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8 Replies to “Major news on the Las Vegas Terror attack”

  1. I want to watch the video a couple of more times to be sure I have caught everything, having said that there is enough evidence that this was a left wing domestic terror attack and it is probable that the shooter had help killing himself.

    • Of course, there were two shooters involved. Nobody is talking about the note found on the small table. The angle of his left arm doesn’t fit someone who shot himself in the mouth, either sitting or lying down really straight on the floor.

  2. What is the reason all this additional info is being hidden from the public ?? Mr Brad does a lot of great analysis here.
    I wonder what the truth is. U all know it’s effin’ deranged ..

    • What was the reason that the evidence that pointed to a Syrian involvement in the Oklahoma Bombing being suppressed? The Oklahoma ignoring of the Syrian evidence was ordered so Clinton could use it as a reason for greater gun control. The ignoring of the Las Vegas shooting being done by a Trump hater was suppressed to cover for the left and to make it easier to push gun control. This time the orders came from the Deep State not a setting President but the effect is the same. Hide the facts to protect one political viewpoint and use what is left to attack the Conservatives.

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