As I posted last night, the video we did of the man in the Jewish skullcap in Berlin, attacked by a muslim was pulled from youtube, and, a community guidelines strike was applied to my account.

This is the exact same video that RT has up on its Youtube channel and you can bet your bottom dollar its still there, and, if YT ends u pulling it there will be no strike on their account.

This is a SERIOUS thing as one more strike and we lose the entire channel, which is hundreds or more videos many of which are a valuable resource to a great number of people and organizations.

So I ask all of you to please subscribe to my Bitchute channel right away, which has mirrors of all the Youtube videos for the past few months, and will have all the new uploads for the next few weeks, as Youtube has removed my ability to add videos to the usual channel. Which means my 20,000 + subscribers cannot reach the new material, and if they delete it, it means losing those people if they have not subscribed to the Bitchute channel.

You can find it here:

At some point this evening I hope to also post an interview with that same man who was attacked in Berlin to this site but it should make it to Bitchute tonight for sure. So those wishing to see it before its posted here may want to subscribe.

Youtube’s treatment of us, and of the channel we use, is an excellent example of the kind of selective enforcement being used to crush those who believe in a classical West. Again, its not a small thing.

Thank you.

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  1. Eeyore, it grieves me beyond measure that such a substantial body of your work is at risk solely due to the ill-defined vagaries of one of this world’s most hypocritical, intrusive, and dangerous mega-corporations. Not even corporate titans like Fluor or Bechtel are remotely as threatening as Alphabet. Only Facebook can hold a candle to the way Alphabet has spread its tentacles into every corner of the Internet and daily human life.

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