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22 Replies to “A reasoned appeal to the adults on the left”

  1. Tuckers appeal is nice but the adults on the left (the very few that are left) let their radicals loose and they won’t be able to get them back under control. The attacks on the non radical leftists are going to increase until they result in massive violence. The total war that Tucker talked about is coming, I can see no way that the violence can be avoided if we insist on our rights there will be violence and if we stop insisting on our rights the left will feel justified in increasing the violence to include “reeducation camps” for all who oppose them. The list of people to be “reeducated” includes everyone who is a regular on the blog and probably one or more of the trolls who visit us.

    • Richard you are nearly certainly correct. But in an ethical universe, the side of reason must make every effort to solve these issues before it resorts to acting like the enemy to avoid being defeated by the enemy.

      I posted that not because I think the appeal will be successful, but because the appeal must be made before anything else is tried. We must be able to say, “well, we tried everything else we could think of and gave you every possible chance to stop attacking us” before we truly fight back.

      • Dan Bongino is doing the same thing with his begging the left to stop poking the bear, the harder snowflakes on the left think they are hard tough people but they are going out of their way to piss off the truly hard men in the center and on the right. As he says when the hard men move there won’t be any safe spaces, where he is wrong is in saying the left doesn’t have any hard men. The hard professional core of antifa are hard nasty people who will sacrifice anything or anyone to achieve their goal of world domination. This is why I keep saying that the war will be long and bloody, that hard inner core once turned loose will be as fanatic as the jihadists, just not as suicidal.

  2. Richard you said “…attacks on non-radical leftists…?

    Because lefties attacking their non-radicals brothers and sisters is the same as fundamentalist muslims attacking “moderate” muslims. Which means never a reformation will be had!!

  3. As if the baseball shooting wasn’t enough the left will continue to disparage the right with violence. Funny how the left doesn’t acknowledge the baseball shooting as an absolute violent action of one of their supporters.
    I fear for our country as disputes are now being asked to be settled by violence. As despicable as I think she is, Maxine Waters is just the tip of an iceberg.
    If the congress of our country had any integrity they would drive Maxine Waters out. I would spend millions to drive her out. She has a perfectly reasonable Hispanic opponent running against her.

    • The left won’t acknowledge the baseball shooter as their own because he moved too early, just as the evidence on a leftist motive for the Las Vegas shooting.

      The Dems won’t kick Maxine Waters out because she serves as a deniable conduit to the radical left .Never think for a moment that the big leaders of the Dems aren’t supporting the violence, they are just upset because the moves started before the election instead of after.

    • This is a start, the next one needs to ask how long before the failed comic is holding a real decapitated head instead of a fake one?

  4. “Bill Ayers and Obama Both Quote Alinsky”
    by Jeannie DeAngelis – February 3, 2014


    At exactly 43 minutes and 14 seconds into the contest, there it was, plain as day when Bill Ayers said this: “Standing right next to the world as such, a world that could be or a world that should be and committing ourselves to work toward that better world.”

    “D’Souza vs. Ayers at Dartmouth College”
    Dinesh D’Souza – Published on February 2, 2014

    At exactly 43 minutes and 14 seconds into the contest, there it was, plain as day when Bill Ayers said this: “Standing right next to the world as such, a world that could be or a world that should be and committing ourselves to work toward that better world.”

  5. “Obama’s Nazi Straw man: An Old Alinsky Trick”
    by Kyle-Anne Shiver – August 13, 2009


    When Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and now the president’s own deputy press secretary conjure up images of Nazis at healthcare town halls, they are engaging in one of the oldest tricks in anyone’s book, but an especial favorite of their mentor, Saul Alinsky.

    Alinsky himself employed this method, quite deviously. Alinsky biographer, Sanford D. Horwitt provides an anecdote using precisely this same diabolical tactic to deceive the people. From Horwitt’s Let Them Call Me Rebel:

    “…in the spring of 1972, at Tulane University…students asked Alinsky to help plan a protest of a scheduled speech by George H. W. Bush, then U.S. representative to the United Nations – a speech likely to include a defense of the Nixon administration’s Vietnam War policies. The students told Alinsky they were thinking about picketing or disrupting Bush’s address. That’s the wrong approach, he rejoined, not very creative – and besides causing a disruption might get them thrown out of school. He told them, instead, to go to hear the speech dressed as members of the Ku Klux Klan, and whenever Bush said something in defense of the Vietnam War, they should cheer and wave placards reading, ‘The KKK supports Bush.’ And that is what they did, with very successful, attention-getting results.”


    “AntiFa and the LEFT are the REAL modern NAZIS!”
    Bull Brand – March 4, 2017

  6. “David Horowitz @ UC Santa Cruz”
    TJ Singh – Published on June 24, 2018
    June 7, 2018 – David Horowitz exposing leftism at the University of California, Santa Cruz.

    • Q & A – Thomas Jefferson

      “One of the most intriguing might-have-beens in American History” Jefferson’s Tardy Constitution by Jack Lynch – Spring 2007


      The most striking difference between Jefferson’s constitution and any of the ratified constitutions is another clause in that same Article 4: “No person hereafter coming into this country shall be held within the same in slavery under any pretext whatever.” Slavery was much on Jefferson’s mind in 1776. In an early draft of the Declaration he added to his list of George III’s crimes that “he has waged cruel war against human nature itself, violating its most sacred rights of life and liberty in the persons of a distant people who never offended him, captivating & carrying them into slavery in another hemisphere, or to incur miserable death in their transportation thither.” This passage had influential supporters: John Adams, for instance, considered it the best part of the document. But Adams and Jefferson did not have the votes, and the newly independent United States had no policy banning slavery.

      Jefferson’s plan for a Virginia constitution in 1783 went further, not merely ending the slave trade but emancipating all slaves in the state: “The General assembly shall not have to power to …permit the introduction of any more slaves to reside in this state, or the continuance of slavery beyond the generation which shall be living on the 31st day of December 1800; all persons born after that day being hereby declared free.”

      “The Washington Post Slanders Thomas Jefferson Over Slave Children”
      By Margaret Menge – April 2, 2018


      The rumor about Sally Hemings was first circulated in 1802 by a reporter named James Callender, who admitted that he was determined to crush Jefferson’s re-election chances after Jefferson and his friends turned a cold shoulder to him.

      The rumor was dismissed by serious historians for almost 200 years, and the core of Callender’s innuendo—that Jefferson fathered a boy named Tom, whose features were “said to bear a striking although sable resemblance to the president himself”—was proven wrong by the DNA testing on the descendants of Thomas Woodson, the supposed first child of Sally Hemings.

      “The worst guilt is to accept an unearned guilt.”
      – Ayn Rand

      • Excellent post but the KGIII push was a bit much as most UK ships that took slaves to the Americas actually saved their lives by so doing(90% in the end IIRC) as they were ALREADY slaves and would have gone to the ME(those that survived the crossing from west to east(50%)) with a survival rate of far less than 1% going by the very few descendants left. I remember how the Left tried to crucify Jefferson over his slave liaisons and these swine have had no bottom to their “ethics’ at any time

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