sound like them or pray as they did.

      “New South African President, Disaster for White Farmers.”
      RedPill Shark – Published on February 27, 2018

  9. Afghanistan: At least 29 Muslims killed in attack on Gardez mosque

    At least 29 Muslims died after two Muslims used guns and explosive devices to attack a Shia mosque in the city of Gardez, Friday, according to local authorities.

    At least 80 Muslims were injured in the attack during Friday prayers at the mosque. One of the Muslim assailants was reportedly shot dead by security forces while the other Muslim blew himself up, according to reports citing local authorities.

    They had entered the mosque covered fully in burkas.

    No Muslim group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack.

  10. “Biggest Antifa Brawl Yet? Aug 4, Portland: Blame the fake news for the violence to come.”
    RedPill Shark – Published on July 31, 2018

  11. If You Inspect The FISA Applications Closely, More Mysteries Arise About Joseph Mifsud

    When CNN reported late Thursday that the president’s former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, intended to tell Special Counsel Robert Mueller that Donald Trump knew in advance of his son’s June 2016 meeting with Russians who promised “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, the summer-time Trump Tower confab from two years ago re-entered the limelight.

    A quick retweet of the story by Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff, pushing what I knew was a false narrative, sent me tumbling down the rabbit hole known presidentially as Spygate. What began as a deep-dive into the Trump Tower meeting unearthed yet further proof of the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation’s abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to surveil former Trump advisor Carter Page and revealed additional evidence implicating the State Department in targeting Trump.
    Some Strange Coincidences Among Trump Tower Players

  12. Iranian naval exercise starts in Strait of Hormuz, but without usual fanfare in Iranian media
    Reuters August 2, 2018

    [Ed. – This development is different, because of the timing — in the worst heat of summer and weeks before the annual exercise usually kicks off — and the lack of rhetoric in the Iranian media. There are usually announcements and quotable quotes from the Iranian authorities. But this time, what we know about is all coming from the U.S. CENTCOM public affairs folks. Our advance knowledge over the last few days would have come from Iranian notices to mariners about operating areas for the exercise. But the lack of a regime rhetorical effort is very interesting. Bears watching.

    Iran naval drills underway amid tensions with U.S.

    WASHINGTON, Aug 2 (Reuters) – The United States believes Iran has started carrying out naval exercises in the Gulf, apparently moving up the timing of annual drills amid heightened tensions with Washington, U.S. officials told Reuters on Thursday.

    One U.S. official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said possibly more than 100 vessels were involved in the drills, including small boats. A second official expected the drill could be wrapped up this week.

    Iran has been furious over U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision to pull out of an international nuclear deal and reimpose sanctions on Tehran. Senior Iranian officials have warned the country would not easily yield to a renewed U.S. campaign to strangle Iran’s vital oil exports.

    The U.S. military’s Central Command on Wednesday confirmed it has seen an increase in Iranian naval activity, including in the Strait of Hormuz, a strategic waterway for oil shipments that Iran’s Revolutionary Guards have threatened to block.

    “We are monitoring it closely, and will continue to work with our partners to ensure freedom of navigation and free flow of commerce in international waterways,” said Navy Captain Bill Urban, the chief spokesman at Central Command, which oversees U.S. forces in the Middle East.

  13. Madonna Claims She Moved To Portugal Over Trump: “this is not America’s finest hour…”

    Pop star Madonna says she moved her family to Portugal partly due to Donald Trump being elected president of the United States.

    n an interview with Vogue Italia released Wednesday, Madonna said she “needed a change,” after the 2016 election. “I wanted to get out of America for a minute—as you know, this is not America’s finest hour,” the aging singer said and also cited her son David’s ambitions to play professional soccer as motivation to flee the United States.

    This Is Not America’s Finest Hour’: Madonna Claims She Moved to Portugal over Trump

    Pop star Madonna says she moved her family to Portugal partly due to Donald Trump being elected president of the United States.

    In an interview with Vogue Italia released Wednesday, Madonna said she “needed a change,” after the 2016 election. “I wanted to get out of America for a minute—as you know, this is not America’s finest hour,” the aging singer said and also cited her son David’s ambitions to play professional soccer as motivation to flee the United States.

    “My son David, who is going to be 13 on September 24th, has wanted to play soccer professionally for years. I’ve been desperate to get him into the best academies with the best coaches, but the level of football in America is much lower than the rest of the world,” Madonna told the Italian fashion magazine.

    The “Like a Virgin” songstress, an outspoken critic of President Trump, previously confessed to fantasizing about “blowing up the White House,” and purports to not have had a good night’s sleep since the 2016 election.

  14. Amsterdam mosque sheltered extremists: report

    The El Tawheed mosque in Amsterdam-West provided shelter to Muslim extremists, some of whom later joined terrorist organization ISIS, the Telegraaf reports based on a photo. Police sources told the newspaper that the photo shows a director of the mosque with four extremists.

    Two of the men in the photo later traveled to Syria to join ISIS, the newspaper writes. As far as is known they are still in Syria, though whether they are still alive is not clear. A third man is known to the police as a jihadist recruiter. And the fourth was arrested in January 2015 for lighting a jerrycan full of petrol at a commercial building and a home that showed a Charlie Hebdo poster. He was later sentenced to three years in prison.

    According to the Telegraaf, the judiciary knew about this but never closed down the mosque. The police have difficulty getting access to the mosque and officers are only allowed in if they have an official appointment with the board, the newspaper writes.

    Also see: Amsterdam mosque gave shelter to jihadis, recruiters, Telegraaf says

  15. BREITBART – ITALY – Nigerian Migrants Wage Gang Wars with Axes and Machetes, Turn Italian Town into Battleground

    The Italian town of Ferrara has become a migrant battleground as Nigerians armed with axes and machetes fought for three straight days.

    Five migrants were wounded as rival Nigerian gangs turned the north-eastern town into a war zone, with locals saying many were armed with firearms as well, Il Giornale reports.

    Conflicts between rival migrant gangs have been brewing for several months, with footage posted on Facebook in June showing a violent mass brawl between Nigerians in broad daylight.

    The most recent conflict began on Sunday at the Giardino Arianuova Doro district when a migrant was chased by other migrants thought to be of a rival gang. He was eventually caught by his pursuers who beat him badly and hacked his skull with a machete. The young man was taken to a hospital where he was put into an induced coma.

    Only hours after the first incident, another young migrant was attacked with a machete, beaten, and left in a pool of his own blood.

    At around 10:30 pm at the Bar Caffè Vienna, another attack occurred. This time, one patron who witnessed the incident claiming to have also seen one of the Africans with a pistol.

    Then on late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, a mass brawl occurred between rival Nigerian gangs at a local park armed with knives and other weapons. A witness who found three migrants bloodied at the scene, two of which had been stabbed, told Carabinieri that one of the injured had been stabbed only centimetres from a major artery and could have easily died in the conflict.

    Ferrara is just the latest town in Italy to see Nigerian migrant violence. The former seaside resort town of Castel Volturno north of Naples has been taken over by Nigerian migrant gangs which engage in drug dealing and pimping. The area has become so violent and dangerous some journalists choose to wear body armour when investigating it.

    Prominent Italian criminologist Alessandro Meluzzi has claimed Nigerian gangs are “colonising” the country.

    “The Nigerian Mafia [is] the most ruthless mafia in the world,” he said, adding: “Its sects are colonising Italy and stealing business from the traditional mafia families.”

  16. 12 schools attacked in one night in northern Pakistan (gulfnews, Aug 3, 2018)

    “Twelve schools were attacked overnight by unknown assailants in Pakistan’s northern Gilgit Baltistan region, raising fears of increasing extremism in a relatively peaceful area, officials said Friday.

    Officials said no one was hurt in the incidents, in which attackers mainly targeted girls’ schools in a tourist region on the Chinese border famed for its high peaks.

    “The miscreants tried to damage around 12 schools in Diamir district. They tried to set fire to some of them and broke windows and doors of some others,” regional home secretary Jawad Akram told AFP.

    Akram said the local government had begun searching for the attackers.

    Dildar Ahmed Malik, a senior official in Diamir district, said at least 10 of the burnt schools were for girls.

    “The incident took place in a far-flung area. We are investigating it, but the inquiry will take time because of the remoteness of the region,” he said.

    Gilgit Baltistan has been relatively free of the violent militancy that has plagued other parts of Paksitan for years…”

  17. Govt Report Brands Satire, Parody ‘Fake News’, Calls for Social Media Re-education, Online Media Controls (breitbart, Aug 3, 2018)

    “A parliamentary inquiry has demanded news websites are ranked on perceived reliability by a state-sanctioned body and controlled by “impartiality” rules, and said social media firms should fund education for citizens on what news to trust.

    Bizarrely, the interim report into “fake news” from the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee – which is made up of anti-Brexit MPs – also says satire and parody should be included in the definition of ‘Fake News’.

    It further calls for all political ads to be registered, massively increased fines for perceived wrongs during campaigns, and social media platforms to be held responsible for ‘fake news’ on their platforms.

    All social media firms should pay out for re-educating people, it says, with government pushing “for an educational levy to be raised by social media companies, to finance a comprehensive media educational framework”.

    On regulation, they demand existing “accuracy and impartiality” rules for television and radio be extended to “online content”. This could mean online news being forced to operate like the BBC, proclaiming to be impartial rather than being open about their political leanings.

    “There is no regulatory body that oversees social media platforms and written content including printed news content, online, as a whole,” it says, adding: “However, in the UK… standards for television and radio broadcasters, including rules relating to accuracy and impartiality” are enforced, at least in theory.

    On the ranking of websites, they write: “We recommend that the Government initiate a working group of experts to create a credible annotation of standards, so that people can see, at a glance, the level of verification of a site.

    “This would help people to decide on the level of importance that they put on those sites,” the MPs added…”

    • One small step at a time and soon they will have complete control of the internet,then they will sell it back to us,have only views that further their agenda,and make it as purile and meaningless as television.

  18. Mortified! A Chinese Spy Worked For Sen. Dianne Feinstein For 20 Years:

    Senator Dianne Feinstein, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee with a top-secret clearance, had a Chinese spy working for her for twenty years in a just released report.

    SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – New details emerged Wednesday about how a mole for the government of communist China managed to stay by Senator Dianne Feinstein’s side for nearly 20 years.

    It happened five years ago, but additional information is just surfacing about how the Bay Area senator’s office was infiltrated by a Chinese spy.

    The Bay Area is a hotbed for Russian and Chinese espionage. Late last year, the feds shut down the Russian consulate in San Francisco.

    You may remember the thick black smoke that billowing from building before Russian diplomats turned it over to authorities, presumably produced by burning documents.

    Now, all eyes are on Chinese intelligence in the Bay Area after the website Politico reported last week that a staffer for Senator Feinstein turned out to be a Chinese spy who reported back to the government officials about local politics.

    On Wednesday, the San Francisco Chronicle uncovered additional details in a column written by reporters Phil Matier and Andy Ross.

    The column revealed that the Chinese spy was Feinstein’s driver who also served as a gofer in her Bay Area office and was a liaison to the Asian-American community.

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