Interview with “anti-femenist” Karen Straughan

This was a one hour interview I did yesterday with Karen Strong, who is a brilliant red-piller on the issue of Feminism and its effects as well as its history.

I have no objective view of the quality of this interview, but I found it a great deal of fun and enjoyed doing it tremendously. I hope many of you find value in it.

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    • On Another Blog the subject of Catalan independence came up, and a Catalan poster pointed out that Catalonia is closing on 10% Muslim (30% in urban areas, almost none rural) which according to Bill Warner’s numbers is past the threshold for eventual total takeover, and an independent Catalonia is intended as a jihad launching point. So yeah, what happens in Spain matters.

  1. But, Strong does define her. I had not previously cared at all about feminism or anti feminism, but it is a joy to hear a person who thinks. She expanded my you tube horizon beyond music, before you tube decided to contract it’s own horizons of course. Thank you for using bit chute.

    • Haha, yeah, I saw that and immediately knew who it was. Strong is right. She’ll take a person’s dumbass opinion away from them and beat them with it. And by the way, make me a sandwich. 😀

  2. “Jeffrey Nyquist Interviews Stephen Baskerville on the Divorce Industry”
    The Inter-American Institute – Published on November 6, 2012

      • “The New Ideology of Sex”
        Matica srpska – Published on December 8, 2017
        Mr. Baskerville begins his Lecture in English @ 14:30.

        • Stephen Baskerville – Divorce Policy
          Institute for European Studies – Published on January 1, 2018

          Seminar of Steven Baskerville’s Divorce Policy, on Problems of Family Legislation, Based on Baskerville’s Book Embedded Under Custody
          Institute for European Studies, 7 December 2017

          Stephen Baskerville is a political science professor at Patrick Henry College. He is described as the leading authority for issues of divorce, guardianship and family courts. The 2007 book kept under guardianship became a classic in this field. Visitors will be able to buy his new book, New Politics of Sex (Angelico Press, 2017).

          A seminar by Stephen Baskerville “Politics of Divorce”, about the problems of family law based on Baskerville’s book Taken into Custody
          Institute of European Studies, December 7, 2017

          Stephen Baskerville is a professor of political science at Patrick Henry College, Purcellville, Virginia. He is described as a leading authority for divorce, custody and family courts. His book Taken into Custody, published in 2008, became a classic in the field. Visitors will be able to buy Baskerville’s new book The New Policies of Sex (Angelico press, 2017).

  3. Forgive me, one more.

    It may be that Karen Straughan does not need feminism herself because she is strong, logical and honest. If plausible, let me expand wildly; it could be that most …isms…, are the means by which the weak and devious are able to rule the strong, logical and honest in most of our advanced western countries now. This may ensure a bleak future if it continues.

    Not to say that I or many of us have those characteristics, but we should certainly follow them when we see them.

    • “it could be that most …isms…, are the means by which the weak and devious are able to rule the strong, logical and honest in most of our advanced western countries now.”

      Alec I think you have hit upon a very key point!!!

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