An interesting update on Tommy Robinson


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This goes against the other narrative on Tommy. I do not know his source but he says who it isn’t. So far, it seems that all the info everyone is using is from one source, and that source is not objective, to the extent that such a thing is.

I really have no idea what is up with Tommy. Where he is or what kind of danger. I only know that he is the single most effective person in terms of red pilling the Anglosphere to the dangers of Islam and the massive crimes, unspeakable crimes committed by muslims in the name of Islam in the UK.

I know that he is a powerful symbol for all our frustration, not only for awareness of Islam, but of the brutal and over the top selective enforcement of the UK legal system’s selective enforcement in favour of Islam and against the indigenous people of the UK.

And no one is seriously denying that this is the case anymore. The UK amazingly has a much more free press than Canada does, and they still report on cases showing the bias of the courts.

I wish I knew more about this all. It is very frustrating.

It is often said that the first casualty of war is truth.

Well we know we have a war on our hands now, don’t we?

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    • Hoo Boy! I knew that when Tommy went under Ezra’s umbrella that it was a game changer. I just wish Tommy had stayed there.
      But, Ezra is a true friend and a freedom fighter and although Tommy no longer works for him, Ezra is clearly wracking his brain to help Tommy.
      It is clear to me that the incarceration of Tommy has touched him to the bone. God bless you Ezra.

    • Another constructive thing we can all do is to go to and contribute to the legal defense fund Ezra Levant has established with the consent and cooperation of Tommy’s family. Knowing that this fund is growing and will further help his family will get back to Tommy and help him cope in prison until he gets out – and hopefully his new legal team can help with that. And thank everyone who is writing about this and spreading the information about what is going on in Britain. And if you want to do one more thing, consider supporting Rebel Media – with a buck or two or maybe a subscription. This is better than getting you head bashed in on the street or being charged with a crime. If we’re all in the hoosegow or the hospital who will Tommy lead when he gets out?

    • Richard, the second video is where I am and is so spot on, Tommy is really important. He is someone very special, understand that.

      As the details are coming out more and more people are getting angry because what they did stinks. When the English get angry we get really angry, but it is cold hard bitter angry, don’t forget that..

    • I pressed enter and deleted a bit.

      I am cold angry at the moment, no I will not hit a police man, no I will not do anything stupid. My wife stopped me from going to do a one man demo outside the British consulate in the French city near where I live. I wanted to so much, but being beaten by Antifa at a past demo in Europe is not a fun experience.

      They realise Tommy is now an icon, if Morrisy (if I got his name right) stood up and said that what they did to Tommy was out of order he is having a major affect. That was the front man of the Smiths. He was extreme left in the past, but his eyes are opening. He even said something about immigration.

      The guy gets it keep demonstrating giving support to Tommy, that is what people need to do. I made many people aware of Islam, and continued to do so even when I stepped back in 2009. I really stepped back because I had come to the conclusion it was too late, and the die was cast, Tommy bless him thinks otherwise. The man is goddam hero a legend, there is nothing more that I can say, and yes for this fight he is the English people.

      • “Peter Hitchens – Islam will fill the void left by Christianity”
        Linsaybeg Road – Published on September 18, 2017

        • Demonstrations are fine but we could have a day of Pray or a Mass said for Tommy Robinson.
          You don’t have to be Catholic or believe in God. Small groups could gather throughout the U.K. & Europe, on the same day and offer their prayers for Tommy.

          “The Latin Mass Society”
          of England & Wales

          And we could kill 2 birds with one stone.

          “Vatican rumblings: Pope Francis aiming to end Latin Mass permission”
          by John-Henry Westen – July 26, 2017

          • Traditional Mass:
            Churches full of people
            Modern Mass:
            Churches are empty

            “Parisians Enjoy Simple Majesty of Tridentine Latin Mass”

          • Never forgiven the RC church when as a child I found that they had dropped Latin. They were and are too stupid to see it for the unifying force that it was and its removal has unleashed the leftist diarrhoea that now contaminates that church

        • The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

          After the Establishment drank the Marxist Cool Aid and ripped from the working-poor their comfort of Christianity, they now realize Islam offers these factory workers an alternative of ‘kill now, get now’ instead of ‘slave now, rewards in heaven’. Halal-haram, with brutal punishments for enforcing the peace will mean regime-change. Muslims will occcupy and control the Political Class.

          And so now they suddenly remember Old Time Christianity. The Golden Age. Their cosy relationship with Churchianity.

          Christians please stay and suspend
          The minds of the stupid to spend
          So much upon which we depend
          “His Coming at the World’s End.”

          Because you did not invest
          ‘Live for today and in jest!’
          For which you paid interest
          Your souls held as worthless.

          But now you are troubled by Class
          Minorities all get a pass
          Jesus – the Trinity Mask
          Gays, muslims and Marx.

          So there’s always a Christ
          Invert, Revert or Come-Twice
          Feeding your Pride for Being Nice
          This Protection, comes with a price.

            • Nothing more?

              A common enemy, a Boogeyman, a Natural Disaster, created for the purpose to put aside petty envies and jealousies cannot create friends?

              For all this ever takes, is a change in attitude.

              ‘Enemies for Life?’ ‘Friends only if you submit to my borrowed beliefs?’.

              Those who are at war with themselves will take their grievances to the world for agreement. This is Muhammadism.

              Therefore, if I close one eye, just only have my left brain functioning, remove the ‘female-voice’ from me, “The enemy of my enemy is my enemies enemy nothing more.” is true.

              “Take the example of people with their right hemisphere inactivated who, when asked to draw a flower or a person, are able only to produce reduced caricatures: a stick man for a person and a series of lines intersecting almost coincidentally for a table – the reductionist tendency, so widespread in contemporary culture, may have its origins here.”

              The rest is organic. Reality.

      • By jailing Tommy, they defeated their own purpose. They have, in fact, united the Left and the Right in a common cause. I’m delighted that word of Tommy’s fate is going around. Every Brit should be frightened of its government.

        • And every decent outsider observes the despicable hypocrites of the formerly-Great Britain.

          From an Empire where the sun never set to a degraded island under a New Moon. Utter darkness.

        • Sorry but I must disagree Sassy: United the Left and the Right? Morrisey? He like that rapper West realizes that this is a way to gain major publicity I will believe that it is genuine when I see proof of it. A few defectors from the Left (and quite possibly temporary) is not an alliance.

          • No he is not like that, he is working class first and foremost and he saw it as the establishment misusing their power on the common folk and that is why it is important.

  1. I know he is important, and I can see the anger in the people in the demonstrations. What I also know is that if the Idiots that ordered his arrest think it is safe they will arrange for him to be put where he can and will be killed. The only protection he has is the public outrage over his arrest and imprisonment. If/when the public outrage dies down and the protests stop he is at major risk.

    No one man protests will do no good and neither will riots or an attempt to seize the prison and turn him loose.

    As for your cold English anger with the exception of one Cherakee woman and one Spanish man all of my ancestry is English and Welsh. So my advice is take that anger, shove it off to one side and freeze it until such time something can be done. At that time pull the anger back in and thaw it out.

    • My distrust of the two videos I mentioned is because I don’t know who they are, I don’t know anything about them, are they really who and what they say or are they plants trying to spread BS for us to believe. They could be who they claim or they could be plants, given the type of political war that is being fought in all Western Nations we have to wonder who people we don’t know are and which side they are on.

    • That is very much how my anger is and has been for some time

      And I am glad you see just how important Tommy is, he is England, it sounds daft, but it is true.

      • He is England, and right now he is the most important man in the Anglo sphere he is the one of the things we haven’t had. He is a rallying point, a cry for unity to preserve freedom in the world as is stated above he is a rallying point for left and right.

      • No it is NOT” Tommy Robinson personifies Tommy Atkins and the WHOLE British common people who built their empire not the ani who claimed credit for it “on the playing fields of Eton” ??? My a***!!!!
        Remember the story of the Indian from the subcontinent who went to see King George III(IIRC) to given him a petition complaining about the way Indians were treated by the Brits? He never presented it as he saw how the UK elite TREATED their OWN people…far worse than they did anyone else.

        • That is so true and the point of this all. Even the left now see it as the establishment screwing the common people. They really mucked up by jailing him.

  2. The only completely reliable source for information on Robinson’s fate is the Twitter feed of the UKIP leader, Gerard Batten MEP, who is giving details that could only come direct from Tommy’s lawyer, and who has clearly given the okay to Lord Pearson to pursue the matter of Robinson’s survival:

    For the simple reason to my mind that all the other figures bandying about details are journalists, with a financial interest in piggybacking off of events. Whereas the position of UKIP leader, according to the party’s own constitution, is actually unpaid. He gets his salary as a member of the European parliament instead.

        • Something is definitely strange about this story. Normally, when something happens to Tommy, the internet is buzzing. Not this time. Tommy’s normal supporters are very quiet – even GOV who normally has the latest information on Tommy – has only posted Wilders’ questions in Parliament regarding Tommy’s safety since the prison transfer. As of this comment – GOV hasn’t posted anything else about Tommy being moved.

          Don’t know if most of his supporters haven’t heard about Tommy being transferred to a different prison; or if this latest obscene action by the government, has subdued & frightened his normally vocal supporters; or if they are staying quiet while they plan their next move.

          I find the quiet surrounding this horrific event – very troubling. It feels like the calm before the storm. Whatever the reason, all I know is that Tommy is now in grave danger – which makes me wonder once again – where is the uproar over this? Maybe Tommy’s family have asked supporters who are close to him – to lay low while they try to resolve the prison transfer through his lawyer. It’s all very strange.

          • The move is suppose to frighten us, the problem is that the silence may not mean abject fear but rather angry planning. We will have to wait and see.

            • You may be right. I believe that moving Robinson was deliberate – to bring things to a head (before his support increases more then it already has) so the government can crush any uprising, while the numbers are still fairly low. They are employing tactics that were used against the IRA. Whatever comes – it’s not going to be pretty. You can bet the government already has tough plans in place to deal with any opposition.

                • It’s not normal for GOV to be so quiet about Tommy. It’s very strange. As you know, they are always in very close contact with Tommy’s people. There must be a reason as to why they are being so quiet.

              • The gov is itching to put the plebs back in their place as they know that the Left and muslims will not only agree with it but HELP them do it.

          • The weirdness of the contradictory information being put out about Robinson, is due to an angry rift that has developed between people that have been close to Tommy for a decade like Hel Gower his long-standing PA and Kevin Carroll, who have bitter experience of the police intimidation and imprisonment tactics, and the new hangers on with disreputable histories trying to make a financial profit and journalistic careers from piggybacking on Tommy’s fate like the cameraman Caolan Robertson, and his bum chums, who is on record as trying to extort Ezra for money last year and who billed himself in an InfoWars interview this week as “Tommy’s manager.”

            The latter group shat themselves when Robinson was whisked off to jail in secret and said not a word when the reporting ban was instigated, while the former group stayed firm defying the ban and informing the world of events through the likes of Gerard Batten. This new young cabal is now busy slandering the people who have stood beside Tommy since the beginning as liars etc. You don’t have to take my word for it, if you follow the social media accounts of the right people it’s all in there:

            As I said in a comment on this site some time ago, the business of “resistance” is now being turned into a profit-making exercise by some, and many confusing events make much more sense if you bear this in mind.

            • Yes when their “book” comes out I always become very suspicious and when I see the absurd sums that some of these professional “free speech” activists charge I wonder even more. No names of course.

        • Gerard Batten’s Twitter feed contains safety details on the prison Tommy has been sent to. I linked it in my comment.

  3. British MEP’s microphone turned off in European Parliament for asking ‘approved’ question about Tommy Robinson

    British MEP, Janice Atkinson, attempted to raise the urgent human rights issue of Tommy Robinson’s secret transfer from a safe prison to a highly dangerous prison at today’s ENF group.

    Her microphone was cut (video fragment at the bottom) and abuse hurled at her by Conservative MEP, Ashley Fox, before she was able to get past her introductory statements. Janice describes today’s event here:

    Today my ENF group, through our secretariat, tabled a request to raise an urgent human rights issue. It was approved by the president and I was called to speak before voting.

    However, as usual, despite being approved, we are shut down.

    I was also attacked in a nasty verbal exchange, not caught on camera, with the leader of the UK Conservatives, Ashley Fox MEP, who I couldn’t hear above the noise.

    But his facial expressions told me he didn’t welcome me asking them to intervene and speak to their Home Secretary and Justice Minister about the removal of Tommy Robinson from relatively safe Hull prison to Leicester which has a higher Muslim population. That Muslim population threatened Tommy with death last night.

    In this angry exchange I told Mr Fox his government will have blood on their hands if anything happens to Tommy and Lord Pearson will personally sue the Home Secretary, Sajid Javid.

    It just so happened that it was after we paid tribute to murdered MP Jo Cox. We all stood to remember her. Sadly, Labour MEPs are using her name to blacken me. But that’s now the state of UK Labour.

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