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  1. ‘NOT WELCOME!’ Shocking moment London Mayor Sadiq Khan is heckled with vile abuse by Tommy Robinson supporters

    Onlookers started chanting in support of the English Defence League founder, while a separate video shows another accuse Mayor Khan of being a jihadist’ in a furious rant

    SADIQ Khan has been heckled with vile abuse and called a “jihadist” by far-right activists at a speech.

    During a debate last night supporters of Tommy Robinson caused chaos, shouting “Free Tommy!” at the Mayor and telling him he wasn’t welcome in London.

    A question and answer session with Londoners had to be stopped several times after outbursts from furious protesters.

    One man shouted: “Trump is welcome here, you’re not. Terrorism is not part and parcel of living in a big city!

    “You’re a disgrace Khan!” He then started a chant, which several people joined in with, singing Tommy Robinson’s name.

    Mr Robinson’s far-right supporters have been disrupting events and holding marches since he was jailed for breaking reporting restrictions on a recent court case.

    Security were then forced to kick him and others out of the venue so the debate could continue.

    But just as the disruption finished another man at the back of the room started shouting about surveillance.

    “You are a jihadist!” he screamed as shocked onlookers turned around to watch.

    He added: “MI5! Jack Straw signed it off. Jack Straw signed off your surveillance!”

    It’s not clear what the man, who was also escorted out by security was referring to in his outburst.

    Londoners who were keen to get on with the debate shouted at him to “get out!”

    “A very good night to you as well, sir,” Mr Khan replied to him.

    Onlooker Lifang Yang told The Sun Online: “A few of them started booing him, then they started interrupting, shouting and screaming.

    “I was quite confused, I didn’t know what they were shouting about.

    “I thought things were going to get out of control – it was quite embarrassing for the Mayor.”

    At the same event a furious Mum confronted the Mayor over the city’s spike in violent crime.

    A passionate Londoner told him she didn’t feel safe in her own city – and was given a huge round of applause for her rousing speech.

    Videos also show the London Mayor booed repeatedly by Londoners, and they heckled him when he said his top priority would always be the safety of Londoners”.

    One shouted: “B*****t!”

  2. Sweden: Several reportedly injured after Helsingborg shooting

    Several people were reportedly injured by a shooting that occurred in the Swedish city of Helsingborg on Saturday.

    The incident took place near Gustav Adolf Church, south of the city centre.

    The motive for the shooting is still unknown.

    The area is currently cordoned off. An investigation is ongoing.

    • Four injured in Helsingborg shooting

      Four young men were hurt in a shooting in central Helsingborg on Saturday night.
      Police received word of the shooting at around 8pm. The incident took place near Gustav Adolf Chuch.

      According to the police, the shooting took place outside and responding officers closed off a large area in central Helsingborg. The incident is being investigating as attempted murder.

      The four individuals were taken to hospital to treat their injuries, but police did not immediately say how badly hurt they were. Broadcaster SVT reported that three of the shooting victims, all young men, were seriously injured while the fourth suffered only minor injuries.

      At least one of the individuals involved was also stabbed, police said.

      SVT reported that the shooting was gang-related but as of the early Sunday morning hours, police did not confirm that information.

      “I have no comment. Four were injured and we will figure out what happened,” police spokesman Fredrik Bratt said.

      An eyewitness told SVT that he saw “people screaming and running in all directions” and described the scene as “complete chaos”.

      As of early Sunday morning, police had not arrested any suspects.

      In recent years, Helsingborg has suffered multiple shooting incidents but police spokesman Rickard Lundqvist was not ready to tie the latest shooting to past events.

      “It is far too early to make any conclusions,” he told TT.

  3. USA: 30,000 protest Trump’s immigration policies on Capitol Hill

    Over 30,000 people attended a rally in Washington, D.C. on Saturday, to protest against the Trump administration’s policy of separating immigrant families and to call for the abolishment of ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), which investigates deportation cases.

    Protesters held signs carrying anti-Trump slogans like “We will resist Trump’s hate”, “Don’t be as cold as ice” and “End family detention.”

    Singer Alicia Keys delivered a speech at the rally, saying: “We need all the children reunited to their parents. We demand to end the zero-humanity policy. We need to save the Supreme Court. And we need to vote, because when we vote, we win. And so America and I want you to join us to say: ‘We’re not backing down’.”

    The Trump administration has been roundly condemned for its treatment of migrants at the southern border after 2,300 migrant children were separated from their parents between mid-April and May.

    On June 20, Trump signed an executive order reversing the ‘zero-tolerance’ policy to separate children from their parents.

    • USA: ‘Stand up and fight’ – New Yorkers protest Trump’s immigration policy

      Thousands of protesters marched across Brooklyn Bridge in New York on Saturday, to decry the Trump administration’s immigration policy.

      The demonstrators were chanting slogans like “No hate, no fear, immigrants are welcome here” and carrying banners calling to abolish the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), which investigates deportation cases.

      “ICE is the modern day American Gestapo, literally raping children, babies, from the arms of their parents. It is inhumane, it is sick, it is evil personified. And we will not stand by and let it happen, we will fight every day – at the polls, in the streets, in the courts,” said one of the participants Antony.

      Similar marches and rallies took place in other US cities, with protesters putting forward three main demands: to let separated migrant families be reunited, to end family detentions and to stop “zero tolerance” migration policies.

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