Leftist media attack on classical liberal, sadistic

Please read Robert Spencer’s article on the doxxing of a hard working and dedicated counter-jihad activist.

Also please follow Amy’s Twitter feed. The savage and sadistic attack on Amy by Huffington Post activist, Luke O’Brien, was the most harsh I have seen by a far left wing extremist so far, and I have seen a few. The only way to turn this thing around into something that even smacks of justice is for Amy’s influence via Twitter and any other counter-jihad endeavour she does to double. Please help her do that. At least for a while, If you do not like her feed, you can always unsubscribe.

Her Twitter handle is @AmyMek

You can read her request for help below:

UPDATE: National Socialist site, Daily Stormer, a full on, unabashed NAZI site, has celebrated the Huffington Post for this attack:

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  1. These attacks will get worse, the left is losing the debate and are resorting to physical intimidation to try and silence their political opponents. They will use this tactic until after the election and then win or lose at the ballot box they will probably start physical attacks adn targeted assassination on the effective opponents of their globalist goals. I may be wrong on the timing the attacks may come sooner or later then I am predicting but shortly after the election seems to be the logical time for the attacks to begin. If the Dems win and are going to take control of Congress they will be in the position to protect the left wing militias and use their deep state embeds in the Executive Branch to stall investigations and prosecutions or see that the victims are the ones investigated and prosecuted. All of the Western Nations are headed towards massive low intensity civil wars and the left will want the wars to occur at roughly the same time so no western nation will be able to divert assets and material to their allies to end the wars.

    Remember the goal of the left is the total collapse of Western Civilization so they can take over and create their dystopian utopian dream. If you think this is far fetched and paranoid consider what is happening in all of the western nations.

    The educational systems have been infiltrated to the point all they can do is indoctrinate the kids in left wing BS.

    The Western Governments have been infiltrated to the point where any honest patriot is considered a threat to peace and is persecuted to ensure that they are not as effective as they could be.

    Their planned inflation has driven the middle class to the point of extinction, the lower class to the point where they can’t find jobs due to the illegal immigrants and the new robotics. (I think their goal is to try and force a guaranteed annual income for everyone which will cause the economy to collapse.)

    They have weaponized the police and intelligence services to the point they are dangerous to anyone who opposes the left.

    They have destroyed the Military forces of most of the Western nations to the point that for most only their special operations forces are really combat ready. There are signs that this is being reversed but so far only the US is doing it big time, Britain and France are suppose to be building aircraft carriers but it will be a few years before those come on line.

    • Peace Corpse Redux!
      Get 'em outta here~
      After a couple years in Equitorial Guinea [where the avg IQ is _59_] we’ll have a civilized discussion about Open-Borders.

    • All of the Western Nations are headed towards massive low intensity civil wars and the left will want the wars to occur at roughly the same time so no western nation will be able to divert assets and material to their allies to end the wars.

      “[M]assive low intensity civil wars”. Ya mean like the so-called “Arab–Israeli Conflict”?

    • The goal of guaranteed annual income seems to have been reached, as that there are now tiers of workers with and without pensions, food aid, and rent aid. and medical care aid from employers or not.

  2. Luke O’Brien: “In 2014, she also started using neo-Nazi terms like “cultural Marxism”…”

    Rational wiki: “Cultural Marxism generally refers to one of two things:

    First — extremely rarely — “Cultural Marxism” refers to an obscure critique of popular culture by the Frankfurt School, framing culture as being imposed by a capitalist culture industry and consumed passively by the masses.

    Second — in common usage in the wild — “Cultural Marxism” is an increasingly common snarl word used to paint anyone with progressive tendencies as a secret Communist. The term alludes to a conspiracy theory in which sinister left-wingers have infiltrated media, academia, and science and are engaged in a decades-long plot to undermine Western culture.”

    Like the Far Right National Socialists using taqiyya, the Far Left reinvent meanings too. Lying is no barrier to unconscious minds constructed from the female form. Allah is no G_d, as Socialism is no Motherly Paradise. The fake-males, (the gangstas), will rule them both as Islamists and Communists.

    The 1997 book by Dennis Dworkin “Cultural Marxism in Postwar Britain: History, the New Left, and the Origins of Cultural Studies,” defined it in the title. Class Warfare of victim and oppressor, did not work on The West. Cultural Studies did. Cultural Marxism.

  3. Note name. Archive photograph. Wait. Our time will come. One day his time will end, one way or the other. Be patient, all things come to pass.

  4. “Robert Spencer
    Jun 4
    In The Coming of the Third Reich, historian Richard Evans notes that Nazi Brownshirts used to wage smear campaigns in newspapers, designed to intimidate their foes into silence. How is that different from what you did to @AmyMek?
    Luke O’Brien
    Replying to @lukeobrien and @jihadwatchRS
    Is this normally how you behave, Robert?”

    The question was: ‘Is this the way you normally behave Luke?’

    The retort was: “Accuse the Other Side of That Which You Are Guilty”

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