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  1. Visualizing 100 years of US presidential pardons 3
    By Robert Allison on SAS Learning Post February 9, 2017 Analytics | Data Visualization | Learn SAS
    A topic that’s been in the news a lot lately is the presidential power to grant pardons, commutations, and such. But all the articles I’ve seen just quoted numeric totals – I haven’t seen a graph of the data anywhere! So I set out to find the data and graph it myself …

  2. Former Senate Intelligence Committee director indicted for lying to F.B.I. about leaking information to reporters
    by Christian Datoc
    | June 07, 2018 10:34 PM

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    Jim Wolfe, a longtime former director of security at the Senate Intelligence Committee, was indicted and arrested Thursday night for giving false statements to F.B.I. agents during their investigation into leaks of classified information to the media.

    According to the Department of Justice, Wolfe lied to F.B.I. agents back in 2017 “about his repeated contacts with three reporters, including through his use of encrypted messaging applications.”

  3. Merkel finally backtacks over EU migrant quotas
    by Westmonster
    June 7, 2018
    Angela Merkel has completely u-turned on her and the European Union’s plan to impose a mandatory quota of migrants on member states.

    The German Chancellor recognises that rules about migration quotas can’t be imposed on sovereign European, according to reports.

    “We must move towards a flexible solidarity system where everyone can contribute,” she says.

    “As chancellor I belong to the European Council, in which decisions always have to be taken unanimously. So the question of a majority decision is not relevant there. A solution on this subject will certainly have to be prepared in the European Council.”

    Her climb-down comes after a long running battle with Visegrad countries who refused to play any part in her madness.

    “[Germany] wanted migrants and we didn’t,” Hungarian firebrand Viktor Orbán said last year.

    Opposition to mass migration has grown at every election over the past few years, with Italy and Slovenia becoming the latest to elect anti-mass migration parties.

    Merkel admits that there is no political consensus for how to deal with the migrant crisis in the short term and that the EU can’t impose quotas on countries by qualified majority because ‘one can not impose on sovereign European states the presence on their soil of undesired individuals’, according to reports.

  4. Facebook this week banned Mohammad Tawhidi, a reformist imam from Australia, in his words – because he made a sarcastic remark about Hamas, designated a terror organization by the United States.

    Facebook blocked his profile and unpublished his fan page.

    Tawhidi is known as the Imam of Peace with over one hundred thousand followers and part of his international mandate is to call out extremists and terrorists. He is not shy about calling a spade a spade and in this context, after Hamas launched a missile into Israel targeting children; he sarcastically called them a “global charity organization.”

    “For Facebook to allow Islamist extremists to say whatever they like and for anyone to make offensive remarks about Israel on a regular basis, it seems like double standards that they have banned Imam Tawhidi,” said Clarion’s Raheel Raza.

    Raza caught up with Tawhidi in Toronto and took the opportunity to ask him about this issue:

  5. Turkey’s EU Affairs Minister Ömer Çelik on June 6 slammed the Netherlands for granting permission to a group to roast pork in front of a mosque in Rotterdam during iftar (the fast-breaking meal).

    “On Thursday, at the time of the breaking of Ramadan fast, members of this fascist organization will hold a barbeque party in front of Rotterdam’s Laleli Mosque of Islamitische Stichting Nederland and they will roast pigs on spits,” Çelik tweeted.

    Far-right organization Patriotic Europeans against Islamization of the West (Pegida) previously announced on social media that they will roast pork in front of mosques during this week’s fast breaking hours in the Dutch cities of Rotterdam, Utrecht, Gouda, the Hague and Arnhem.

    The Municipality of Rotterdam gave permission to Pegida, Turkey’s state-run Anadolu Agency reported.

  6. Fear in Sweden: Muslim Immigrants Behind Burning down forests
    On 18 May, three immigrants purposely lit a fire in the woods near Lake Trehörningen, according to the fishing company Å-fiske in Eskilstuna. According to the association, the fire was an act of revenge from three people with immigrant backgrounds who were told they were not allowed to fish in the lake owned by the association.

    • Standard al qaeda textbook: poison water reservoirs, start forest fires and contaminate/poison supermarket food (eg Hep A via faeces needled into melons). Do anything which disturbs or disrupts the health and economy of the west.

  7. The rise of hardline Islamist terror groups in the Middle East and North Africa has been blamed for the uptick in the number of terrorist attacks taking place on European soil, with groups, such as Daesh* and the al-Qaeda franchise inspiring disillusioned Muslims to launch brutal attacks on civilian targets throughout Europe.

    EU countries lost an estimated combined total of €180 billion (circa $212 billion at the current EUR/USD exchange rate) in GDP as a result of terror attacks from 2004 to 2016, the Independent newspaper reported, citing a report published today by RAND Europe.

    • And some people wonder why I see vigilantism as acceptable. From what I have seen most of these Antifa thugs are paper tigers and such as Tommy Robinson well know this as a few slaps have them running.

      • Vigilantism is the last resort when the law isn’t being enforced, what most people don’t understand (because the left no longer teaches the facts of history) most, not all but most vigilante actions took place after the rule of law was no longer protecting the people. The normal sentence was exile with the threat of hanging if the crooks came back. The times when a prisoner was broken out of jail and hung were because some Judge had a rep of letting guilty people go despite what the evidence said.

  8. Muslim Immigrant Rapist: “To fuck Swedish girls is my right”
    It has been revealed that a Somali male national, known as Hassan, was granted a permanent residence in Sweden despite being convicted of rape and numerous sexual offences since 2010. In his latest attack, he sexually attacked his new victim while he loudly claiming that he had a “right” to “fuck all Swedish girls” without being expelled from Sweden. And now Växjö District Court has given Hassan this right – in the latest judgment, he once again escapes expulsion.

    • This is ludicrous. Some Swede should find his/her gonads and should shoot the scumbag where it hurts first.

      • Keep up this attitude and we will make a hillbilly out of you.

        I would have said castrate him and sew them in his mouth before shooting him.

  9. Catholic Priest Attacked in Bethlehem after Giving Refuge to Tourists
    Franciscan friar appears to be stabbed with a knife.
    June 4, 2018 By The Editor – Leave a Comment
    Milk Grotto, a Catholic pilgrimmage site in Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestinian Territories. (Wikipedia)
    Milk Grotto, a Catholic pilgrimmage site in Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestinian Territories. (Wikipedia)

    (Morning Star News) – An unidentified man in Bethlehem lunged at a Catholic priest with what appears to be a knife on Friday (June 1) in a rare attack on a clergyman in the Palestinian Territories.

    At Bethlehem’s Milk Grotto, the Rev. Fadi Shallufi on Friday afternoon opened the chapel gates to foreign tourists, including women who were being harassed by two men, according to Arabic press reports. Chapel security footage shows the Franciscan friar exchanging words with the two men through the bars of the closed gates.

    One of the men pulls what appears to be knife from his pocket and strikes Shallufi as the Franciscan clergyman backs away, the footage shows.

  10. Islamic teacher remanded in prison for allegedly defiling minor ON JUNE 5, 20182:23 PMIN NEWS2 COMMENTS A 31- year -old Islamic teacher, Sulaimon Anisere, who allegedly defiled a four- year- old girl was on Tuesday remanded at Kirikiri Prisons by an Ikeja Magistrates’ Court.

    Read more at:

  11. Contrary to Swedish politicians repeatedly denying the very existence of “no-go zones,” four stations in Stockholm Metro have reportedly become extremely dangerous for personnel, who only are able to perform their duties with the help of extra police. A local guard admitted to being “outnumbered” and “exposed to threats and stones.”

    As of today, four stations in Stockholm Metro (Rinkeby, Tensta, Rissne and Hjulsta, all located in blighted urban areas) are marked with a code symbolizing the highest danger, the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet reported.

    The Security Center of SL, Stockholm County traffic company, generally divides stations by color ranging from green (usual security measures) to yellow (elevated risk) to red (reinforced security needed). At the four stations, personnel can only perform their jobs with supervision from a police officer for their own safety.

    A security officer has testified to an unsafe and dangerous work environment.

  12. The Ethnic Cleansing of Northern Cyprus
    Confessions of a Turkish-Cypriot Mass Murderer
    by Uzay Bulut
    June 6, 2018 at 4:00 am

    Translations of this item:

    “Why is there not peace yet? How can we make peace when we have rabid murderers living among us? Instead of prosecuting them, we enable them to appear on TV and to boast about their murders…. If you do not even bring to account a murderer who says, ‘killing was my art,’ who will you bring to account?” — ?ener Levent, the editor-in-chief of the Turkish Cypriot newspaper Afrika.

    So far, these “rabid murderers” have not been held accountable for the slaughter of innocent Greek Cypriots: the ethnic cleansing of northern Cyprus. The greater issue is that he and his partners in crime were aided and abetted by the Turkish authorities. All of those responsible need to be tried at international criminal tribunals — the sooner, the better.

    • IIRC this occurred near the peak of the EOKA communist problem in Greece and was seen as Turkey helping out vs the communists. Of course in those days islam was seen as a minor problem. Disillusion me by all means as I have not checked (love being a target).

  13. Alice Weidel from the AfD verbally destroys Merkel´s deadly (literally) refugee politics –

    Susanna’s death is the latest case that Angela Merkel has to answer for after inviting violent offenders and sex monsters into the country. Susanna, another notch in the heart of the Germans – especially those who have never wanted these “guests”. Presumably, however, the guilty parties in the government will never be held accountable. Susanna – another meaningless death.

    Two suspects that first sexually harassed Susanne, then hit her head with a branch when she did not voluntarily agree to have sex with them. After that, both perpetrators raped Susanna a whole night. Subsequently, the girl was strangled and partially buried at the site in Erbenheim and covered with wood and grass. The cause of death was strangulation.

    • AFD Group leader Alice Weidel has co-responsibility Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) for the violent crime committed at the 14-year-old Susanna in Wiesbaden and called for the resignation of the entire federal government.

      Susanna’s death is “not a blind stroke of fate,” said Weidel on Thursday evening in a spread via Twitter video. “Susanna is another victim of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s hypocritical and selfish welcome policy.” (…)

    • This is a local news report on Susanna Feldman´s murder (auto-translate in English works for this video at uboob)


      As police and prosecutors announced in the most recent press release, the arrest warrant was withdrawn against the Turkish suspect.

      In the course of the afternoon, new investigation results have emerged, “which would no longer justify an urgent suspicion against the 35-year-old accused at the present time,” they say. The accused was released after the hearing and is released.

      • More and more details about the murdered Susanna F. († 14) are now coming to light: As reported, the martyrdom lasted all night. (an eyewitness that watched the action all night).

        The Iraqi suspect was said to have threatened Susanna on the evening of June 22 and demanded sexual intercourse from her. When the 14-year-old refused, the Iraqi used a tree branch to strangled. Susanne is said to have bled in the face from being hit. In order to avoid more blows, she followed the Iraqi on a field. There, the Iraqi raped the girl.

        On the morning of June 23, Susanne is said to have asked her tormenter to let her go. “Since the man feared that his victim or her parents would call the police, he grabbed Susanna from behind and strangled her until she died,” writes.

        The refugee is said to have returned to the scene the next day, taken the body and covered it with twigs in another place.

        • Until they start to summarily execute any and all muslims involved in violence or rape it will never cease.

          • You got that right, they are use to medieval laws and think that the West is too soft to punish them for their crimes. Execution along probably won’t stop the problem, it will require public execution.

    • During German Parliament Session the Afd calls for a moment of silence for Susanna Feldman (?14) – Claudia Roth and the other establishment parties cannot be bothered for 1 minute for the murdered girl -revealing their disdain and uncaring attitude.

      • Why is it that so many of the more moronic leftist politicians are middle class, over educated, middle aged women? This blowsy Kuh is so typical of such. I will bet that she has never used a pan toilet or dug her own poo hole(bush toilet) . Totally out of touch with all but her unworkable ideals.

        • You named the reasons, they are over educated pampered people whose family and family position and money shielded from reality. I like to say that a cold cup of coffee and an original thought would kill them.

        • Its funny you both say that, but most of the Leftist/Greens/Social Democrats in Germany are drop outs. Oscar Fischer, Martin Schulz, and this frightening creature – Claudia Roth – never finished a degree. There is a list somewhere – see if I can find it.

          • I stand corrected, I am use to the SJW types in the US, upper middle to lower upper class, collage degree in something like feminism or social justice. They are living on trust funds and have no idea of what working for a living means.

  14. I am probably infamous for stating the obvious but I could not resist this one:

    Maybe war is the only solution? Oh don’t be such a pessimistic warmonger! doh!
    Remove the masochistic intellectuals who happily confessed to non existent crimes “for the greater good” and the professional criminals (who ran the camps) and all of those left in the gulags would have happily seen ALL communist party members and officials exterminated. Total gun control, internal passports, constant surveillance, an absolutely brainwashed, shackled bureaucracy and a cowardly network of civilian informers made certain that another civil war was impossible in the USSR. Anyone notice the relevance?

  15. Frankly, with Redgreen, Postmodern, Progressive, Communist, Socialist, Anti-semitic, Self-hating, Islamofascist, Tyrannical, Anti-freedom, Anti-classical liberal, Enviromaniacal, Keynesian socialist, Dingbat (had to add this) allies,

    Who needs enemies?

    Welcome to Canada President Trump. What’s good for you is good for us. Please whisper this fact into Little Potato Boy’s ear.

  16. Far-Left Activist Charged for Death Threats Against Swedish Freelance Journalist, Editors (breitbart, Jun 8, 2018)

    “Swedish far-left activist Alex Luo Öhman has been charged with making death threats on social media against a freelance journalist working for right-wing-populist Swedish alternative media outlet Samhällsnytt.

    Mr. Öhman made the threats in a Twitter thread on March 24th, initially singling out freelance journalist Mattias Albinsson who worked for Samhällsnytt at the time, the publication reports.

    In a later tweet, Öhman wrote the alternative media outlet “spreads fake news and portrays individuals as some kind of societal enemies. The entire editorial staff should get a well-deserved execution by shooting, but that’s another matter.”

    In another tweet, he added: “Execution by shooting. They all have to have their own execution by shooting. They are orphans and an execution by shooting is the only thing they should have.”

    Samhällsnytt reports Mr. Albinsson later complained to Swedish police about the threats and at the end of May prosecutor Erik Nilsson announced he would be bringing charges against Mr. Öhman.

    Axel Luo Öhman is said to have been in close cooperation with the far left “anti-hate” group “Not Racist, But …” a group which often criticises the populist Sweden Democrats (SD) party…”

  17. Europe Under Siege: Hundreds of African Migrants Storm Border Fence (breitbart, Jun 8, 2018)

    “Hundreds of African migrants have attempted to storm border fences separating European Union territory from Africa in the Spanish exclave of Ceuta, resulting in several injuries.

    The perimeter of the small city on the coast of North Africa, along with its nearby sister city of Melilla, shares the only land border of a European Union member-state with an African nation — namely Morocco — and illegal migrants have long seen it as a shortcut into the wider EU which bypasses the Mediterranean, or more circuitous routes via the Black Sea and Russia.

    The Europa Press reports that some 400 migrants charged the city in the early hours of May 6th, with 150 making it past Moroccan security forces to attack its outer fences.

    The Spanish authorities told the news outlet that mobile units of the Civil Guard were deployed and a majority of the would-be intruders “repelled”, with just six managing to make it onto EU soil, three of whom were immediately transferred to the local University Hospital to be treated for injuries sustained on the fences…”

  18. Hungary Slams Pro-Mass Migration UN Compact: ‘Its Clear Victim Is Europe’ (breitbart, Jun 8, 2018)

    “Hungary’s foreign minister Péter Szijjártó has slammed the UN’s Global Compact for Migration, denouncing it as a plan to permanently transform Europe’s demographics through mass migration.

    “In its current form, the Global Compact for Migration is an African migration package, the beneficiary of which is Africa, and as a result of which the population of Europe could change radically in the upcoming period,” the minister warned.

    “As the debate progresses, the situation is getting increasingly worse. It would now be justified to rechristen the Global Compact for Migration to the African Compact, since its clear beneficiary is Africa and its clear victim is Europe,” he added.

    Szijjártó complained that proposals to decriminalise illegal migration and treat unauthorised border crossings as a purely administrative issue, as well as “calls for all migrants to receive all kinds of services after leaving their homes, irrespective of what transit country they are in or what country they happen to have chosen for themselves”, would result in a vast and uncontrollable movement of people out of the Global South — “The victim of which is Europe, and as result of which Europe’s population, if things remain unchanged, could change radically.”

    The Hungarian took issue with the Compact’s underlying assumption “that migration must be regarded as the best solution to demographic or labour market challenges in an almost mandatory and definitive manner”, which the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán does not accept.

    “Hungary does not agree with this; in Hungary, we see the solution to these challenges in the continuous development of education and the birth of more children, and not in bringing illegal immigrants into the country,” he explained…”

  19. Hezbollah Terrorist Flags Ready to Fly in London Al-Quds March (breitbart, Jun 8, 2018)

    “The Iran-backed Hezbollah terrorist group’s flag will be flown through the streets of London on Sunday during the annual Al-Quds march after last-minute attempts to prevent the inflammatory act failed.

    More than 13,000 people have signed a parliamentary petition calling for the Lebanese Shi’a group to be fully banned under UK law, an effort to ensure it falls under the same restrictions imposed on the Hezbollah military wing. The petition points out:

    Britain proscribes Hizballah’s “military wing” but, at the behest of the Foreign Office, not its “political wing”. Hizballah mocks the distinction. For example in 2012 its Deputy Secretary-General said: “We don’t have a military wing and a political one”.

    Hizballah seeks the extermination of Jews. For example in 2004 its Secretary-General said: “If Jews all gather in Israel, it will save us the trouble of going after them worldwide. It has been responsible for terrorist attacks murdering Jews from Buenas Aires to Burgas, and has even been blamed for two bombings targeting Jews in London in 1994.

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan said he wrote to Sajid Javid, the new Home Secretary, calling for the flags which bear a dagger and an assault rifle to be banned entirely, but this would not be proceeding. Asked if he would ban the march altogether, Mr. Khan said: “I think it’s difficult. I haven’t got the powers to do so – it’s a decision for the Home Secretary to make.

    “We’ve got to be a bit careful about banning marches.”…”

    • IT seems to have the power when it is whitey that wants to march,but its own mates get a free pass,i wonder if like all of the marches that I have been on,these wogs will wind up escorted by the police to a back alley on the outskirts of civilisation,where they can have their rally all by themselves,perhaps not after seeing that infamous video of the police running backwards for two miles across London the last time these wogs had one of these hate fests,no contact at all probably due to the fact the polices nail varnish was not yet dry.

  20. Sweden’s left collapses: Anti-migration party becomes largest of the country, poll shows (voiceofeurope, Jun 8, 2018)

    “The leftist Social Democrats, of Sweden’s Prime Minister Stefan Löfven, collapses, a Sentio survey shows. In the meantime the right-wing Sweden Democrats surge and become the biggest party of the country.

    Jimmie Åkesson and his Sweden Democrats (SD) are on their way to become Sweden’s biggest party during the next election on 9 September this year.

    The SD gained 3% of support since the latest poll and is now at 26.1%. At the same time the Prime Minister’s Social Democrats lost 3.6% of support and are at 21.7%, which is near their all-time low of 20.6%.

    Former pro-migration party, The Moderates, also lost support. They went from 20.4% to 17.1% of support, a loss of 3.3%.

    If the Sentio poll was the final election result in September, the Sweden Democrats would be the country’s largest party for the first time ever.

    Sweden’s Nyheteridag has talked with the Swedish Democrats’s party secretary Richard Jomshof and he said:

    “There is something happening here and there are only a few months left for the election. It’s absolutely amazing!””

  21. US says it will intensify counter-IS fight in Afghanistan (abcnews, Jun 8, 2018)

    “The Afghan government’s unilateral halt to attacks on the Taliban is giving U.S. counterterrorism forces a chance to intensify combat operations against Islamic State-affiliated extremists in eastern Afghanistan, the top U.S. general in Kabul said Friday.

    Army Gen. John Nicholson, speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a meeting of NATO defense ministers, said the fight against IS in the southern part of Nangarhar province had already been intensifying this year and would be further stepped up during the ceasefire, which does not apply to non-Taliban opposition groups.

    Nicholson, who was attending the NATO meeting to provide updates on the war in Afghanistan, said he could not predict whether the Taliban will join the cease-fire announced this week by President Ashraf Ghani. He expressed no concern that a unilateral cease-fire would give the Taliban breathing room to regroup and rearm…”

    • Why the hell do they bother,let them drown in their own blood it seems killing is the number one sport in afghani,and the british army ,did they learn nothing from the afghan campaign of two hundred years ago?not enough it seems to have the sense not to go back there again,and after all what are they doing there,all there is ,is stinking patans with the attendant flies,and the Chinese copper monopoly.

      • Agreed it and Somalia are the definitive muslim sewers. BUT doesn’t this sewer have the world’s greatest supply of lithium?

        • That is one reason, another is if we don’t fight China will move in and take the minerals, given the history of what happens when China takes over a nation this would mean massive fighting and then the Afghans who are left will try running to Pakistan or Iran.

          You have to look at the whole global situation rather then just one area.

  22. Suspect in girl’s murder in Germany arrested in Iraq (abcnews, Jun 8, 2018)

    “The German government says a young Iraqi man suspected in the rape and murder of a 14-year-old schoolgirl in western Germany has been arrested in his homeland.

    The Interior Ministry said 20-year-old Ali Bashar was arrested by Kurdish security forces in northern Iraq early Friday at the request of German police…”

    • Germany: Suspect in murder of German teen arrested in northern Iraq – Seehofer

      The suspect in the murder of German 14-year old girl Susanna Feldman, refugee Ali B., was arrested in northern Iraq after fleeing Germany, confirmed German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer in Quedlinburg on Friday.

      Speaking at a press conference after the Federal Interior Ministers’ conference, Seehofer stated that Kurdish security services managed to capture Ali B. in northern Iraq earlier in the night, commending the cooperation between the Kurds and German federal police.

      The Iraqi refugee is accused of poisoning, raping and killing Feldman, whose dead body was found on the outskirts of Wiesbaden last Wednesday. The defendant reportedly fled Germany together with eight family members by boarding a plane to Iraq, before the arrest warrant was issued.

      Seehofer also announced tougher measures to limit immigration, including stricter deportations. Commenting on anchor centres, which are de facto centralised large refugee camps in every federal state, Seehofer told journalists that he will discuss their implementation with the Interior Ministers of the respective federal states individually.

      The press conference comes as German Interior Ministers meet in Quedlinburg for the annual conference to discuss pressing internal issues.

      Press conference, Quedlinburg

      SOT, Horst Seehofer, Interior Minister of Germany (German): “Ladies and gentlemen, I can tell you that we have a success in the manhunt in the case of Susanna F. The defendant Ali B., who is accused of homicide in this regard, was arrested by Kurdish security services in northern Iraq tonight at 2 am on June 8, upon the request of the Federal Police. I want to thank Kurdish security services for enabling the arrest. This success is the result of good cooperation between Kurdish security forces and the Federal Police.”

      C/U Journalist

      SOT, Horst Seehofer, Interior Minister (German): “I told my colleagues that I will concretise my proposal through convening the federal states one after the other to discuss how these ‘Anchor centres’ can be implemented on the basis of the coalition treaty, which was confessed to by all federal states. All federal states declared that closed contracts are valid.”

      C/U Cameras

      C/U Journalist asking question

      SOT, Horst Seehofer, German Interior Minister (German): “We are an open-minded state. We have a big amount of tolerance within the state structure. However, we must not overuse the intake capacity of our country and have therefore to limit the immigration. A crucial pillar is the deportation of those who have no protection status. And we will tighten that even more. The decision of the Interior Minister Conference under point one is very clear about that – what has to happen? The treaties with the countries of origins [must be negotiated], the passport sourcing, charter planes [must be provided by the government].”

      C/U Sign

      W/S Press conference

  23. Afghan official: Remote control bomb kills cleric, 3 others (abcnews, Jun 8, 2018)

    “A remote control bomb attached to a motorcycle killed a cleric and three others Friday in eastern Laghman province, an Afghan official said.

    Sarhadi Zawak, spokesman for the provincial governor, said Mohammad Younose Shamakhil and three others were killed and 12 people were wounded.

    The attack took place in the provincial capital Mihtarlam as the cleric was returning home from Friday prayers at a mosque. No one immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

    Also on Friday, an Afghan official said two suicide bombers targeted a lawmaker in eastern Nangarhar province, leaving three dead, but the lawmaker wasn’t home at the time…”

    • Remote control?

      Wow. Hard to believe Islam is running out of suicide bombers.

      I guess they don’t believe their own bullshit after all.

  24. France: Iraqi refugee charged, suspected in IS war crimes (abcnews, Jun 8, 2018)

    “An Iraqi asylum-seeker is in French custody on preliminary charges of war crimes and terrorism amid reports that he was a senior figure in the Islamic State group.

    The Paris prosecutor’s office said Friday that the man, identified as Ahmed H., was arrested in Normandy in March.

    The prosecutor’s office, which oversees French terrorism investigations, said he has been given preliminary charges of war crimes and murder in connection with a terrorist enterprise, among other charges.

    Le Monde reported that the man is notably suspected of involvement in a 2014 attack in the Iraqi city of Tikrit.

    Some members of the Islamic State network behind the November 2015 attacks in Paris had also arrived in Europe pretending to be war refugees.”

  25. Austria to close 7 mosques, expel imams in crackdown (abcnews, Jun 8, 2018)

    “Austria’s government said Friday that it is closing seven mosques and plans to expel imams in a crackdown on “political Islam” and foreign financing of religious groups.

    Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said the government is shutting a hardline Turkish nationalist mosque in Vienna and dissolving a group called the Arab Religious Community that runs six mosques.

    The actions by the government are based on a 2015 law that, among other things, prevents religious communities from getting funding from abroad. Interior Minister Herbert Kickl said the residence permits of around 40 imams employed by ATIB, a group that oversees Turkish mosques in Austria, are being reviewed because of concerns about such financing.

    Kickl said that, in two cases, permits have already been revoked. Five more imams were denied first-time permits…”

  26. French opposition, media cry foul over ‘fake news’ bill

    Paris (AFP) – French lawmakers accused the government of attempting to legalise censorship during a stormy debate Friday over a bill designed to fight so-called fake news during election campaigns.

    President Emmanuel Macron launched a crusade against misinformation after being targeted during his 2017 campaign by online rumours that he was gay and had a secret bank account in the Bahamas — claims he rubbished as lies spread by Russian media and the French far right.

    The draft law allows a political candidate or party to seek an injunction preventing the publication of “false information” during the three months preceding a national election.

    Defending the bill on French radio, MP Stanislas Guerini of Macron’s centrist party said: “What I don’t want is that some day we have a Trump elected by a Putin in our country.”

  27. EXCLUSIVE: NYT Reporters Say ‘F**k The Military,’ Promote Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories, Tweet The N-Word

    A number of reporters for The New York Times have interesting Twitter pasts, The Daily Caller has learned.

    The Times employs individuals who have expressed anti-military views, spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and used racial slurs on social media.

    NYT journalist Jugal Patel tweeted in 2012, “Fuck the military.”

  28. Is Venezuela the world’s most dangerous country? Its residents think so

    Read more here:

    Bogota, Colombia

    Venezuelans perceived their country to be the most dangerous place on the planet in 2017 — worse than war-torn nations, failed states and global trouble spots.

    In its annual 2018 Global Law and Order Index, Gallup found that Venezuelans distrusted their police, felt unsafe walking at night and had been robbed or assaulted at an alarming rate compared to the rest of the world.

    The country had a law and order score of 44 in Gallup’s survey, putting it dead last among 140 nations — behind Afghanistan, South Sudan, Gabon, Liberia and South Africa. It was the second year in a row that Venezuela anchored the global list, as the once-wealthy nation faces broad economic, political and social collapse.

    Read more here:

    • Ahh but one man’s hell is a socialist’s paradise. Rather like the Stalinist USSR, Cambodia, China and North Korea at the height of their infamy.

  29. Austria’s right-wing government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel up to 40 foreign-funded imams in crackdown against Islamist ideology

    Austria’s right-wing government plans to shut down seven mosques and expel up to 40 imams in what it said was ‘just the beginning’ of a push against Islamist ideology and foreign funding of religious groups.

    Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said the government is shutting a hardline Turkish nationalist mosque in Vienna and dissolving a group called the Arab Religious Community that runs six mosques.

    His coalition government, an alliance of conservatives and the far right, came to power soon after Europe’s migration crisis on promises to prevent another influx and clamp down on benefits for new immigrants and refugees.

    • What about the MAIN source of hate indoctrination: the madrassa? Pointless unless you close them all. Why do you think their kids hate us? doh!

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