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  1. RT- ‘Free Tommy’ protests: Letter urges people to ‘come together’ to defeat UK’s resurgent far-right

    Protests surrounding the imprisonment of ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson have caused over 50 prominent figures to collectively voice their concerns in a letter to the Guardian, urging a “defence of our multicultural society.”

    Published Tuesday, the letter accuses the “racist right” of using the ongoing protests demanding the release of Tommy Robinson from prison to “reorganise.”</strong

    Stating that the demonstration, which saw 5 police officers injured in running clashes, is the “first serious attempt since the collapse of the English Defence League (EDL) to develop a racist street movement and give it a political form.

    “The 15,000-strong violent far-right protest to “free Tommy Robinson” on Saturday 9 June has raised major questions for all those who value our diversity,” the letter said.

    Signed by MPs, trade unionists, anti-racism campaigners, and religious leaders, the letter noted that “Nazi salutes and Islamophobia were at the centre of the mobilisation.”

    Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was given a 13-month sentence in May for breaching contempt of court laws outside of Leeds Crown Court. He was arrested after confronting defendants while recording a live video on Facebook as they entered the Leeds courthouse to face trial over sexual abuse allegations.

    He had previously been arrested for contempt of court after filming outside Canterbury Crown Court in May. His imprisonment is being presented by his supporters as an act of state censorship and a threat to free speech.

    Protests have been organized around the UK, with a recent demonstration in central London descending into a riot after approximately 1,000 people who attended the protest later clashed with police, even taking over a sightseeing bus in the heart of the capital. As well as the injured police officers, 6 people were arrested over the course of the day.

    A protest in Belfast, organized for the same day, saw some protesters giving Nazi salutes.

    The letter also says that the protests have been “supported internationally by notorious figures including from the US and the Dutch Islamophobic right,” a reference to the Dutch Eurosceptic politician Geert Wilders, who spoke at the London ‘Free Tommy’ march.

    The signatories also accused US President Donald Trump of playing a “major role in galvanising the racist right.” Signatories said they would “take to the streets for the Together Against Trump demonstration coinciding with his visit on 13 July,” and that they will march again to counter the next ‘Free Tommy’ event scheduled for the following day.

    “Wherever the far right’s support grows so does racism and violence. Let’s come together to defend our multicultural society from those who spread hatred and division,” it added.

    • the guardian –We must come together to fight the resurgent racist right

      Over 50 parliamentarians, trade unionists, faith leaders and anti-racism campaigners sign a letter warning of an emboldened far right and saying we must defend our multicultural society

      The 15,000-strong violent far-right protest to “free Tommy Robinson” on Saturday 9 June has raised major questions for all those who value our diversity. The racist right are using Robinson to reorganise.

      Nazi salutes and Islamophobia were at the centre of the mobilisation. This is the first serious attempt since the collapse of the English Defence League (EDL) to develop a racist street movement and give it a political form. It is supported internationally by notorious figures including from the US and the Dutch Islamophobic right.

      It is absolutely vital that all who oppose this come together in a united mass movement powerful enough to drive these new developments on the far right back. Donald Donald Trump has played a major role in galvanising the racist right. We will take to the streets for the Together Against Trump demonstration coinciding with his visit on 13 July. And when Robinson’s supporters take to the streets again on 14 July, we will protest against them too. Wherever the far right’s support grows so does racism and violence. Let’s come together to defend our multicultural society from those who spread hatred and division.

      Diane Abbott MP Shadow home secretary
      John McDonnell MP Shadow chancellor
      Len McCluskey General secretary, Unite the Union
      Dave Prentis General secretary, Unison
      Talha Ahmed Treasurer, Muslim Council of Britain
      Mohammed Kozbar Chairman, Finsbury Park Mosque
      Rabbi Lee Wax
      Sabby Dhalu and Weyman Bennett Co-convenors, Stand Up To Racism
      Ged Grebby Chief executive, Show Racism the Red Card
      Richard Burgon MP Shadow justice secretary
      Laura Pidcock MP Shadow minister for labour
      Cat Smith MP Shadow minister for voter engagement and youth affairs
      David Lammy MP
      Emma Dent Coad MP
      Marsha De Cordova MP
      Andrew Gwynne MP
      Peter Hain Labour, House of Lords
      Claude Moraes MEP
      Julie Ward MEP
      Jean Lambert MEP
      Tim Roache General secretary, GMB
      Kevin Courtney NEU, Joint general secretary
      Mark Serwotka General secretary, PCS
      Dave Ward General secretary, CWU
      Matt Wrack General secretary, FBU
      Mick Cash General secretary, RMT
      Ian Lawrence General secretary, Napo
      Steve Gillan General secretary, POA
      Manuel Cortes General secretary, TSSA
      Mick Whelan General secretary, Aslef
      Kevin Maguire Journalist
      Michael Rosen Poet
      Salma Yaqoob
      Roger Huddle and Red Saunders Founders, Rock Against Racism
      David Rosenberg Author
      Alan Gibbons Author
      Dr Siema Iqbal Co-founder of Avow (Advancing Voices of Women against Islamophobia)
      Julia Bard National Committee, Jewish Socialists’ Group
      Claudia Webbe Labour party NEC and Islington councillor
      Margaret Greer National race equality officer, Unison
      Harish Patel National equalities officer, Unite the Union
      Ian Hodson National president, BFWAU
      Tony Kearns Deputy general secretary (postal) CWU
      Steve Hedley Deputy general secretary, RMT
      Jane Loftus Vice president, CWU
      Phyllis Opoku-Gyimah Executive director, UK Black Pride
      Shahrar Ali Home affairs spokesperson, Green party
      Maz Saleem Anti-racism campaigner/Stand Up To Trump
      Kate Hudson General secretary, CND
      Lindsey German Stop the War Coalition
      Kerry Abel Chair, Abortion Rights
      Asad Rehman Executive director, War on Want
      Sam Fairbairn People’s Assembly

  2. A Syrian Migrant that Beheaded his Neighbor, Then Stabs 130 Times – On Trial in Sweden

    A Syrian man stabbed his 21-year-old neighbor 130 times killing her and leaving her sister in critical condition in Vetlanda, Sweden. The original grievance against his upstairs neighbor was that she was too loud, but during his trial, he said he “lost control” because he believed the victim made a “racist” remark during a previous conversation, Sweden’s Fria Tider reports.

    On the night of the February 20th killing, the sisters barricaded themselves in their bathroom, where they repeatedly apologized to their attacker.

    “It’s [too] late,” he said.

    The surviving sister played dead after being stabbed in the lung while the man cut off her sister’s head and began stabbing the body 130 times.

  3. L.A. Mayor Flushes Millions Into Electric Bus Company With Predictable Results

    One of the less frequently mentioned hopefuls in the Democrats’ 2020 POTUS beauty pageant is Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. (Though he’s been mentioning it himself recently.) So if the Democrats want to give him a serious look, perhaps we should check in and see how he’s been performing so far. One of his big initiatives which was sure to please the progressive base was the continuation of a plan to shift the city’s fleet of buses to all electric vehicles over the next decade. What’s not to like? Buses that are quieter, give off no emissions and use no fossil fuels was pretty much a sure-fire winner.

  4. The European Parliament Committee on Legal Affairs just voted ‘yes’ on highly controversial parts of the EU’s new Copyright Reform. The controversial articles — 11 and 13 — effectively establish link tax, censorship machines, and ban memes.

    There was heavy resistance to the contested articles from internet activists, lobbyists, and members of European Parliament (MEPs), but all was for nought and the articles passed with a 13:12 and 15:10 majority.

  5. No fewer than 60 organizations branded “hate groups” or otherwise attacked by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are considering legal action against the left-wing smear factory, a Christian legal nonprofit leader confirmed to PJ Media on Tuesday. He suggested that the $3 million settlement and apology the SPLC gave to Maajid Nawaz and his Quilliam Foundation on Monday would encourage further legal action.

    “We haven’t filed anything against the SPLC, but I think a number of organizations have been considering filing lawsuits against the SPLC, because they have been doing to a lot of organizations exactly what they did to Maajid Nawaz,” Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, told PJ Media on Tuesday.

    Liberty Counsel filed a lawsuit against the charity navigation organization GuideStar for defamation after GuideStar adopted the SPLC’s “hate group” list. That lawsuit is ongoing.

  6. Just a few ways China’s government is already surveilling its populace:

    Placing brainwave-detecting sensors in employees’ helmets or hats to track their emotional states
    Use facial scanning to be sure that every student is paying attention in class
    Deter jaywalking via a complicated facial scanning system that may publicly shame people, and rate them as a part of a greater social credit system
    And now, we get to add yet another item to the list. Beginning next year, China will require all newly registered vehicles to be equipped with highly trackable RFID tags, the Wall Street Journal reports.

    RFIDs are the same technology used to check if you’re paying highway tolls in the U.S. like EZ Pass. While that sounds innocent enough, it likely signifies that, every time a driver passes a checkpoint, the government can have that individual’s location and identifying data.

    And the fact that it is obligatory won’t give anybody the possibility to opt out. If you want to drive a car in China, you’ll have to surrender info on where you’re at a certain point in time — or not drive at all (and have your face scanned on the road).

    Note: the UK has been leading a demand that all EU cars have such mandatory chips for years – not sure where that is with Brexit, but their excuse is ‘traffic optimization’…

  7. Julian Assange says living in the Ecuadorian embassy has had a ‘severe impact’ on his health and pleads for UN intervention ahead of vigil tonight marking sixth anniversary of his arrival
    Jennifer Robinson told UN Human Rights Council that Assange is denied sunlight
    Vigil to be held outside the embassy in London tonight, six years after he arrived
    Assange is wanted by Metropolitan Police for breaching bail conditions in 2012

  8. A Syrian man stabbed his 21-year-old neighbor 130 times killing her and leaving her sister in critical condition in Vetlanda, Sweden.

    The original grievance against his upstairs neighbor was that she was too loud, but during his trial, he said he “lost control” because he believed the victim made a “racist” remark during a previous conversation, Sweden’s Fria Tider reports.

    “I understood the ‘movement’ of the victim during the conversation before the [killing] as racist,” said the killer.

    On the night of the February 20th killing, the sisters barricaded themselves in their bathroom, where they repeatedly apologized to their attacker.

    “It’s [too] late,” he said.

  9. PORTLAND, Maine — Two brothers accused of a massive welfare fraud scheme at a Portland grocery store have been sentenced to federal prison, the Bangor Daily News reports. The newspaper says 41-year-old Ali Ratib Daham, of Westbrook, pleaded guilty in November to conspiracy to defraud the United States government, money laundering and theft of government funds.

    He was sentenced to three years Monday.

    His brother, 23-year-old Abdulkareem Daham, was sentenced to two years after being convicted of conspiracy to defraud the U.S. during a jury trial.

    The two allegedly traded $1.4 million in federal food benefits for cash, the paper reports.

    Federal agents raided the Ahram Halal Market in 2016 after being tipped off about unusually high sales there involving food stamps. Prosecutors said the brothers allowed customers to exchange food assistance benefits for cash at a discounted rate from June 2011 through April 2016.

  10. According to the Greek animal welfare webpage Zoosos, on 28th of March 2018 an outrageous denouncement was filed to the Perama police department in Athens, by the staff taking care of stray dogs living in the nearby refugee camp of Skaramagka.

    The staff found a little female dog dead at the centre of the camp, covered with a blanket. The little dog had obvious signs of a brutal rape on her genitals, but no other external trauma.

    The body of the dog was transferred to the Stray Animal Care Interdisciplinary Center of Athens in order to be medically examined and to determine the exact cause of the animal’s death.

    According to Zoosos, the head of the refugee camp of Skaramagka, Mr. Giorgos Karoglou, has confirmed this incident.

  11. When an elderly Christian woman from a Muslim background died last week in a Tajikistan hospital, her husband Mihrab* and children – all of them Christians – organised a funeral ceremony and invited people from their church.

    But Mihrab’s Muslim relatives also invited local Muslims, including a cleric, who demanded that Mihrab convert back to Islam, otherwise he would refuse to hold the ceremony and prevent them from burying the Christian woman in the local cemetery.

    Mihrab responded that the pastor of her church could hold the ceremony, but the Muslims present vowed that they would not allow the woman’s body to be buried, saying Mihrab and her family were “betrayers of Islam”.

  12. DUBAI: Saudi Arabia has arrested two more women’s rights activists, in an “unrelenting crackdown” just days before the kingdom ends a decades-long ban on female motorists, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.

    The New York-based watchdog said activists Nouf Abdelaziz and Mayaa al-Zahrani were arrested earlier this month following the detention of at least 14 other women’s rights campaigners and supporters.

    “Saudi authorities have arrested two more women’s rights activists… in what appears to be an unrelenting crackdown on the women’s rights movement,” HRW said.

    “Saudi activists have reported that the authorities have placed travel bans on numerous others since May 15.”

    Saudi officials did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

  13. Lod Municipal Council Member Amichai Langfeld and Karmiel Deputy Mayor Rotem Yanai explained on Wenesday why they support passing the “Muezzin Law.”

    The Muezzin Law, initiated by MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home) and MK Robert Ilatov (Yisrael Beytenu), forbids the muezzin from playing during the late evening and early morning hours.

    Israel already has a law banning loud noise after 11:00 p.m., but it is not enforced for muezzin.

    At a Knesset meeting, Langfeld slammed the way the Muezzin law had been presented.

    “They presented the minority opinion, and presented it as if there’s something religious, against Islam, against Arabs, as if there’s something extremist. In essence, to protect the rights of the minority,” he explained.

    “The minority here are people being harmed in their homes. There’s a law whose primary and differentiating characteristic is that it harms. If I want to protect my family…I can enter my home and protect my children and close the door, I’m at home, in my fortress.

    “This nuisance, which is a nuisance not because G-d forbid it’s from a mosque or from a religious place, but because of its volume and the hour. And I’m emphasizing that it’s because of the volume and the hour that it’s a nuisance, and not because of where it’s coming from. Because if it’s at the permissible volume and at the permuted hours, it’s not a nuisance. And we have no problem with that, and we’re not talking about those hours. I have to get that point across.

  14. Rochdale man plans sexual assault on sleeping mum
    12:44pm 18th June 2018

    A Rochdale man who intended on sexually assaulting a mother while she slept in her home has been jailed.
    Sikander Khan (08/09/1956) of Park Hill was sentenced to 4 years in prison at Minshull Street Crown Court today (Monday 18th June 2018) after a jury found him guilty of trespassing with intent to commit a sexual offence.

    The victim was in the house with her children.
    The court heard how on the night of Tuesday 10th October 2017 the victim was asleep at her home in Rochdale with her children.

    At around 11pm Khan went into the house without permission and made his way upstairs.

    He went into the woman’s bedroom but the victim woke up and confronted him before demanding he leave.

    She called the police and on Saturday 14 October 2017 Khan was arrested.

    Detective Constable Russ Clarke, from GMP’s Rochdale borough, said:

    “This incident has understandably had a profound effect on the victim and her children. It took place within their home, a place where you should be able to feel safe.

    “Khan didn’t once think about the victim or her children and instead sought to satisfy his own selfish and perverse sexual desires.

  15. New cardinal warns of rise of ‘extremist Islam’ in Madagascar
    20 June 2018
    World Watch Monitor

    One of Pope Francis’s new cardinals has warned of the rise of “extremist Islam” in the southern African island nation of Madagascar.

    “The fundamentalists are beginning to establish themselves and, little by little, as their numbers grow, we start to wonder when they will really show who they are, and this truly concerns us,” Cardinal-designate Désiré Tzarahazana of Toamasina told Catholic charity Aid to the Church in Need.

    “The rise of Islam is palpable,” he said, noting plans to build more than 2,600 mosques. “You can see it everywhere. It is an invasion, with money from the Gulf States and from Pakistan – they buy people. You see young men setting off to study in Saudi Arabia, and when they come back they are imams.

    “We organised a meeting with a group of imams to share our concerns, and one of the imams himself testified: he was one of our former seminarians. Of course he did not say that he had been attracted by the money, but that is what is happening, on account of the poverty here.”

    The cardinal, who is also president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Madagascar, added: “In my own diocese there are mosques being built everywhere … even though there aren’t enough Muslims to use them.”

  16. Australian Broadcasting Corporation lauds hijab as “sensuous,” “source of empowerment”
    The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s slant on this issue was predictable, but not for that any more excusable. The real women who need “empowerment” are not those who wear the hijab, who are praised and hailed in article after article like this one, and celebrated in World Hijab Day, but those women who have been brutalized and even killed for not wearing the hijab. Would Aqsa Parvez agree that the hijab is “sensuous” and a “source of empowerment”? Her Muslim father and brother choked her to death with her hijab after she refused to wear it. Would Amina Muse Ali, a Christian woman in Somalia whom Muslims murdered because she wasn’t wearing a hijab?

  17. In contrast to what was told, migrants are far from economically beneficial for society. Research by mathematician Jan van Beek shows that admitting non-western asylum seekers into the country, results in high net costs for Dutch society, WNL reports.

    In his research Van Beek tries to make a distinction between asylum seekers and migrants that come to work or study in the Netherlands. He sees a high dependence on benefits in the asylum seeking group.

    “You can calculate what people during their lifetimes contribute to government finances and what they receive in benefits and pensions,” van Beek says.

    According to him, the cost for non-western asylum seekers are “a few hundred thousand euros”, which is much higher than the fifty to one hundred thousand euros that a 2003 statistical report showed.

    Van Beek’s calculation shows that while the average non-western asylum seeker costs 250,000 euros during his lifetime, the costs become higher by family reunification and getting kids.

    • That’s not even factoring in the additional costs for police, hospital trauma centers, courts, and prisons. Routine explosions and riots mess up traffic and impose losses on local businesses. Insurance, blackmarket, bribes, etc.

  18. A major French prison, which houses more than a hundred radicalized inmates, is overcrowded, understaffed and “starting to explode,” a correctional officers’ union warns. It says the guards suffer attacks and commit suicide.
    Europe’s largest prison Fleury-Merogis is in dire condition, the representative of the CGT Penitentiaries Union told RT. “Every day in France, there are prison supervisors who are attacked violently; every day we have security problems because all the proposals are not yet in place,” Ambroise Koubi said. He added that the authorities offered to send in extra 1,100 supervisors, but so far it didn’t happen.

    “Fleury-Merogis is starting to explode already. Because we are tired of this. You are the first TV channel I’m telling this to, but yesterday we had a suicide,” Koubi said, adding that the prison had 10 other suicide cases since January, with supervisors among the victims.

  19. France’s President Emmanuel Macron admitted that France has lost the battle against drug trafficking within the growing number of no-go zones in the country.

    In a speech for 600 business and political guests in May, Macron called on the local mayors themselves – together with the population – to find suitable solutions, for the problems in France’s 1,500 no-go areas or ‘sensitive areas’ as France calls them.

    Many mayors were struck by Macron’s speech. They had expected concrete political guidelines. Macron’s proposals are a long way from the ambitious strategy for the sensitive zones that former minister Jean-Louis Borloo had previously developed and published on behalf of Macron.

    Instead, Macron passed the buck: not he, but his predecessors have caused today’s problems. All solutions designed from above have failed, so they must come from below. He called for a “general mobilisation” of the population, organising itself to save the nation.

  20. An al Qaeda affiliate in Mali has released a video of a French aid worker and a Colombian nun kidnapped in separate incidents in 2016 and 2017, according to SITE Intelligence Group.

    The video was posted late on Wednesday by Jama’a Nusrat ul-Islam wa al-Muslimin (JNIM), which has been linked to the kidnapping of at least six Western hostages in recent years, SITE said in an email to clients that included a link to the video.

    It shows a frail Sophie Petronin, a French aid worker who was kidnapped in Mali’s restive northeast in late 2016, being cared for in a tent-like structure by fellow captive Gloria Cecilia Narvaez, who was abducted in early 2017 in southern Mali near the border with Burkina Faso.

    Both women address the camera directly, one after the other. Petronin says the date is June 7, 2018. She speaks through tears to her son and tells him she is “very, very exhausted.” Narvaez addresses Pope Francis, asking him to intervene for Petronin, who she says is “truly sick”.

    French civilians have long been favoured targets for kidnapping by criminal and Islamist groups in the arid West African region, partly owing to perceptions that the French government is prepared to pay ransoms to secure their release.

  21. There are approximately 250 mosques in Switzerland, but the authorities do not know who finances them. By rejecting the proposal compelling mosques to disclose who finances them, the Swiss authorities can now remain willfully blind.

    The Muslim World League is behind “a whole network of radically-oriented mosques in Switzerland… with the clear intention of spreading Salafist thought here”. — Saïda Keller-Messahli, expert on Islam in Switzerland.

    Above all, the Swiss government seems not to have considered the rights of Swiss non-Muslim citizens, who are the ones left to live with the consequences of the government’s ill-thought-out policies.

  22. Iran’s Prosecutor-General Mohammad Jafar Montazeri has threatened June 18 to prosecute a local Sunni Imam in the city of Iranshahr in the southeastern province of Sistan va Baluchestan for disclosing that 41 girls have been raped in that city.

    Mawlavi Tayeb Mollazehi’s disclosure of the rape cases on Friday, June 15, stirred controversy in the Sunni-populated province and has put the Islamic Republic’s judicial officials on the defensive.

    Officials have an aversion to acknowledging rape cases because they are concerned these might undermine the claims to high standards of morality by the religious state.

    This is probably why Prosecutor-General Montazeri rejected the local Imam’s assertion about the rapes as “baseless” and threatened to prosecute him if he fails to prove what he said, adding that “news about crimes with a family honor angle should remain secret,” several Iranian agencies quoted Montazeri as saying.

  23. Christian villagers of Nayya Sarabah Chak 336 village, claim they are being persecuted on religious grounds as they are not allowed to worship in the only church they have in their village. Their quandary began in December 2017, when the local Christian villagers were forced to sign a pledge stating that they would not hold prayer services in the church.

  24. MULTAN: A woman was shot dead for allegedly marrying the man of her choice in Multan on Tuesday with a possible suspect under investigation.

    Rabia, an MPhil student, had married Nauman a week ago. Residents say the girl had left her parents to tie the knot and was not in contact with them ever since. The man’s family also had not approved of the matrimony.

    Nauman’s family claim the girl had taken her own life and was not murdered. Local police have launched an investigation into the matter and are currently interrogating the ‘shooter’.

  25. ISLAMABAD: With Ramazan over, people chose to celebrate in different ways. Some of these methods, though, landed them in the hospital, including dangerous stunt driving and overeating.

    Doctors said that the emergency departments of major hospitals in the twin cities were filled with trauma, gastroenteritis and diarrhoea patients during three days of Eid holidays.

    Over 4,000 patients reportedly headed to the largest tertiary care facility in the area, the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (Pims) during the Eid holidays. Of these, 1,000 patients suffered from diarrhoea, gastroenteritis or fever.

  26. Austria: Muslim migrant murders elderly couple to make an example of supporters of anti-migration party
    “To the police he had stated as his motive that he wanted to make an example of supporters of the FPÖ, by which he felt discriminated against as a foreigner and Muslim.”

    Appeasement and cowardice are so universal today that this will probably lead many people to say, “Why, then we must not support the FPÖ, and have to get behind unvetted, unrestricted Muslim migration, because otherwise we will anger them, and they will kill innocent people.” After all, that’s the reasoning that kept the U.S. Embassy out of Jerusalem for twenty years, isn’t it?

  27. How Australian KFC stores are refusing to sell bacon in their burgers – because they only use HALAL products
    KFC does not sell bacon at three Australian stores to keep in line with Halal
    It was revealed after a customer contacted the fast food company about bacon
    There are no current plans to extend the number Halal stores, KFC said

  28. Syrian migrant, 19, admits attacking an Israeli man wearing a Jewish kippa in Berlin but claims he ‘only wanted to scare him’
    Knaan al-S., a Palestinian from Syria, was filmed attacking Israeli Adam Armush with a belt as he walked the streets of Berlin wearing a kippa
    Knann can be heard shouting ‘Jew’ in Arabic before whipping Mr Armush
    He admits the attack but said he was stoned and not thinking straight at the time
    Mr Armush is not Jewish but decided to wear kippa as part of a social experimen

  29. The horrible killing of a puppy has caused outrage in Turkey, with politicians voicing support for a new law to prevent violence against stray animals, while an animal rights organization has called on authorities to find those responsible for the incident.

    A puppy was found on June 13 by passersby in a wooded area in the Sapanca district of the western province of Sakarya, fighting for its life as four of its feet had been cut off.

    Locals hospitalized the dog, which succumbed to its injuries two days later, despite an emergency operation in Istanbul.

    The operator of a heavy duty vehicle working in the area was detained, announced Sakarya Chief Prosecutor Lütfi Dursun on June 16. Following his testimony, the operator was arrested by a court order on June 17 on charges of killing the dog, Do?an News Agency reported.

    Dr. Berktu? Çiftçi, who operated on the dog, said its paws had been cut off by an axe or a similar man-made tool.

    • Finally someone else talking about the left wanting a return to feudalism with themselves as the Nobles and Royals.

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