An Edmonton judge condemns the NDP thug who punched Rebel reporter Sheila Gunn Reid

Please read the article at The Rebel.Media.

This was quite a case. A Rebel reporter was assaulted and the thug who did it used classic PoMo BS to try and invert the morality of the situation.

At least there is one judge left in the system that understands rule of law and cause and effect in a Newtonian sense.


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3 Replies to “An Edmonton judge condemns the NDP thug who punched Rebel reporter Sheila Gunn Reid”

  1. In many ways is is a shame he didn’t serve any time where the other prisoners could show him what they thought of his actions.

  2. As I noted elsewhere, it’s gratifying to see this little trog get such a spanking in civil court.

    Also, brilliant move by Rebel Media to squat on the website bearing this creep’s name.

  3. Observing Dion Bews in the video he appears to be an ideologue. If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck and acts like a duck, it is a duck.

    These are very dangerous people. Intimidation becomes their path to ruthless power in exchange for feeding their inadequacies and insecurities.

    The jibes ‘little left wing beta male,’ ‘little punk coward,’ and ‘little oxygen burgler,’ after hitting a female, do not go deep enough to the hatred and loathing of women he has. For the natural instinct for men is to not harm a women. In Islam, Communism and NuSexual Identity there is no inhibition, women’s concerns are the lesser or these arbiters of her soul, mind and body. They are her superior replacement. To occupy her space. To tell her what to do. The removal of manhood becomes the takeover of womanhood.

    The ‘we are just like you,’ seduction at every level of conscience for being women’s greater religion, politics and identities. The natural born child at the bottom.

    This civil court case therefore, was more than the judge realized. A real hate crime was before his face, and yet blind as lawyers only have fake Hate Crimes to deal with for circus and distraction.

    Therefore $30k+ was well spent. A cuck who might one day become the duck he was once born as. Until then, all the other cucks will modify their behavior. The least we can expect.

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