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9 Replies to “Namawee annoys the muslim leaders of Malaysia. Again.”

  1. Manga dress-ups. What better way to preserve our world against institutionalized bestiality and lunatic perceptions that perpetuate intentionally imposed distractions from the Nuclear Family™???

    Oh, farking joy!

    • I think what this is, has to be seen in terms of resistance to Malaysian dhimmi culture.

      He is making a video about teh Chinese year of the dog in a country where Chinese are second class citizens to muslims. You can’t even own a business without having a muslim ‘partner’.

      He knows muslims have a thing about dogs and he filmed it in front of a mosque after dogs do stuff which implies sexuality, to piss of their muslim overlords.

      Check out his other stuff on this site. Frankly I am a huge fan. You have to understand it with a Malaysian cultural frame of reference.

      • You have to understand it with a Malaysian cultural frame of reference.

        I was working with Malaysians – INTEL – Penang Site – 256K CMOS DRAM – DIP-16 pin epoxy package assemblies back in 1986. Emkay?

      • It’s only a matter of time before the Malaysians find out that their version of the “PKI” is undermining their “society” and decide to purge it totally. Like the Indonesians, the mere statement that the PKI are all communists as opposed to the reality that 90% of them are actually Christian Chinese, will see it accepted by the mostly gutless west. This Christian genocide in Indonesia, like the one in Biafra occurred with the total blessing of the west(or the one still happening in west new guinea where the Melanesian genocide occurs totally ignored by the world): gutless leaders has been a feature of the west since Churchill died.

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