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For some time now, I have been following Beverly Hills ANTIFA on Twitter. The feed is run by one or more people with a great sense of humour and a great instinct for who and what ANTIFA is and how to take away any gravitas they may have created for themselves with their masked thuggery and fascism.

They also created a fantastic vehicle for exposing who and what they really are through weaponized irony.

Interestingly, from time to time I have to resubscribe to them. No idea how my subscription to them stops. Could this be Twitter doing that voodoo they do so well?

There are quite a few other parody accounts of ANTIFA which I am starting to explore as well. Like this one:

San Fransisco Antifa.

And this one:

From the Martian chapter of ANTIFA. They are there to make sure the Nazi base on the moon never gets out of Earth orbit.

There are quite a few parody ANTIFA accounts. From what I have seen, they make for a good couple of hours entertainment.

And yes, the post from yesterday was from BH Antifa’s account. I didn’t mention that it was a facetious tweet, as I guess I have followed them long enough that I assumed it would be obvious to everyone. Mia culpa for that.


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  1. From what I can discern there is a very active group of leftists trying to pin down who and where BHA is (they post about their progress would you believe?)and that this is quite seriously taken as BHA really annoys and upsets the snowflakes. Hence the need to jump around and thus the resubscribe. I am not on twitter and never will be but BHA and James Wood I look at regularly just for the laughs.

  2. This can be a major time sink. Just reading them for fun can be addictive.

    Certain Mideast analysts I’ve been following for years alert each other to important pieces. Through a tweet, you can get behind a paywall. They also shoot down spurious junk fast, ask the right questions. Cross-reference with maps, retired military who know how to read traffic patterns, amazing stuff.

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