Three worthwhile items on Tommy Robinson

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  1. IMO this is nothing but a declaration of war by the globalo-leftist elite on the common people of the UK and those responsible should be tried for treason (plea: for the greater good…heard that one before) and hanged. If anything happens to Robinson (and it has started already ironic that paedophiles get protective custody but anyone who sees islam as a threat does not) then IMO May should be removed BY ANY MEANS as should her home secretary and not a few other remainder cabinet ministers. We need a Guy Fawkes but again the irony here is that those most likely to bomb anyone are on the same side as May. The UK common people, disarmed, clueless and ignorant are already welfare fed,whipped dogs. If the bubble does burst (however unlikely) there will be a major culling…but of whom? Civil wars are the most bloody of wars and May is pushing for one.

    • Civil war in Britain will spread to all of Europe, possibly the entire western world, real big blood bath in all nations.

  2. Soviet show trials would have been slow compared to the “trial” of Tommy Robinson .
    Speaks volumes about the sorry state of affairs in the british legal system . And about that sorry excuse for a government led by that woman May…

  3. I fear it is already too late for our brothers and sisters in England. The key to it all is this- the most popular name in UK is Mohammad or a variation thereof.

    • It isn’t too late until the entire British public either converts or refugees out, until the British people say it is too late Britain can be saved.

  4. Tommy abused outside court, the accused in a British trial, determining their guilt before being proven guilty. I can only assume they complained to the judge and their defence lawyers motioned to dismiss, saying that their clients would not get a fair trial. Contempt of Court as a reporter.

    As Kanye West recently identified, a Black is someone with the mindset of a slave. My African friends do not identify as Black even though Socialism tempts them to be ‘caught by the angels’. Tommy has also identfied that many muslims are willing dhimmis for the Plantation and will screw anything that is weak before them. But determining how Black or how muslim they had been taken over, is still a matter of blind justice, to be proven guilty of an act and not a thought crime. This is the cornerstone of civilization. And explains why the Count Dankular trial was a Star Chamber, a Human Rights kangeroo court over a person’s sense of humor.

    The working class population threatened by their population displacement, sick of being told how priviledge they are, and robbed of employment for being too White, has seen Tommy as their voice. The Last of the British, ‘say it as you think it is.’

    If not to have warned Tommy, to caution him, then policing is not a Police Service. He is after all a raw and untrained reporter who has harrassed many times before, on court steps, the accused muslim grooming-relatives and had not been stopped.

    I hope he realizes the UK Socialist Government are at the threshold to becoming a fully fledged Communist dictatorship to enforce peace, and offers to help them to find the Way of Christ, (written at the impending destruction of an earlier civilization). That the trinity of judiciary, legislature and executive; Father, Mother and Son; is the freedom of the individual and also of the society. Their inversions of Islam, Communism and Sexual Orientation are today competing along side each other for the heart mind and soul of the fatherless. Their dads who are out pigging themselves and the moms who elevate whoredom as a divine gift and judgement over all men. To poison their boys into becoming Islamic Princesses, Socialist Cucks and Sexual Perverts; and their girls as warrior heros.

    The way to the truth and the life, (repentence, face your demons, and forgive to be released), has never changed.

    Tommy does not need a court to see the hell within a man. Society does.

  5. “Speakers Corner protests”
    Reverend Simon Sideways Family Friendly – May 27, 2018
    Started streaming 26 minutes ago

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