Has the left overtaken Islam as an immediate threat? Links 1, June 28, 2018

1. Assault charges filed against Maxine Waters:

2. Federal Court Orders DOJ to Begin Searching and Producing Fusion GPS Records

3. First video found so far on the attack on a newspaper in a highly Democrat city:

Journalist Phil Davis tweets on newsroom attack at his workplace in Annapolis, Maryland: ‘There is nothing more terrifying than hearing multiple people get shot while you’re under your desk and then hear the gunman reload.’

4. British nurse ‘used voodoo magic to terrify and traffic Nigerian prostitutes to Europe’

(This is a rather excellent example of what multiculturalism actually is. Its about fundamentally different values, up to, and including the value of life, slavery, women, sex and so on.)

An NHS nurse who used ‘voodoo’ magic to terrify and traffic Nigerian prostitutes into Europe was today the first person to be found guilty under Britain’s Modern Slavery Act.


Josephine Iyamu, 53, played on the fears of five women by recruiting a witchdoctor who forced them to eat chicken hearts, drink a concoction of blood and worms and submit to regular beatings. Iyamu was the ringleader of an international human trafficking crime network which paid for a huge Nigerian mansion with servants, a lavish lifestyle and shopping sprees which saw her regularly splurge £700 on shoes.

5. Sweden continues to telegraph its values and priorities daily. Make sure you are aware of them.

6. Antifa Doxxes More Than a Thousand Immigration Agents

(Information garnered from the Chinese hack of US Guv databases? How can it not be?)

Last week, an Antifa Twitter account published a document with the names, photos, and metro locations of nearly 1,600 ICE agents for all the world to see.


“While I don’t have a precise idea of what should be done with this data set, I leave it here with the hope that researchers, journalists, and activists will find it useful,” said the individual who compiled the list.


Oh, we have a feeling that he knows exactly what should be done with that list. He wants these people, at a minimum, to be shamed out of their communities, and that’s just for a start. He wants to dehumanize them – a psychological tactic that invites unstable socialists to pick up a gun, or a bomb, or a knife, and take matters into their own hands. And now they have a nice database of names and pictures to help them pick out a target or two.


When something bad happens, the perpetrator of violence will be responsible.

7. Bringing Down America by Larry Grathwohl

8. The best info I have found so far on the shooter of the newspaper in Annapolis, is from here:

Two law enforcement sources said the the suspect’s fingerprints appear to have been altered, making it difficult to identify him that way. He was identified using facial recognition software, according to one law enforcement source.
Law enforcement officials told CNN police were searching an address associated with the suspect, who is in his 30s.
The suspect was found hiding under a desk in the building, Anne Arundel County Executive Steven Schuh told CNN.
The man initially refused to cooperate, a law enforcement source said told CNN. He had no identification when he was apprehended and FBI found no information immediately in the system, the source said.
Altered his fingerprints…
Thank you Richard, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., Xanthippa. Johnny U., and a lot of people who have been working unusually hard, even by the standards of this site, to inform us all.

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5 Replies to “Has the left overtaken Islam as an immediate threat? Links 1, June 28, 2018”

  1. I am not sure if the left has surpassed Islam to become the most immediate danger to freedom, they are close and for the next few years it will be a coin toss each day to see which is the greater danger.

    1 – This action is long over due, the left constantly uses our morality and laws against us, we have long needed to start using the laws against the left.

    2 – We shall discover if the DOJ is going to defy the Judicial Branch the way they have been defying the Legislative Branch.

  2. The Left have ALWAYS been the primary enemy as without them there would be NO muslim problem. So many westerners thought that the fall of the USSR would be the end of communism. Little did they realize that the open communists in the west, the sleepers, the SDS fanatics and the whole “liberal lunacy” generation would entrench further into Marxism and twist it to suit their new wave aims: that of destroying the west from within. The ONE bright spot is by allowing the invasion of muslim lunatics and the subsequent avalanche of Koran inspired hate crimes in the west, it has brought the role of the left to our attention and perhaps in time to actually slow it or even stop it. I have always seen the left as the primary enemy and anyone who has studied communist tactics will see them in action everywhere in the west. BTW the SA were created to RESIST the German communists who like antifa saw violence as quite acceptable as a means of obtaining their end. Look at Germany in the 1920s, its decadence and its street fighting to see where we are today. If a dictator comes along and cleans up both the left and the muslims no can complain as we voted in those who allowed the rot in the first place

  3. Has the left overtaken Islam as an immediate threat?

    In my life, there was a point when—like with any hardcore fairy tale addict—I’d have instantly retorted, “Once upon a time!“.

    Back then (when dinosaurs roamed the earth!), I idiotically persisted in thinking that Salafist Islamic jihad was the whale tagging the bog of deconstructionist Socialism’s Anti-Western-Civilizational-Campaign, with its supposed “mentality”. Not too convoluted, I rope-a-dope hope so much

    All too clear is how Modern (Non-Classical) Liberalism steadily chews away at the bedrock of Renaissance Enlightenment Values. A micro-example?:

    How about the “Palestinian Waqf” (identical in meme theme and theory with Saudi “Morals Police”, the Magic Kingdom’s own beloved Mutaween) which—marching under the colors of whatever alphabet soup of boringly senescent Antisemitic rhetoric—manages to excavate and immediately destroy all Hebraic artifacts being brought forth from beneath the Temple Mount.

    As previously mentioned, this is a (however tragic) MICRO-cosm of the MACRO reality which sees Islamic sub-morons (redundant, I know) demolish the Bamiyan Buddhas and, more recently, the Temple of Bel in Palmyra—which will not halt until Islam is crippled in a manner befitting its need to be permanently disabled.

    Incidentally, all of these recent archeological losses are utterly irreplaceable historical treasures and all Muslims know this damn fü¢king well as they do everything within their collective power to accelerate this ideologically-driven process of irreversible geo-historical revisionism.

    The price-tag on this sort of archaeological vandalism should have a few dozen zeroes added into the bottom line. As in: Fü¢k You Very Much!

    Please remember Machiavelli’s ever-prescient words:

    If an injury has to be done to a man it should be so severe that his vengeance need not be feared.

    These are the collective fates of Islam and Communist China, respectively, should the West have any intention of surviving into the 22nd Century.

    Can anyone pretend to imagine the thunderous squealing and deafening (ear-bleeding) oinking that would assuredly roar forth from the slightest Western (retaliatory) desecration of—ooooh, go ahead and take your pick—whatever umpteenth-thousandth-most-sacred shrine (where Mohammad humped his first little shepherd boy non-menstruating camel and–or goat, not to mention whatever pwecious other Islamically overlaid architectural masterpiece that you can readily name … the Blue Mosque anyone?!?

    Pavlov … does that name ring a bell?


    • Nice eloquent rant HR but while I agree with most of it do not forget who opened the floodgates and why. Stopping the Left and removing its power in the west is the prime requisite before obliterating islam as otherwise it would be impossible as far too many leftists would happily damage any possible actions.

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