Some classic hypocrisy: Links 2, June 22, 2018

1. VIP Anti-Gun Activist David Hogg Struts Through NYC With His Armed Guards

David Hogg is now so important he has his entourage, publicists and armed guards.  The 18-year-old VIP attended the Parkland, Florida school where a student murdered 17 people in February, then made himself famous with relentless calls for gun control in the wake of the tragedy.

2. More rape and horror in London, and right at a landmark

3. ‘Sadistic’ thug Auzair Hussain made girlfriend massage his hands – after hurting them beating her up

She feared she would die as he controlled her life and attacked her with a belt

A ‘sadistic’ thug made his terrified girlfriend massage his injured hands – after he hurt them beating her up.

Auzair Hussain reduced his partner to a quivering wreck during a brutal campaign of violence against her.

The victim, a French woman studying in the UK, was so scared of his violent rages that she wet herself, a court heard.

(And yet she didn’t leave.)

4. Moroccan Migrant Truck Driver Arrested Over Murder of Young Pro-Migrant Activist Woman

German Sophia Lösche went missing on the 14th of June after she got in a truck while attempting to hitchhike from Leipzig to Amberg in Bavaria, according to investigators. Her body was found Thursday evening near a petrol station just outside the Spanish city of Bilbao, Bavarian tabloid Tzreports.


Earlier this week, police arrested a 40-year-old truck driver in Spain in connection with the young woman’s disappearance who some in the German media claimed was a Moroccan national.


The finding of the woman’s body came after the 40-year-old allegedly admitted to placing her body near a petrol station. The body was said to have evidence of violence and burn marks when police discovered it.


News soon emerged that Lösche had previously been involved with volunteering for a pro-open borders activist group in Greece where she helped with a project called “No borders kitchen” on the island of Lesbos.

5. This arrest and arraignment contains one of the funniest charges I have ever seen of a public official.


Loughry, 47, who was elected in 2012, was charged with using a government vehicle and credit card on personal trips, submitting mileage claims for reimbursement for a government vehicle he used and making unlawful personal use of a historically significant desk, U.S. Attorney Mike Stuart said in a statement issued by his office in Charleston.

LOL! I wonder if she will start her own furniture polishing business now.

Part 2 of the Brad Johnson interview from yesterday:

Thank you Xanthippa, Richard, MissPiggy, Malca and all who sent in these news links.

More to come.


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14 Replies to “Some classic hypocrisy: Links 2, June 22, 2018”

  1. 3.) “A ‘sadistic’ thug made his terrified girlfriend massage his injured hands – after he hurt them beating her up.

    May this ambulatory wad of less-than-human excrement spend an eon in Incel (Involuntarily Celibate) Hell without any use of his “injured hands”. Knowing that this mega-türd might spend several eternities in unfulfilled damnation is insufficient consolation when it comes to knowing whether or not this sort of slime-mold hasn’t been made to pay a hundred times over for such cruel viciousness as making, “his terrified girlfriend massage his injured hands – after he hurt them beating her up“.

    This bolus of an intestinal blockage parading around as a supposed “man” doesn’t even deserve to have this carved on his gravestone. Instead, the appropriately inscribed marble tablet should be inserted sideways

    I’ll stop now…

    • Think of how scared the woman must be to be too scared to leave the abuser, that is the normal reason they stay they are more afraid of what he will do if they leave then what he will do if they stay.

  2. 2- I don’t think he mentions Islam once. Regardless, the math works out to about 21 reported rapes every day, which indicates a very sick society. Seriously. If you saw 21 women hobbling bloodied down the street would you not ask them how they got hurt? Would you not try to help them? But when the crime turns to rape, and the attacks are spread out over a large city they become invisible.

    I believe it when it is said that rape is an act of violence and control more than of sex. This explains the act when it is perpetrated against 90-year old women (we recently heard). We have never heard this word spoken more often than we do now. And not just in London but everywhere. It seems constant. What do children think about the world they’re growing up in?

    The British class system probably makes everything worse. Maybe it controls the frogs for a longer time before they jump. Then again look at Sweden. Swedish frogs are fairly well cooked. While I know the class system remains in all European countries to a degree, it seems the effects of postmodernism have successfully shut-up and shut down red-pilled thinking in Sweden. Yes, the right seems to be awakening in most places, but what will we do with the hostile armies now inside our gates? There is no resolve to deport them and they have lawyers to fight for them. To wit the societies of the V4 retain the same remnants of class system as western Europe, yet are fairly well red pilled and have told the Trojan horse to stay out. They were lucky enough to have cast-off Big Brother back in 1990. Unbeknownst to everyone, however, the commie rats that jumped that ship scampered into the European Union Project. Comrades Merkel, Juncker, Macron et al should be held to account, but then again most of the commie scum of the V4 were never held responsible for their crimes. In fact many of them grabbed state assets and became rich.

    North American frogs boil quite nicely, too. Canadian frogs are tasty with their maple syrup accents. In Ottawa, for instance, the police announced a 20% jump in crime over the last year. They call it a crime wave. The city says they’re looking to hire 10 more officers at a cost of $750,000. What nonsense. A cop plus car plus equipment plus union plus pension plus overtime plus plus…for $75k/year? So they lie to the frogs about cost. They lie by omission about the reason for the crime wave (the running joke is that you know the name of the perp for almost every reported crime is Arabic or muslim), and they even lie when it comes to the effects of hiring more police. I was recently told by a retired cop that the common practice now is FIDO. This is the reaction to crimes committed by visible minorities because of the headaches and accusations the officer can expect. It stands for Fuck It Drive On. Also the Ottawa city hall recently installed those metal posts to prevent a suicide bomb vehicle from attacking. That’s a big fat lie by omission too. Please tell us precisely why it is and who it is that you’re worried about, Mr. Mayor. Or do your gay, progressive liberal sensibilities prevent such honesty?

    So you see hiring more police will do nothing for the money because the will is gone, and the pomo poison is in. No need for Canadians to visit London; London is making its way to Canada.

    How long will it take before Americans want to build a fence at their northern border? How quickly are Yankee frogs boiling?

    The socialist pomo disease that substitutes for the controlling British class system is effective everywhere. I even believed once that the healthily racist French Canadians would use their prejudice to protect themselves. Nope. Their commies have done a great job tearing down that “distinct” society. Hmph. Talk about boiling frogs. Talk about distinct societies. If you are not willing to defend yourself you’ve lost whatever it was that made you distinct. And let the converse be true.

    There. I’ve ranted enough. Ribbit.

    • And a good rant it was 🙂 However, I personally still think les Québecois are somewhat insulated from islam by a residual determination not to be absorbed (by the horrible English but this affords them some protection from the cultural enrichers – surveys consistently indicate, for instance, that opposition to the burka, hijab, etc is greater in PQ than elsewhere in this sad nation). Anyway, minor disagreement and I did agree with the rest of it (unfortunately – depressing news these days).

      So, I think I might try frog’s legs one day soon – always wondered what that was like and I guess one might as well enjoy the decline, right?

      • My theory is that what passes for resistance in Quebec is actually managed opposition. The largest Quebec group, which has they claim, over 40,000 members, simply wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t actually an intelligence led opposition group and their policies are such that no real change is possible. Just a steam valve to stop anyone from actually doing anything effective, while letting people blow off steam so they think they have.

        The odd protest in numbers and status quo.

        They shun the rest of the Counter-jihad even in France.

        Nuff said.

        • Hmm, good points – you may be right but obviously, I hope that you are not. Remember, though, that to equate Quebecers with French French is not a good idea (that latter are arrogantly contemptuous, often, of their overseas cousins). But they seemingly are quite different animals. And even within Quebec, one has the hold out separatists in the Saguenay region, mostly; the friendlier and easy going folk of the Gaspesie; the natives in the north; the remaining English in Montreal, etc. It’s just a somewhat complex picture, I would argue, and there may be pockets that will resist (actually resist, not be fooled into thinking that they are) scattered across the province.

    • Read any or better yet all of John Douglas’ books about profiling and serial killers. He goes into great detail about the type of people who rape, while these rapists aren’t the conquest rapists trying to show the entire nation who dominates the two types of rapist have a similar mind set.

  3. 5.
    “Public corruption is a top investigative priority,” said FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Nick Boshears in the statement. “It erodes public confidence and undermines the rule of law.”

    With Hillary not in jail, that joke will never cease.

    Say it again.

  4. What I want to know is who is bankrolling that little prick David Hogg and his carnival show.
    And isn’t it just like a prog to have armed security. I’m so important now that I need guns to protect me. But YOU are a no one. YOUR life is inconsequential and unworthy of self defense. In any event YOU are incompetent and not to be trusted with a fire arm…

  5. Thanks PaulW. As far as the Quebecers go I truly wish they were different. This way we’d have somewhere close to escape to. As Eeyore says, though, I’m not so sure…

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