“Why don’t they send the bills to the thugs causing the violence?” Links 1, July 21, 2018

1. Can anyone extract any meaning out of this? Is it a cry for help? Classic attention seeking behaviour? Typical Postmodern resentment of logic and reason?

2. Pastor Beaten Unconscious by Uganda Muslims After Saying That Jesus Is the Son of God

A Christian pastor was knocked unconscious in eastern Uganda during a debate with Muslims about the divinity of Jesus Christ, while another pastor saw his services forcibly shut down after Islamists became angry that some Muslims were choosing to convert to Christianity.


Tom Palapande, a 38-year-old pastor in Butaleja District, was knocked unconscious by Islamists who threw rocks at him and other church leaders during a village debate, Morning Star News reported on Friday.


Palapande held a two-week evangelistic campaign in June, which included discussions on Islamic and Christian scriptures, the Trinity, and Jesus as the Son of God. The last subject infuriated Muslims, however, who began throwing rocks at him, chanting “Allah akbar,” or “God is great.”

3. Violent Islamist groups are gaining strength in Africa

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria’s main north-eastern city, is at the centre of a series of jihadist campaigns stretching in two broad belts across Africa on either side of the Sahara. The northern one hugs the Mediterranean, from Egypt through Libya and Tunisia to Algeria. The southern one extends from Somalia and Kenya in the east through Nigeria and Niger and on to Mali, Burkina Faso and Senegal in the west. Such vast distances separate the different battlefields, that Dakar, in Senegal, is almost as close to Miami as it is to Mogadishu in Somalia.


Much of the conflict is barely reported on, even though last year it claimed more than 10,000 lives, almost all of them civilian. Worryingly, it is also a war that the jihadists seem to be winning. The number of violent incidents involving jihadist groups in Africa has increased by more than 300% between 2010 and 2017; the number of African countries experiencing sustained militant activity has more than doubled to 12 over the period.

4. Lauren Southern gets MASSIVE bill for protection from Oz Police:

Thank you all who sent in these materials and all in the Reader’s Links post. There will be more to come. 


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16 Replies to ““Why don’t they send the bills to the thugs causing the violence?” Links 1, July 21, 2018”

  1. Billing Lauren and Stefan shows how damaged the rule of law is in the locations the far left run, in many locations it is so far gone it will take many generations to restore.

  2. Re no. 1. Looking at those barren childbearing hips reminds me of that quote: “Her insides were a rocky place where my seed could find no purchase.”

  3. 1. Can anyone extract any meaning out of this?

    Yes, it’s the understandable, outraged howling of an uppity (likely, Third World) woman that’s prolly seen enough gender inequality to last her a lifetime (I know because I’ve seen it, too). Courtesy of Islam and numerous other global, institutionalized patriarchies >cough/cough< there's enough to go around for endless lifetimes.

    Be that as it may, there is nothing that dismisses an iota of guilt when it comes to the thundering silence of this planet’s “Feminist Community” about misogynistic Islam, or its massive, ongoing, Crime Against Humanity™ called “FGM” (i.e., Female Genital Mutilation – as in; ‘Sexual Blinding’, please don’t even get me started).

    PS: As a red-blooded and proud Alpha Male, the thought of adolescent girls (of any race or creed) undergoing such PERMANENT psychosexual deformation is more-than-sufficient to get blood thundering in my ears and provoke a rarely twitchy trigger-finger. THE FACT THAT THIS LIFELONG DEVASTATION IS IMPOSED, ALMOST 100%, BY SUPPOSEDLY “FELLOW” SISTERS IN “WOMANHOOD” TRANSCENDS ALL IMAGINABLE CONCEPTS OF EVIL. [GAH!]

    • If I was there live when she gave a ‘lecture’ dressed like that, I think I would have waited till the end and then stood up and asked:

      “Do you have change for a fifty?”

    • EDIT: (Verdammt gertaggen, hypertexten, verschluginer, ultraupgefü¢kedgingledingen Nazi, Stalinist, Maoist dryrot!!!)

      Courtesy of Islam and numerous other global, institutionalized patriarchies [cough] Vatican [/cough] there’s enough to go around for endless lifetimes.

    • The visual statement is the money she would save on baby formula and pads if the government just would paid every woman in the world. Feminist Economics 101.

  4. As long as George Soros and the thousand other funding sources that create jobs for bitter angry women with Women’s Studies Degrees there will be annoying disturbing performances like this with all the screeching you can stand. This fat bitch is no doubt paying her bills by putting on performances like this and will continue to do so as long as the money holds out. Their goal seems to be to make every woman as unappealing as she is…

    I’m not sure I quite understand why there is a constitutional right for your enemies to hire crazy people to fuck up your society as they pretend that it’s some grassroots movement or that it makes any sense or actually needs to be said. Protest is one thing but hiring nut-cases to make trouble seems a little over the top. Why isn’t that illegal?

  5. 3- The Red Chinese and the Tards are carving up Africa real good, it seems. Maybe Obama should go there and work his black magic. His work here is done.

  6. It ought to be interesting when the Red Chinese and the Islamic Conquest clash in the Dark Continent.

    Hilarity? Merriment? Revelries? General Festivities? There just aren’t words to adequately describe what’s sluicing its way down that massive sewer. Take major shares and futures in Hot Buttered Popcorn™ (HBP – NYSE, NASDAQ, S&P, CME, NYMEX).

    You can bet the farm that whatever happens in Africa will make Xinjiang Province look like a proverbial walk in the park.

  7. 4. UK Conservatives: “Building a country for everyone”

    Israel: Building a country for Jews
    Islam: Building a country for Muhammadans (Sunni or Shia).
    Communism: Building a country for Marxists

    The reason the UK will descend into totalitarianism is it has become exactly like their Church. ‘God Loves You As You Are.’ It is a Mecca where the unwashed are made more equal than the clean. The “British Values” the Conservatives once claimed they represented went the same way as their “Family Values,” (uttered by the likes of John Majors who were banging Edwina Currys behind their wives).

    So rather than migrants opting-in to a uplifted esteem of British Life, their sub-humanity is sold to be enriching. The dhimmi Salafist, tribal Socialist, and incontinent Invert are praised as having Preferential Characteristics, these of hijacked conscious, mammalian and repetilian brains. Their God, Mother and Child ripped out of them and replaced with the call to Allah, State and Identity. Their Soul, mind and body not of their own. These who are Legion, triggered schizophrenics. Mere plantation-slaves promised their Caliphates, Welfare Credits, and Neverlands. Each kingdom with the legal right to plow, adopt or suck the innocent life out of a child; forever. For what they do not have, they hunger, and with that pain they claim the right to take by force.

  8. It is a Mecca where the unwashed are made more equal than the clean.

    Thank you, PerfectChild, for that gentle, pikestaff stroke of inspiration.

    The Great Unwashed™—being this world’s latest and greatest porcelain receptacle for Inexplicably Costly Universal Sympathy© —(regardless of any-so-many other more-well-considered donation paths), remains a shimmering example of how to needlessly subvert bazillions, in the very-most technical sense of that precise, numerical coefficient.

    Although having been delivered a well-paved Macadam Road to traverse over the past several decades, these Great Unwashed™ are being given a Limousine carriage-ride into the future. Please look up, “Lowest Common Denominator Programming”. We’ll be more fortunate than everlasting hell to escape whatever consequences of surrendering the West’s “intelligentsia” to this claque of mind-killers. The lack of embarrassment being exhibited by such a laundry-list of brain-poisoners goes beyond felonious.

    These same semi-paraplegic CRT Zombies played a crucial part in permitting American television to expand far-too-far beyond its wholly undeserved, post-WWII borders. The widespread Psychosocial damage that’s been done by “Lowest Common Denominator” programming goes light-years beyond its current boundaries…

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