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3 Replies to “The Trudeau government is becoming increasingly Authoritarian”

  1. On a recent trip to the accountant I was apprised of a revision to the Canadian tax code, this year, by the Trudeau government. It affects the financial assets of holding companies, and places restrictions on the movement of capital. Included in the definition of the word capital is “…funds held in deposit accounts…”. The particular restriction to which I refer is that which eliminates the ability of business owners to move capital from their operating company, into their holding company, unfettered and without this movement constituting a loan between companies.

    There are few fields of interest less interesting to me and more impenetrable than accounting and tax law. However it is important that Canadians understand what this means. It means that corporate profit, honestly and hard-earned, tax paid, risk rewarded, now suffers a new level of burden and control.

    Capital controls are most famously and frequently imposed by failing or failed states to limit capital flight. Severe punishments, for example, were imposed on people caught trying to take hard currencies out of former Soviet-bloc countries. Domestically, capital controls will severely hamper investment in new businesses, efficiencies, and healthy speculation. It surely results in lower or negative economic growth.

    I stumbled upon an anonymous tune. Whoever wrote it describes an absurd, dystopian near-future of economic failure where authorities care not about the crimes of smuggling humans, weapons or even drugs. No. The capital crime is the running of capital, itself. In the furtive world of this creator, asking for gasoline becomes code for entry into the world of precious metals (hard money) smuggling. Evoked are references to the closing of the Gold Window on August 15, 1971, https://mises.org/wire/today-1971-president-nixon-closes-gold-window ,runaway inflation, and a landscape of hardship. Ironically, the only thing that works in this world is a machine made in 1971.

    President Trump will be blamed for the coming economic crash despite the fact Obama doubled the debt. He will be scapegoated by the left despite the socialist economic policies employed by successive governments since 1971. I never blamed Nixon for his gold move. He was dealt a shitty hand as was Trump. Vietnam cost a fortune and Nixon had the sense to protect America’s gold.

    The recording is 2nd or 3rd generation but it doesn’t matter. Canadian capital controls are a real sign of centrally-planned socialism. I welcome anyone to take issue with this perspective, and will be happy to be proven wrong.

    • The crash is coming and Trump will be blamed for it, it will also trigger massive violence by the left, violence that will spread to the conservatives. The left can’t win the coming civil war but they think they can, more on this subject later.

    • If your tax code is as screwed up as ours is you need and expert that does nothing but taxes to ensure you aren’t breaking the law.

      Cost accounting can be very interesting, general accounting is often boring and tax accounting is for other people not me.