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3 Replies to “The Democrat Party’s actual policies and beliefs”

    video – 3 minutes 52 seconds
    The excuse? The government’s lawyers say they’re not ready. That’s a damnable lie, of course. Tommy has been languishing in prison since May 25th. The Crown Prosecution Service — what could be called the UK’s largest law firm — has had a month and a half to prepare. They have every legal expert at their disposal. They have unlimited resources. Tommy’s lawyers are ready — and his new team have only been working on the appeal for two weeks. But someone — somewhere — in the government wants Tommy to stay in jail just a little bit longer. This is a “stitch-up”, as Tommy would say. So much for the land of the Magna Carta. So much for the rule of law.


      • Sad to say I think they plan on “Never” letting Tommy out.

        “Feet first”, “in a wooden box”, “at room temperature” … take your pick.

        However lamentably, Tommy Robinson may well become the first genuine “Martyr” of the Counterjihad. A title which rightfully belongs to Kevin ‘Bacon Buttie’ Crehan … murdered by the state for something that would normally not even qualify for more than a penalty of “littering” (just ask Lorena Bobbitt).

        If Old Bailey has a few last-remaining lonely neurons that can be rubbed together, they’d best set about preserving Tommy’s life. If this ancient legal institution cannot do so, then they (properly) risk losing every last shred of respect that the Limeys might once have had for their historically cherished legal system.

        When that load of bilge water is finally discharged, then look for all hell breaking loose. Keep Tommy alive, or risk losing all in the face of irredeemable incompetence.

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