Six items that reflect the state of the West for: May 15, 2018

1. The left has reached the level of self parody, and seems unable to actually notice.

The comments at YT under this one are pretty amusing. Best to look while you can.

2. Wikipedia has a lovely write up on the quaint Palestinian tradition of throwing stones at Jews in order to belittle them and remind them they live under Islamic rule.

“Gaza, where the First Intifada broke out, has had a long history of stone-throwing, which, according to Oliver and Steinberg, goes back at least to an incident where Alexander the Great, while laying siege to the city, was hit by a stone, and almost lost his life.[37] The medieval Christian pilgrim Fabri wrote that 1483 pilgrims took care to arrive in Gaza at dusk to avoid being stoned by “the little Muslim boys”.[37] According to historian Benny Morris the practice of throwing stones at Jews is a venerable one in the Middle East, symbolic of Jewish degradation under Muslim rule. Morris quotes a 19th-century traveler: “I have seen a little fellow of six years old, with a troop of fat toddlers of only three and four, teaching [them] to throw stones at a Jew.”[38] William Shaler, American Consul to Arab Algiers from 1815 to 1828, reported that the practice of Muslims throwing rocks at Jews was commonly seen.[39] The practice of Arab rioters throwing stones at Jews was seen in the 1948 Anti-Jewish Riots in Tripolitania, Libya.[40] It has been used as a weapon against colonialism in other Arab countries.[41]”

3. U.S. equipment and weapons handed over to Al Qaeda?

Remember er this video we had SO much trouble getting on line? Bulgarian documentary on Obama Admin’s funding of the Islamic State.

4. White House: Hamas is provoking deadly Gaza protests

Michael Oren was on with Dennis Prager the other day and he was truly excellent.

I believe it was this show below. If you can skip through to the Oren interview (53 minutes) it is truly an excellent and lucid, simple analysis of the global geopolitics of the embassy move and Iranian Vs. the “Arab street” (now in Europe) reactions to it.

5. Anyone notice anything interesting in the background of the Trudeau Ramavan event?

There is a large cardboard stand alone behind him at the back of the room which repeats the lie that is the bread and butter of Islamic self misrepresentation in the West.

They quote half of a koran verse. To understand this better, please see this article at our site from a year or two ago.

6. Joint Statement by Poland and Hungary on security and migration. An opposing view to the EU.

Thank you Xanthippa, EB., Kathy, Wrath of Khan, M., Johnny U., actually too many to remember for this post alone! But you know who you are and thank you all!

There are some interesting news stories we are working on. A 7 year old girl was murdered in Germany and her throat was cut and her body thrown in a dumpster. All the videos and news we have found so far have been sanitized to the point of absurdity. there is no descriptions whatsoever of anyone involved. they have made it obtuse and many German ‘journalists’  earned the Indian name of ‘Talks much, say nothing’.

We may or may not subtitle one or two of the videos to show the degree to which our own governments, which have legal and moral and every other kind of obligation to protect the people and represent the people, are in fact working against every aspect of the people, from the demographics, to the culture, to the very history.

A counter-revolution simply cannot come soon enough, and with it, the restoration of truth.

A laugh to start and a laugh to Finnish. A Danish comic attempts to mock Swedish Marxist culture but only manages to open a window to it.

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    • I am not certain that pertains to Poland and Hungary. Sweden, UK, Germany and France are sinking fast and if the EU moves in to Nazify them, Russia will back both and perhaps even Italy as its strains to reduce the EU stranglehold. I do admit that as common sense and gonads are in short supply everywhere else, a civil war seems unlikely, but they said that in the US in the 1850s and a military attempt to crush the above two may well wake up the couch potatoes elsewhere..

  1. No. 5: Islamic Relief
    Something else to be noticed.
    They brought in a lone Jew for the diversity photo-op. Aside from Justin touching his arm, the guy is alone with nowhere to go and nobody even smiling at him.
    Does anyone know who he is?

  2. 5. Anyone notice anything interesting in the background of the Trudeau Ramavan event?

    Looks like Bl@ckbird’s job is done here.

  3. A Danish comic attempts to mock Swedish Marxist culture but only manages to open a window to it.

    Living proof that there still may be hope for Denmark after all. (Brilliant stuff!)

  4. 5. Saving one life everyday in Minnesota,

    “$100 MILLION IN 2017: Minnesota Muslims Sending Suitcases Full Of Gov’t Money To Fund Terrorists Abroad” True Pundit via 100percentfedup – May 15, 2018

    “Millions of dollars in suitcases fly out of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, but why?” FOX 9 News | KMSP-TV Minneapolis-St. Paul – Published on May 14, 2018

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