Geopolitics, politics, Islam: Links 1, July 22, 2018

1. Here is a worthy twitter feed for those following who the Russians were actually involved with during the election.

This thread deals with Carter Page’s testimony. At least what we are allowed to see of it.


2. Please read this most excellent article about one city in Airstrip One and the changes it has undergone. Its truly well written and offers a viceral understanding of what is taking place in the territory formerly called The UK.

3. Police attacked by Muslims when they try and rescue a woman being kidnapped in the Netherlands.

The story can be read here from this machine translation.

(Ypu may have to view it in Chrome to see the English)

4. Belgium: Elderly disabled woman pelted with stones and called ‘dirty Belgian’ by Africans

Last Thursday an elderly woman on a motorised scooter was pelted with stones in the city of Antwerp, Belgian news outlet Sceptr reports.

The woman was on her way to visit her former neighbour in Antwerp. On the way she met an acquaintance and started chatting when they were threatened by a group of Africans.


Without provocation the group of migrants started throwing stones at them: “They flew near my head and my scooter was hit. They weren’t small stones, they were street stones of around 15 centimetres across,” the woman says.

5. The MAGA Hat That Wasn’t There

A Gates of Vienna piece on the staggering and indisputable difference in the way the media handles murder crimes by, and of, non-white people, Christians etc. based on the rules of politically correct poker. This one is a doozy.

6. Meanwhile, the sauce in Worcester has gone a little sour. Here is a group protesting a mosque, when they are met by a muslim group with another set of ideas about what, and how things should be done.

Thank you Gavin B. M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, EB., and a host of others who have left great material in the Reader’s Links post.