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5 Replies to “Lets label ANTIFA the terrorist org they actually are”

  1. When I played sport I was once sent off for retaliation. Never mind that the person marking me had tried to deliberately injure me 4x already. The last time it was so blatant and so dangerous that I finally had had enough and flattened her. I have NEVER understood this rule in sport as I am not aggressive by nature. BUT I will retaliate if necessary as sometimes that is the only way and she seemed determined to injure me. Now I find it part of society. When the primary aggressor is protected by the police and if he/she does receive due justice by the potential victim or a friend it is they who are arrested. This is NOT the rule of law. This is a failure of justice and AFAIAC if I am ever attacked again I will happily retaliate with all possible force and bugger the law. I do not like Bruce Willis but I will happily cheer him on when I am dragged out to see Death Wish this weekend. The early such Bronson movies were incredibly popular. I wonder why? Perhaps they resonated with people’s frustration about the bastardization of the law by the left. Antifa are only brave as they know that they are safe so perhaps mask removal should be a start as should videos of the unmasked and public IT shaming.

  2. Fascism is alive and well in antifa, these are the tactics of the Germany Nazi party and they will get more and more violent the more they are defied.

  3. The SA were very successful at nullifying opposition. If the police do not protect citizens as now it will only become more violent. pacifism will not work vs fanatics only greater violence.

    • This is where an armed populace comes in, so far all most all of the antifa violence has been in states with heavy handed gun control. If they hope to win they are going to have to start actions in right to carry states, then things will change directions real fast.

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