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3 Replies to “Amazing discussion about Islam on Hungarian TV”

  1. Reminds me… that just like Feminism, Socialism and Sodomy are taught in Government creches for demoralized tattooed gutless citizens in later life, Islam must be taught there to create soulless dhimmis too. That the greatest favor Mahammad bestowed on six-year-old Aisha to marry-and-thigh, should then be openly practiced by our Common Purpose leadership. Their secret selection and seducing toyboys, soyboys and rentboys would benefit from an open and wider choice of “What would Muhammad do?”

  2. I find it increasingly bizarre that this woman can say what she said on national tv, while just a few miles away in Western Europe one can be charged with “hate speech” for uttering the very same sentiments in a public place or on social media.

    As recently as 1988 it would have been quite fine for an Austrian citizen to say, “Thank god we’re not enslaved and terrorized by a Communist dictator like our Hungarian neighbors. Now, we have the absurd spectacle of Hungarians identifying the most self-evident truths about the West and its RedGreen masters. In consequence they must justify their most elemental needs as a country to demoralized, brainwashed, automaton hostiles from every Western country it seems except the U.S under Trump. It all would have made a great sci-fi novel if it weren’t so true.

    Unfortunately, the West can’t handle the truth.


  3. You couldn’t ask for a better explanation on why we must fight Islam, the question is how many people will this interview convince to join the resistance.

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