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10 Replies to “From July 2016, but bears repeating”

  1. Why, Oh why, haven’t I seen this video? I was under the impression that Giuliani was luke-warm on Donald Trump and that was why you didn’t see much of him as the election neared. Son-of-a-bitch! The mainstream media somehow managed to keep that clip under wraps. What a bunch of evil lying bastards.

    I dream of a ten-man-gallows hanging “journalists” in bulk, all day long, seven-days-a-week. We could have seating and refreshments and everything. Lying communist journalists have been working tirelessly to bring down Western Civilization for so many years that they are now on the verge of actually succeeding and starting a worldwide civil war.

    Oh, and before the hanging, lots and lots of waterboarding – just for fun..,.

  2. Some day, maybe sooner than we think, some leftist is going to try to intimidate a conservative into silence by saying that Donald Trump is a lying racist and conservatives are all ignorant racist hillbillies, and the conservative is going to say, “That’s it. I’ve had enough. Stop insulting me!”, and he is going to throw a hard punch right at the leftist’s smug little face. And then the fight will be on.

    And you know what? That’s exactly what George Soros is paying all his agents provocateur to do. We are under attack and all we have is idiots like Justin Trudeau to defend us. All is lost…

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