Dear American people…

Please watch these four videos. If you still do not get it after seeing this series, then, well it saddens me to say that you will deserve what you get.

And Canadians, its worse here. Our PM is actively working with these exact forces to achieve these exact goals. Our last chance is whenever Justin Trudeau decides to call the next election. And its going to be heavily rigged with fake citizens armed with drivers licences with which they can vote.

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  1. The government is being run like a giant French Whore house where everyone is getting screwed, but not getting kissed. These Muslims need to go.

    • The government is being run like a giant French Whore house where everyone is getting screwed, but not getting kissed.

      As a Vietnam Vet I once knew used to put it:

      Intercourse without the benefit of foreplay.

      We are being screwed, blued, and tattooed and nobody’s having any fun except the Muslims. Time for alla that sh!t to change.

  2. This started under Obama and his holdovers are still in position to protect the funding for the terrorists.

    • Things like this are one of the reasons why the Dems are stalling about letting Trump get his team in place.

  3. What does anyone expect? These scum see any aid or material kindness as an exploit to use how they wish and any refusal to drop to their level and respond to their violence as assign of submission. This is NOT opinion but observed current and historically backed fact. How anyone can see them as human equals is beyond me and IMO animals have more soul than these creatures could ever possess. I wonder just how many muslim families refused to cooperate with that scheme? None? Only one possible solution.

  4. To abuse the virtue-signalling greater-poverty-in-the-longrun Socialist-intervention of gifts into peoples daily problems, (from above or below, as Communists sucking off aphids or muslims stealing from their peacetime enemies), you need to have been raised with a distincted lack of character.

    For a charity, I had tried to negotiate a deal with a owner of software. Unfortunately it was only free for individuals and not organisations. And though I could without their knowledge download it, it would be outside their terms of service. I would not dishonor them and neither would I put into disrepute the charity’s good name.

    But for some American Law Enforcers, this is no problem. And this is why when the bad guys are the same as the good guys, America will fall into line with the rest of the world.

    “Use of the 23andMe Personal Genetic Service for casework and other criminal investigations falls outside the scope of our services intended use.

    Therefore, it is a violation of our TOS for law enforcement officials to submit samples on behalf of a prisoner or someone in state custody who has been charged with a crime.”

    A criminal sent to catch a criminal and ruins a person’s business.

    God Bless America and the draining of the swamp of entitlement.

    • Paul Holes, the Contra Costa county investigator who should have been fired and his boss demoted for lack of integrity in holding the police service to contempt, (by the criminals who are forced by them to be law-abiding to the spirit of the law), is what America females lust after.

      So that’s America. Trump is three generation too late.

      • As I keep saying Civilization has been destroyed, what we are now fighting for is to preserve individual freedom. If we can manage to hang onto freedom we can rebuilt civilization but if we lose freedom it will take centuries to regain it.

        • If we lose and it is likely, there will be NO rebuilding of any civilization. islam has had 1350 years to emerge from the darkness and all that it does is destroy the traces of previous civilizations who really were such (had the caliphate had nukes there would be NO Egyptian temples or pyramids. islam is PARASITIC and it has always needed to feed off a superior civilization until oil came along for the lucky ones. Have a look at how quickly the Barbary states folded once their piracy was stopped. Once the west is turned into just another muslim sewer all hell will brak lose across the world and it will be humanity NOT just civilization that will be at risk. IMO there will be < 1 billion humans with 100 years and 200 years with no technology to feed them far less. (Libya and Tunisia are already doing what I predicted 20 years ago and once the food shortage cuts in, it will be far worse…sterile seeds and soil with exhausted rare minerals)This is a struggle not for the west or our culture , but for humanity and IF it requires a temporary cessation of the high moral ground to win then it IS worth it.

    • Thank you, Perfectchild, for revealing the existence of a murdering, rapist, inhuman cretin like Joseph James DeAngelo. It is ambulatory wads of bipedal excrement like this hulking turd that willingly destroy from Western Civilization from within—if only by creating an inescapable Atmosphere of Fear™ within the entire dating–mating scene.

      If you want to know why intelligent Caucasian women are not having so many babies, look no further than slime mold like DeAngelo. No, this is not the only reason, but the destruction of romantic spontaneity (just as Islam does) brutalizes the entire notion of marriage-for-love and other equally vital elements of a free and open society.

      Along with (since-skewered) Jeffrey Dahmer—and every other predatory victimizer-of women—people like DeAngelo need to be lowered veeeeeery slowly into industrial shredders, a la Saddam.

      The Caucasian race has been so thoroughly damaged by its own wariness of violence (and those who have wrought that historic mayhem), to where—much as with the case of modern Germany—it may well require some serious bloodletting to get people “attitudinally readjusted”, so to speak. As in: Unpleasantness has dropped in to set a spell and we’d best get used to being a bit nasty for a while.

      As Jefferson was wont to observe:

      The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.

      In this particular case, the blood of Joseph James DeAngelo will perform such irrigational duties quite splendidly. The more of such an ongoing process that this product of society’s cloaca can witness, the better.

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