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  1. President Trump is preparing to support far-reaching legislation to reform federal marijuana prohibition so that states can enact their own cannabis laws without interference.

    “Since the campaign, President Trump has consistently supported states’ rights to decide for themselves how best to approach marijuana,” U.S. Sen. Cory Gardner (R-CO) said in a statement. “Late Wednesday, I received a commitment from the President that the Department of Justice’s rescission of the Cole memo will not impact Colorado’s legal marijuana industry. Furthermore, President Trump has assured me that he will support a federalism-based legislative solution to fix this states’ rights issue once and for all.”

    In a briefing with reporters on Friday afternoon, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders confirmed the development, calling Gardner’s statement “accurate.”

    “We’re always consulting Congress about issues including states’ rights, of which the president is a firm believer,” she said.

    Sanders revealed that the Trump and Gardner spoke about the issue several times in recent days, including on Friday.

  2. Scandal: 44 Democrats Let Pakistani IT Workers In Gov’t Job without Background Checks
    132 29 1 71 237



    Luke Rosiak of the Daily Caller wants people to know there is indeed a collusion story in Washington that should have been a slam-dunk for prosecution over 18 months ago. It’s a story of illegal hacking, theft, and aiding and abetting hostile foreign entities. And the name Trump appears nowhere in the hundreds of pages of evidence he presents.
    Eighteen months after the House of Representatives began to gather evidence showing conclusively that 44 House Democrats employed the Pakistani-born Awan family without background checks, there have been no formal charges. This was not an accidental oversight but rather a wholesale ignoring of standard government procedures that resulted in the theft of computer equipment, unauthorized access to sensitive government records, fraud, and host of other crimes.

    • Invest in Garden and DIY stores that promote grow-your-own devices; ally with those who worship the sacred herb. Leprechauns had a better nation and Jesus will get a Second Chance to totally fix things.

      So get padlocks for your kitchen windows and doors. The Munchies are coming. From parent’s basement-politics, victimhood and spiritual retardation – idealization will rise up to rescue them. Mamma’s boys.

    • The crime rate in the states/cities who legalize Pot will increase, the druggies will flock to those states and cities and since a large percentage of them won’t be able to find jobs will start stealing to support their habit. This happens in all states/cities that legalize drugs.The unthinking will say that once pot is legalized the crime rate will drop because they think of having pot as the crime.

      We will see more stores and manufactures instituting drug testing policies.

      During the 60’s the drug culture was started in the US, I was a young teen and early 20s during that time, I remember the massive problems we had then and to an extent still have from the culture that grew from the myth that pot was harmless and that the other brain altering chemicals weren’t damaging to you or your family. I know one man whose mother was a product of the 60s, he smoked his first pot at age 12 with his mother. That and other things that happened back then have messed up his mind to the point where it has taken him until his early 50s to finally get his mind semi right.

    • This Colorado attorney’s blog has user comments from locals about crime rates and the effect of immigration from other states.
      I would hope that alcohol use would go down enough to lower domestic violence. There are variables in reporting where crime occurs, which the comments reflect, so the picture is hazy.

    • -Auto and pedestrian accidents. Every other kind of accident
      -Another synergistic substance to complicate life for users of prescription medications.
      just say no

  3. Pentagon announces 2,000% increase in Russia trolls since Friday

    Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said in Saturday’s Pentagon briefing that there has been a “2,000% increase in Russian trolls in the last 24 hours,” following the coordinated strike against Syria on Friday night.

    The bottom line: The problem of Russian actors generating division and conflict among Americans isn’t going away. As Axios’ Sara Fischer and David McCabe reported last year, they aim to sow confusion and capitalize on political divisions. Senator Ben Sasse said in a statement on Saturday that this illustrates what “the wars of the future will look like…The fog of war will not be limited to our situation rooms and battlefields.”

  4. Erdogan welcomes Syria strikes against Assad regime

    Istanbul (AFP) – Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Saturday welcomed Western strikes against Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad’s regime as “appropriate” in retaliation for Damascus’ “inhumane” attacks.

    “We consider this operation as appropriate,” Erdogan told a meeting of his ruling party in Istanbul.

    With the latest operation, he said, “The regime has seen that its mounting attacks in recent days against dissidents… will not be left unanswered.”

    The United States, Britain and France carried out a wave of pre-dawn strikes against the Assad regime Saturday in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack that killed dozens of civilians on April 7.


    Mixed and contradictory reports emerged from Syria Saturday night over a mystery blast that rocked an Iranian base located on the outskirts of Aleppo.

    The initial reports coming out of Syrian media was that the base was hit by unidentified aircraft, with some reports attributing the attack to Israel. Later, reports said that the explosion was caused by an accident at the facility.

    The Iranian base, located in the Jabal Azzan region south of Aleppo, is the largest in the country.

    Hezbollah media sources denied the reports and said that the explosions at the site resulted from explosives detonating in a warehouse.

  6. Russia warns of ‘consequences’ for US-led strike on Syria

    Defense Department releases footage of Syria missile strikes
    Defense Department releases footage of Syria missile strikes
    21 Hours Ago | 00:17

    Russia responded angrily to a U.S.-led strike against Syria, warning of unspecified “consequences” that stoked fears the conflict could escalate.

    President Donald Trump ordered targeted military action in the country late Friday, following an alleged chemical weapons attack that reportedly left dozens of citizens dead. In recent months, international efforts to broker a ceasefire and organize a humanitarian response to the country’s crisis have faltered in the face of stiff opposition from both Russia and Syria.

    Russia, which has backed the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad, has joined Damascus in denying an attack even took place — even though U.S. authorities have declared it did with near certainty. The dispute over Syria was the latest wedge between the West and Russia, which has been embroiled in multiple controversies with western governments.

  7. Two-fifths of Brits think multiculturalism has FAILED, survey says (express, Apr 15, 2018)

    “TWO-FIFTHS of people in Britain think multiculturalism has failed, according to a survey marking the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell’s infamous “Rivers of Blood” speech.

    A YouGov poll commissioned by anti-fascist campaigners Hope Not Hate showed 40 percent of those polled believed Powell’s warning about immigration had been well-founded.

    Marginally more, 41 percent, thought the hate-monger had been proved wrong.

    However, 43 percent of those polled thought relationships between communities in the UK would deteriorate in the coming years.

    Just 14 percent thought they would improve, the Guardian reported.

    And over a third saw Islam as a threat to the British way of life.

    However, most respondents – 59 percent – saw a wide variety of backgrounds as being part of British culture and four-fifths felt happy inter communities.

    Chief executive of Hope Not Hate, Nick Lowles, told the paper: “There is clearly much work to do.

    “Powell’s speech led anti-racism campaigners to mobilise – the anniversary of the speech must do the same…”

  8. Machete Attack Every 90 Minutes in ‘Gun-Free’ Britain (breitbart, Apr 15, 2018)

    “Recorded machete attacks in the UK have shot up by nearly five times in just three years, with the majority in the capital, London.

    The huge number of crimes committed with the deadly, sword-like weapons means there is an average of 15 a day in the UK, or one every 90 minutes.

    Figures uncovered using freedom of information requests by the Daily Mail show that police dealt with 928 crimes involving machetes in the last two months of 2017.

    London saw the bulk, with 425 of the attacks. There were 99 in Greater Manchester, 77 in the West Midlands, and 29 each in Merseyside and West Yorkshire.

    Just three years earlier, the deadly blades were used in 100 crimes a month over the same period.

    As violent crime surges across the country, and even faster in London, the long blades, designed for chopping undergrowth, appear to be a weapon of choice for criminals in the UK, which is governed by strict gun-control laws…”

    • The huge number of crimes committed with the deadly, sword-like weapons means there is an average of 15 a day in the UK, or one every 90 minutes.

      It difficult to conceive of a better argument in favor of gun rights and concealed carry than this London crime wave. A few macheteros get their heads blown off and, bingo, everything gets real quiet in a big hurry.

      I just wasted over 30 minutes seeking to locate an account of how New City’s crime rates took a drastic plunge while subway shooter Bernhard Goetz remained uncaptured (nine days in 1984). Concealed carry tends to make for a polite society.

      If anyone has a link to these NYC statistics, they would be much appreciated.

  9. Afghan, Pakistani forces clash near border, 2 killed (abcnews, Apr 15, 2018)

    “Afghan troops clashed with Pakistani forces near the disputed border on Sunday, in fighting that killed two Pakistani paramilitaries and wounded five others, officials said.

    Pakistan’s military said in a statement that the Frontier Corps was carrying out “routine surveillance” along the border when it was “fired upon from the Afghanistan side.” It said the paramilitaries showed “maximum restraint” to avoid civilian casualties, and that “military engagement” is underway to defuse the situation.

    Col. Abdul Hanan, the acting provincial police chief in Afghanistan’s eastern Khost province, said the fighting broke out after Pakistani forces crossed into Afghanistan.

    The two countries are separated by the 2,400-kilometer (1,500-mile) Durand Line, which was drawn by British rulers in 1896. Afghanistan does not recognize it as an international border and has objected to new fortifications being built by Pakistan.

    The two U.S. allies routinely accuse each other of failing to crack down on militants who operate along the porous border.”

    • Pakistan is exchanging fire with India on a regular basis and now has started doing the same with Afghanistan!! Islamic nations can’t get along with anyone.

      • Islamic nations can’t get along with anyone.

        They never have. As I noted elsewhere, takfirism will be Islam’s death knell. In my imagination, it ends with a Sunni and a Shiite cleric way out in the desert (far away from all the dead bodies and smoking ruins) each strangling the other with his bare hands, whilst loudly arguing over who is more of a believer.

  10. Saudi King Lambasts Iran’s Alleged “Blatant Interference” in Arab Affairs (sputniknews, Apr 15, 2018)

    “The Saudi King also blamed Tehran for the ballistic missile strikes carried out by the Yemeni Shiite rebels which have been targeting his country.

    “We renew our strong condemnation of Iran’s terrorist acts in the Arab region and reject its blatant interference in the affairs of Arab countries,” Saudi King Salman said during a speech in Dhahran, eastern Saudi Arabia at the summit of the Arab League.

    He also blamed Tehran, which has repeatedly denied supplying ballistic missiles to Yemen’s Houthi militia, of being responsible for the rebels’ attacks targeting the Kingdom. Salman said that the missiles being launched from Yemeni territory were “produced in Iran.”

    Commenting on the US embassy’s relocation to Jerusalem, a decision which has been fiercely condemned by Arab states, Salman denounced the move. “We reiterate our rejection of the US decision on Jerusalem,” the royal said. “East Jerusalem is an integral part of the Palestinian territories,” he added…”

  11. Dems gnash teeth: CFPB bad boy Mulvaney points out they’re why he doesn’t have to do what they want
    By Jeff Dunetz April 15, 2018

    [This joint post comes to us from LU contributors Jeff Dunetz and Onan Coca.]

    In a most ironic twist, President Trump’s Budget Director and the Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), Mick Mulvaney, is now heading a bureau that he used to decry with regularity. In fact, Mulvaney is still pointing out the many and varied problems with the bureau even as he attempts to lead it in a productive direction.

    Years ago, when Mulvaney was still a Congressman from the great state of South Carolina, he spent much of his time grousing about the fact that the CFFB was unaccountable to Congress.

    Now that he leads the bureau, Mulvaney continues to warn his former colleagues that he has too much power, and not enough accountability. Just a few weeks ago, he wrote to them begging that his powers be weakened for the good of the American people.

    • Now that he leads the bureau, Mulvaney continues to warn his former colleagues that he has too much power, and not enough accountability. Just a few weeks ago, he wrote to them begging that his powers be weakened for the good of the American people.

      Someone give this guy a medal. One significant hallmark of America’s past four decades (or more), is the tumor-like growth of Big Government. Reducing the CFPB’s scope of powers hardly seems like a bad idea.

  12. ‘Trump’s lawyer lied about Prague trip’ story may turn out to case of mistaken identity
    By Howard Portnoy April 14, 2018

    As reported earlier and since picked up by every major news outlet in the country, McClatchy is claiming that Special Counsel Robert Mueller “has evidence that Donald Trump’s personal lawyer and confidant, Michael Cohen, secretly made a late-summer trip to Prague during the 2016 presidential campaign.”

    Since McClathcy presumably hasn’t seen the evidence, it seems careless of their reporters not to have couched the headline so as to read “Mueller claims he has evidence.”

    Nevertheless, if true, the story would lend credence to British secret agent Christopher Steele’s assertion in the “Trump dossier” that Cohen strategized in Prague “with a powerful Kremlin figure about Russian meddling in the U.S. election.”

    The article also fails to tell whether Mueller purports to have any evidence that Konstantin Kosachev (the powerful Kremlin figure alluded to above) was in Prague at the time and, if so, whether he and Cohen actually met.

  13. IG report: FBI’s Andrew McCabe ‘admonished’ other officials for his own leaks
    By LU Staff April 14, 2018

    As deputy director of the FBI, Andrew McCabe “admonished” other FBI officials over leaks he himself authorized.

    That’s one of the damning revelations the Justice Department’s Office of the Inspector General released in a Friday report.

    “Crafty plan,” was how Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan described the McCabe revelation to The Daily Caller News Foundation.

    McCabe berating other FBI officials over the leaks suggests he was “trying to cover his tracks,” House Judiciary Committee member Jordan said.

    “Who does that?” Jordan asked rhetorically.

  14. Young migrants trapped in Greece find that life in West isn’t what they hoped for (nbcnews, Apr 15, 2018)

    “A teenager with missing teeth stands next to a yellow phone booth, his brown eyes dull and glassy.

    Just 17 when he left Afghanistan, Khasim says he walked more than 4,000 miles through Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia, eventually reaching the Greek capital — a journey more than 1,000 miles longer than New York to San Francisco.

    Europe offered employment, safety and a future. Or so he thought.

    Khasim now spends his days hanging around the northwest corner of Omonia Square, which has become a marketplace for young asylum-seekers to sell themselves. As gray-haired men scout the area, the 19-year-old has perfected the art of waiting.

    “All the old men are here for sex,” said Khasim, who did not want to be identified by his real name because his family is unaware of how he earns money in Greece. “We have great shame, we’re not gay, we don’t like doing this job. … If you live on the street, you have to do what you have to.”

    Khasim, a former dentistry student, says he seldom makes more than 20 euros ($25) for sex. An influx of other young migrants has driven down prices.

    Not far from Khasim, older white men chat with young migrants out of earshot. Some beckon boys to join them at a small sidewalk café, while others sidle up to youngsters sitting on benches or approach those at the entrance to the subway.

    Khasim is trapped in Greece. Two years ago, the Balkan countries to the north of Greece closed their borders, blocking the migrant route to Western Europe. The United Nations estimates that some 50,000 asylum-seekers and refugees remain in the country.

    Greece has the highest unemployment rate in Europe — more than 20 percent — and is still grappling with the fallout of the 2008 debt crisis, which left an already-stressed welfaresystem struggling to cope.

    Khasim is among the unaccompanied minors who have resorted to prostitution to meet their basic needs — a practice known as “survival sex.”

    While there is no official data as to how many young asylum-seekers engage in survival sex in Greece, a report by Harvard-based academics published last year found that the victims tend to be young males. The majority come from Afghanistan, while Syrians, Iraqis and Pakistanis are also resorting to prostitution to survive, according to local social workers.

    For Khasim, the aim was always to reach Germany. His hometown, Kabul, was torn apart by regular bombings and there were few job prospects and no hope, he said.

    He trekked across Iran, Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia only to find his path blocked by the fortified border with Hungary. After months on the road, Khasim says he spent a year living in Belgrade and looks back at his time in the Serbian capital fondly, showing a picture of himself on the banks of the Danube River. Khasim eventually headed south to try his luck in Greece.

    When NBC News met Khasim last month, he had already tried to leave the country four times using stolen or fake passports, but kept getting caught.

    “Athens is so bad,” he said via Facebook Messenger after his most recent attempt failed. “If I do not go to Germany, I’ll kill myself.”

    As he waits to obtain another illegitimate passport, the teenager walks the streets with his friend Fazul, who also asked to be identified only by a pseudonym.

    Fazul, who is from Afghanistan and says he was living in Iran when he set off for Europe, claims to be in his early 20s. However, Khasim thinks he is younger. “He’s a baby, he’s underage. He says he’s 22, but he’s 17 or 16. Look at his face,” he said in English, so Fazul could not understand.

    Khasim says he used to earn as much as 40 euros ($50) for turning a trick but an increase in the number of young, desperate migrants from countries including Pakistan and Iraq have sent prices plummeting.

    “Now it’s more like 10 euros ($12), 5 euros ($6)” for some sex acts, according to Khasim.

    Fazul admits that he has agreed not to wear a condom on several occasions, but says that only gets him 5 euros extra.

    Khasim says he’s refused to have unprotected sex. “His mind’s not right,” he said, referring to Fazul’s risky behavior.

    Once the young migrants connect with customers in Omonia Square, they often exchange cellphone numbers to organize meetings via text message. But Khasim and Fazul also still work on the streets….”

    • It’s sad to see muslims reduced to the level of the goats in the shitholes where they come from isn’t it? I hope he summons the courage to kill himself, Allah willing. He and his friends should rise up and protest about the continued muslim arrivals driving down prices. Perhaps wearing prettier makeup would help? Isn’t there an NGO to help them with makeup tips?

  15. Saudi King rejects US plan to transfer embassy to Jerusalem, announces $150 million for East Jerusalem

    DHAHRAN: Saudi Arabia’s King Salman on Sunday opened an Arab League summit by criticising US President Donald Trump’s decision to transfer the US embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

    “We reiterate our rejection of the US decision on Jerusalem,” the king said in a speech in Dhahran in eastern Saudi Arabia.

    “East Jerusalem is an integral part of the Palestinian territories,” he added. The move has sparked deep anger among the Palestinians, who see East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state, and across the Arab world.

    The King announced a $150-million (120 million euro) donation for the maintenance of Islamic heritage in East Jerusalem.

    “Saudi Arabia announces a $150-million grant to support the administration of Jerusalem’s Islamic property,” the monarch said at the opening of the Arab League summit in the kingdom’s eastern city of Dhahran.

    “I name this summit in Dhahran the Jerusalem Summit so that the entire world knows Palestine and its people remain at the heart of Arab concerns,” he said.

    Islamic holy sites in the city, including the revered Al-Aqsa mosque, are administered by a Jordanian-run trust known as the Waqf.

    King Salman also announced a $50 million donation to UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees.

    The organisation, which provides aid to more than three million people, faces serious financial difficulties after the US announced it was cutting its funding of the body.

    In mid-March, UNRWA said it did not have the necessary funds to continue running until the summer.

    UNRWA head Pierre Krahenbuhl recently said the agency was seeking $441 million to continue operating, but that donors had only pledged $100 million.

  16. Hackers stole a casino’s high-roller database through a thermometer in the lobby fish tank

    Darktrace CEO: Hackers are increasingly targeting unprotected ‘internet of things’ devices such as air condition systems and CCTV to get into corporate networks.
    In one incident, a casino was hacked through the thermometer in its lobby aquarium.
    Former GCHQ director calls for laws on minimum security standards for ‘internet of things’ devices.

    • Darktrace CEO: Hackers are increasingly targeting unprotected ‘internet of things’ devices such as air condition systems and CCTV to get into corporate networks.

      I’ve been yelling about this for years. the IoT will increase systems’ vulnerability by orders of magnitude (not just double). Ensuring that every last RJ connector or control line feeds into a firewall is something that can only be efficiently done when the entire building is constructed.

  17. Over 150 experts in AI, robotics, commerce, law, and ethics from 14 countries have signed an open letter denouncing the European Parliament’s proposal to grant personhood status to intelligent machines. The EU says the measure will make it easier to figure out who’s liable when robots screw up or go rogue, but critics say it’s too early to consider robots as persons—and that the law will let manufacturers off the liability hook.

    This all started last year when the European Parliament proposed the creation of a specific legal status for robots:

    • Over 150 experts in AI, robotics, commerce, law, and ethics from 14 countries have signed an open letter denouncing the European Parliament’s proposal to grant personhood status to intelligent machines.

      Ya think they’d have gotten around to chimpanzees first.

  18. They were among the most powerful men of the last decade. They commanded armies of armed agents, had the ability to bug and wiretap almost anyone, and had virtually unlimited budgets. They were the leadership of the FBI, the CIA and the director of national intelligence under President Obama. Each day, it becomes clearer that they are the real abusers of power in this drama.

    The book by former FBI Director James Comey and the daily hyperbolic John Brennan sound bites are perhaps the final reveal of just how much hubris and vitriol they had. Comey’s book, according to reports, contains nothing new of legal consequence to Trump (while suggesting that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch has something to worry about), but it unmasks the hatred that Comey had for Donald Trump from the beginning. It impeaches Comey’s fitness to have ever held high, nonpartisan office.

    Whether you are a Democrat who can’t stand Trump, a Hillary Clinton supporter who feels robbed by Comey, or a Trump supporter, any use of wiretapping and vast prosecutorial machinery against our political campaigns and sitting presidents always has to be viewed skeptically and should meet the highest standards of conduct and impartiality. The post-election actions of these former officials makes suspect their actions as officials.

  19. French sociologist Salima Amari claims in a new book that homosexual women growing up in migrant-heavy French suburbs are forced to hide their sexuality and many are even forced to move elsewhere if they “come out”.
    Amari spent six years interviewing 52 women of primarily North African descent who live in some of the heavily migrant populated suburbs across the country and found many wanting to remain “invisible” so as not to provoke homophobic attacks or be shunned by their families, L’Express reports.

    The migrant-heavy suburbs have become commonly known as no-go zones due to the high levels of crime, ghettoisation, and the prevalence of radical Islam.

  20. (Reuters) – Militants disguised as U.N. peacekeepers exploded two suicide car bombs and fired dozens of rockets at the French and United Nations bases in Mali’s northern city of Timbuktu on Saturday, killing one and wounding many, Malian authorities said.

    The U.N. mission confirmed that the complex attack had killed a U.N. peacekeeper. The Malian government said in addition that 10 French soldiers had been wounded, but the French mission did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

    “Terrorists wearing blue helmets aboard two cars laden with explosives, including one in the colours of the Malian army and another with a ‘UN’ written in it, attempted to infiltrate these camps,” the Malian government statement said.

    “The situation is now under control.”

    U.N. peacekeeping and French military forces stationed in northern Mali have been under near-constant attack over the past year by determined and well-armed jihadist groups seen as the gravest threat to security across Africa’s Sahel region.

  21. A heated argument quickly turned into a brawl on the mosque premises, leaving one man mortally wounded
    A man has been killed during a clash between two groups at a mosque in Habiganj district over the distribution of sweets.

    The deceased is Helal Mia, 35, a resident of Baghasura Village under Madhabpur upazila.

    According to police, Helal got into an argument with another person named Hannan Mia over distribution of “Shirni” (offering of sweets) to mark the holy Shab-e-Meraj at Nur-e-Madina mosque Saturday night.

    The heated argument quickly turned into a brawl on the mosque premises. Helal was critically injured after being stabbed with a sharp weapon on his chest.

    • Permanent removal of the child from parental custody and incarceration of the father for severe child abuse. Anyone care to bet against this kid having some serious neuroses about fire and parental authority for his remaining life?


  22. Soros Consultant’s PAC Could Influence DA Races in Oregon
    Billionaire has funded PACs across country to aid far-left DA candidates

    A longtime consultant to liberal billionaire George Soros is listed on recently filed documents with the state of Oregon related to the formation of a political action committee that appears to be an avenue for Soros to influence yet another district attorney’s race, state records show.

    The paperwork was filed with Oregon’s secretary of state’s office in early April to launch the Oregon Law & Justice PAC, which intends to “support candidates advocating for justice.”

    Whitney Tymas, an attorney who acts as the treasurer of a number of Soros PACs, is listed as the director, correspondence recipient, and alternate transaction filer for the committee. The address listed for Tymas is the same address as Perkins Coie, a Washington, D.C.-based law firm.

    No activity has been reported from the PAC other than its formation. However, Tymas previously expressed interest in criminal defense attorney Max Wall, who is running for district attorney in Washington County, the second largest county in the state.

    Richard:We have one of his creatures in ST. Louis going after the Missouri Governor for something the supposed victim says may have happened in a dream. They can’t find any evidence that it really happened but the Soros creature is not dropping the charge and she is trying to slime the Attorney General because he accepted a campaign donation from the Governor.

  23. France: Dancing ZAD activists defy police in Notre-Dame-des-Landes

    Hundreds of people came together to support the ZAD (‘Zone a Defendre’) occupation in Notre-Dame-des-Landes on Sunday.

    They protested peacefully against the state’s eviction orders.

    Supports of the occupation danced with musical instruments in front of a police barricade.

    The eco-activists from ZAD initially came together in 2008 to protest against a proposed airport in Nantes.

    The plan was recently abandoned but around 200 activists remain at the site and refuse to leave it, despite eviction orders and threats from the authorities.

  24. UK: Antifa converge on far-right German activist’s speech in London

    Dozens of anti-fascist demonstrators gathered in London’s Hyde Park on Sunday to oppose a speech given by Annika Franziska, a member of Generation Identity and founder of far-right Youtube Channel 120db.

    The German anti-immigration activist delivered a speech at Speaker’s Corner regarding the increase of sexual violence against women.

    “The reason we did start or better had to start the movement was because the imported sexual violence against women as result of uncontrolled mass immigration from mostly Muslim countries is swept under the carpet by our officials and the media,” she said to the crowd.

    At the same time, a group of far-left activists gathered nearby. Both groups were prevented getting close to each other by a heavy police presence.

  25. “Why Do They Think Islam Is a Religion of Peace?”
    Muslim Persecution of Christians: October 2017

    by Raymond Ibrahim
    April 15, 2018 at 5:00 am

    In one of the most brazen attacks on Egypt’s Christians, a Muslim man slaughtered a Christian bishop in broad daylight. Security camera footage captured a man with a large butcher knife chasing and stabbing Bishop Samaan Shehata—in the head, neck, and torso—in the streets of Cairo on October 12. According to eyewitnesses “the assailant had seen Shehata in his car, forcibly stopped him, ordered him out and then started to stab him in the neck and torso. Shehata fled, and the attacker followed him into the warehouse and finished his attack there with several blows to the head.” Then, while standing over his victim, “the assailant used the bishop’s blood to form a cross on his forehead.” It took 90 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, and “the bishop was alive for half an hour after being struck and could have been saved if the ambulance had arrived timely.”

    Some people acquainted with the murderer said that Ahmed Saeed Ibrahim had recently “begun praying in the street, shouting loudly and calling Christians infidels.” As for a motive, one report said, “he had decided to kill any Coptic priest, purchased a dagger, and lay in wait for one to pass by, in a street leading to the local church.” His father “is more of a terrorist than his son,” added one woman; he “used to stop children on their way back from church and say, ‘You are multiplying, may Allah destroy your houses and burn you all. You have filled our neighborhood with filth.'”

  26. Turkey’s American Hostage – About to be Sentenced for Life?

    by Uzay Bulut
    April 15, 2018 at 4:30 am

    An American Pastor, Andrew Brunson, has been jailed on false charges in Turkey since October, 2016. He is accused, in a 62-page indictment of espionage, overthrowing the Turkish Parliament and government, undermining the constitutional order of the state, and membership in an armed Islamic terrorist group, namely the “Fethullahist Terrorist Organization/Parallel State Structure”, or the “FETÖ/PDY”, which the Turkish government accuses of organizing the failed coup attempt in 2016.

    Brunson was not charged until after being imprisoned for 17 months without any evidence at all, and with no access to his file. In late March, Turkish prosecutors finally filed official charges and called for a life sentence of 35 years. His trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, April 16.

  27. We’re supposed to be reassured that the FBI agents who raided the offices and home of Donald Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael A. Cohen, were, in Cohen’s words, “courteous” and “respectful.”

    The president’s attorney was understandably grateful that the agents didn’t replicate the FBI’s tactics at the home of Paul Manafort, Trump’s onetime campaign manager. Busting in before dawn, guns drawn, with a “no knock” warrant while Manafort and his wife were in bed, the agents frisked Mrs. Manafort while she was still in her nightclothes.

    Perhaps Cohen thinks if he sounds reasonable, he can appease Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor who ordered Manafort’s arrest, or his other federal prosecutors behind this raid. Or maybe Cohen simply developed the quickest case of Stockholm syndrome in history. Whatever his reasons, a line has been violated. The government is going after lawyers now, as part of an investigation that feels as though policy differences and partisan politics have been criminalized.

    • Partizan politics has been criminalized. Geert Wilders, Marine Le Pen, other members of various Euro-governments who went against the new normal of Marxism and Islam have been charged or convicted under formerly unimaginable circumstances for just opposing government policies. I don’t mean ‘basically’, I mean defacto, doing their damn jobs. Geert, for simply opposing the government’s mass immigration of muslim policies which itself was a violation of both Dutch and EU laws, and Marine for her very clear right to inform the public about a matter of government policy. They went to the huge trouble in her case, of REMOVING THAT RIGHT, and then CHARGING HER RETROACTIVELY.

      There should have been a blood letting on the streets for this but I think its both more horrible, and more complex than the public, no longer versed in the most basic aspects of the workings of democracy, can manage.

      • First they take over the schools so the children aren’t taught how their government is suppose to work, then once those kids are adults and supposedly running the nations they change the rule of law knowing that the people don’t understand what that is suppose to mean.

    • … the agents frisked Mrs. Manafort while she was still in her nightclothes.

      This is salacious and sensationalist nonsense. OF COURSE, the agents would frisk the woman in her bed apparel. What were they going to do, let her change in another room (where she might acquire weapons)? Or, perhaps, she should have been obliged to switch into regular daytime clothing right there in front of all the agents? Also, notice that there is no mention of whether Mrs. Manafort was checked by a female FBI agent.

      The government is going after lawyers now, as part of an investigation that feels as though policy differences and partisan politics have been criminalized.

      They have been criminalized and this is the story’s most important point.

        • The longer this investigation continues the harder it will be to bring the rule of law back to the US.

          Agreed. Willful intrusion upon attorney–client privilege is a fundamental violation of legal rights.

          If any of Cohen’s files are published (especially with respect to Trump), it will completely nullify any possible government case against the President. This entire body of evidence is rapidly becoming “fruit of the poisoned tree”.

          I’m unsure as to how Robert Mueller thinks he will evade imprisonment for this abortion of justice. Perhaps he thinks that the Oval Office has bigger fish to fry (e.g., 0bama and Hillary).

          My money is on Trump having an elephant’s memory for this sort of betrayal and deceit. Mueller ought to spend some time brushing up on his license plate making skills.

      • @NR No bathrobe, towel, or gallant offer to fetch a coat? Who pillories the spouse of an attorney unless both perps are under an arrest warrant? This is a threat to the wives of Trump’s team.

        • @NR No bathrobe, towel, or gallant offer to fetch a coat?

          Good point. However, any of those objects could be used to conceal a weapon ahead of time. I’m satisfied if Mrs. Manafort was frisked by a female FBI agent.

          I certainly agree with you that this has all the makings of a witch hunt.

  28. Europe, Trump and the Iran Deal

    by Amir Taheri
    April 15, 2018 at 4:00 am

    The so-called “Iran nuclear deal,” a witches’ brew concocted by that most deserving of Nobel peace laureates, Barack Obama, has furnished the theme of many bizarre diplomatic twists and turns. The latest is an attempt by the European Union to persuade President Donald Trump to renege on his campaign promise to improve or scrap the deal.

    During the past year, the EU’s foreign policy point-woman, Federica Mogherini has been collecting air-miles calling on world capitals to demand “commitment” to the deal, as if this were an article of faith in an as-yet undefined religion.

  29. New and hot: ‘Climate restoration’
    Michael Walsh, PJM April 14, 2018

    [Ed. – Not enough money and social control in that old and busted “climate change” effort, with its eye-glazing open-ended terrors. Time to move on to a project with a real end-state. Let’s go back to 1700, kids! Or, for a real challenge, make it 1700 B.C. …]

    In the end, somehow we knew it would come to this. The Left, in the form of the think thank RAND, has gone full Luddite:

    Since the 1992 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, society has organized efforts to limit the magnitude of climate change around the concept of stabilization — that is, accepting some climate change but holding it within acceptable bounds. This report offers an initial exploration of the concept of climate restoration — that is, approaches that seek to return atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases to preindustrial levels within one to two generations. Using a simple integrated assessment model, the analysis examines climate restoration through the lens of risk management under conditions of deep uncertainty, exploring the technology, economic, and policy conditions under which it might be possible to achieve various climate restoration goals and the conditions under which society might be better off with (rather than without) a climate restoration goal. This report also explores near-term actions that might help manage the risks of climate restoration.

    Take a moment and try to grasp how utterly demented this is. So great is the cultural-Marxist hatred for modernity — Marx himself was a child of the Industrial Revolution and developed his crackpot scheme based on mid-19th-century conditions — that, like the Luddite, they wish to return to some halcyon period before… well, you draw the line wherever you like.

    • [Let’s go back to 1700, kids! Or, for a real challenge, make it 1700 B.C. …]

      Isn’t that what Liberals think Islam’s for? AD or BC, there won’t much of a difference if the Muslims ever get in charge.

  30. Generation Identity Call Out the Rape Gangs in Oxford

    Activists from Generation Identity England went to Oxford to deliver a message. The racially motivated sexual exploitation of our nation’s children at the hands of predominantly Pakistani Muslim men will not stand anymore.

    Our children were abused in the most heinous of ways by callous and vindictive men and allowed to perpetuate their vile acts with the help of the state, police, social services and media institutions who failed to intervene and looked the other way for far too long while our girls and boys had their innocence destroyed.

    This is among the worst crimes ever committed. Are our people really going to stand idly by and allow this destruction of our nation’s youth to continue?

    Generation Identity is a Pan-European youth movement of patriots promoting cultural and patriotic pride and standing in opposition to the Great replacement of the European peoples in their own homelands.

  31. This is not Iran, This is Canada – Ex-Muslim woman under police protection after criticizing Islam in public

    The Calgary Police came right to the door of the church where Sandra was speaking to warn her about a threat that they took seriously.
    Sandra Solomon has been portrayed in the news as a hate monger. But the media does not tell you the fact that Sandra was victim of rape and other horrible things while living under sharia law.
    She grew up in Saudi Arabia under 100% Sharia law, where women are considered to be a man’s property.
    Sandra Solomon is a survivor and she lives to tell her story.
    Please watch and share these two videos in order to understand what she is fighting for.
    Sandra Solomon never called for violence and she is NOT preaching against any group of people.

  32. A 12-year-old girl was raped repeatedly by a gang of men described in court as ‘a pack of ravenous wolves’. She was abducted by Ibrahim Hussain, 35, who forced her to go to a house where he raped her three times over three days. Police probe link between Salisbury poisoning and British spy found dead in bag He then took her to another house where she was raped by five unknown men in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Hussain has now been jailed for 23 years at Bradford Crown Court.

    Read more:

    Twitter: | Facebook:

  33. China’s ambassador says his country firmly rejects Canada’s attempts to entrench labour standards in a free trade pact.

    Envoy Lu Shaye says Canada’s so-called progressive trade agenda has no place in a free trade agreement.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was unable to persuade China’s leaders to formally entrench labour, gender, environment and governance issues in the negotiating framework of free trade talks.

    Trudeau spent four days in China in December but left without a formal commitment to moving the free trade talks past the exploratory phase into formal negotiations.

    Lu says Canada’s insistence on pushing labour standards in the NAFTA talks with Mexico to raise wages would only lead to the shuttering of Mexican auto plants and lost jobs.

    • Crippling workplace hygiene standards and stringent environmental regulations for thee, but not for me”, says Red China.

      • The environmental degradation is hastening China’s collapse, I hate to think of the expense of correcting all of the damage that has been done.

        • I hate to think of the expense of correcting all of the damage that has been done.

          Literally, there is not enough money in the world to effect a +90% cleanup of all the damage. Intrusion of the Gobi desert has ruined some 1,442 square miles (3,735 square km) of growing land.

          Some 90% of all surface water is non-potable. Urban air pollution can pose severe health hazards. Any attempt to tune up, replace or otherwise alter a massive public dependence on low-end, highly polluting motorcycles (i.e., Mopeds) is a non-starter.

          The real damage is hidden from view in how Communist China has a Deep State structure that is equally, if not MORE, crippling that that of America’s.

          This one factor assures that any legitimate attempt to environmentally rehabilitate Red China will be subject to the skimming, bribery, and graft that taints any project in the land.

  34. April 06 2018 – NYT -Will We Stop Trump Before It’s Too Late?

    by Madeleine Albright

    Fascism poses a more serious threat now than at any time since the end of World War II.

    Dictators around the world have used President Trump’s own words to justify their repressive actions.

    […]Warning signs include the relentless grab for more authority by governing parties in Hungary, the Philippines, Poland and Turkey — all United States allies.

    The raw anger that feeds fascism is evident across the Atlantic in the growth of nativist movements opposed to the idea of a united Europe, including in Germany, where the right-wing Alternative für Deutschland has emerged as the principal opposition party.

    […]the Arab Spring has been betrayed by autocratic leaders, such as Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egyp

    […]He tried to undermine faith in America’s electoral process through a bogus advisory commission on voter integrity.

    […]What is to be done?

    First, defend the truth. A free press, for example, is not the enemy of the American people;

    Second, we must reinforce the principle that no one, not even the president, is above the law.

    Third, we should each do our part to energize the democratic process by registering new voters,
    CNN – Albright: Trump has undemocratic instincts

    In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright raises concerns about about fascism around the world and says Trump has undemocratic instincts that worry her.

  35. Calgary Police Warn Sandra Solomon About Threats Issued

    The Calgary Police came right to the door of the church where Sandra was speaking to warn her about a threat that they took seriously.

    They stayed to protect us from ANTIFA for the duration of the show.

    • Sandra’s Campaign @ Let the Quran Speak T.V. show

      Another Stop with Sandra Solomon and Her Campaign to have the Quran designated as hate literature internationally.

  36. The steady stream of irregular migrants crossing the border at Roxham Road in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle, in Montérégie, is of great concern to the Government of Quebec.

    TVA Nouvelles has learned that four ministers, David Heurtel at Immigration, Jean-Marc Fournier at Canadian Relations, Sébastien Proulx at Education and Lucie Charlebois at Health and Social Services, will announce Monday they will limit to 85% the occupancy rate of the four Quebec temporary accommodation centers for irregular migrants.

    The capacity of the centers will be limited to 1850 places to cope with a massive arrival this summer at the YMCA, Boscoville, Grace Dart and the former Royal Victoria Hospital, the designated places as temporary accommodation centers.

    Sources told TVA Nouvelles that federal and provincial officials estimate there could be up to 300 and even 400 illegal entries a day this summer, compared with only 250 during the reporting period. peak last July.

  37. A radical feminist has been warned by a judge to refer to the transgender defendant as a “she” during an assault case.

    Maria Maclachlan, 61, was giving evidence against Tara Wolf, 26, whom she claims tried to attack her at a rally, knocking her to the floor.

    She told Hendon Magistrates’ Court: “A hooded figure suddenly ran at me, ran past me from left to right, knocking the camera from my hand.

    “They swatted it. Although it was knocked out of my hand it was caught by the strap so it didn’t hit the ground, which I thought was the intention.”

    District Judge Kenneth Grant warned Ms MacLachlan to refer to Miss Wolf as “she” while giving evidence.

    He said: “The defendant wished to be referred to as a woman, so perhaps you could refer to her as ‘she’ for the purpose of the proceedings.”

  38. Former Trump White House official Dr. Sebastian Gorka, says a senior FBI agent told him that the “7th floor of the FBI looks at the Trump White House as the enemy.”

    Gorka joined me on my radio talk show on WMAL in Washington DC this week. I asked him about his reaction to the recent news stories showing a clear political bias among manu senior officials at the FBI and the Justice Department and how it might have triggered some of the challenges the Trump Administration faced in the early months of 2017:

    O’Connor: I know you’ve been commenting Dr. Gorka about some of the reporters, a few courageous reporters who are doing really good work on this story…Sara Carter is one of them. We had Byron York on earlier in the program, he wrote about how James Comey testified that the FBI didn’t think that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn had lied to them, yet then of course he plead guilty to lying to the FBI. I’ve got to ask you, looking back at your time at the White House, knowing that all of this was going on and knowing what had set it up, this FISA warrant, and the nefarious actions of the senior levels of the Justice Department, does it sort of all…you’ve got to have some type of visceral reaction knowing that so many people were operating against your work while you were there.

    Gorka: Let me give you something that I haven’t shared frequently but illustrates the enormity of the issue. So when I came in my rank was Deputy Assistant to the President. And I wanted to build a team inside the White House to do the kind of terrorism work that we were mandated to do. And I wanted to bring three of my former students in as detailees, these were the smartest kids I trained at graduate level and they were all at the FBI. So I put my request in, as a Deputy to the President to the FBI, they did nothing.They slow rolled it for 6 months, which is weird because they actually work for the President until I find out from senior FBI agents, this is a direct quote, “The 7th floor of the FBI looks at the Trump White House as the enemy”.

    O’Connor: Wow.

    Gorka: That’s America, that’s America in 2017.

    The “7th floor” at the FBI refers to the most senior agents at the bureau including (at the time) FBI Director James Comey and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

    Listen to the entire interview here:

    Copyright © 2018 The Washington Times, LLC. Click here for reprint permission.

    The Washington Times Comment Policy
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  39. Steffan Watkins was about to go to bed last June 17 when he noticed a report about a lethal collision between a U.S. Navy destroyer and a huge container ship near Japan.

    Instead of turning in, he turned to the various sources he uses to track shipping and aircraft worldwide — much of it military — to try to find out how the surprising accident occurred.

    Watkins, an IT-security consultant in Ottawa, documented the minutes leading up to the mishap that killed seven aboard the USS Fitzgerald and posted it on his website, “It was like watching a car crash remotely.” Then he finally got some sleep.

    When Watkins woke up the next day, his breakdown of the accident was causing a stir worldwide.

    “I guess I was the first person to do any analysis of this, because it just lit up the next morning,” he says. “I was quoted all over the place — the Daily Mail, New York Times. It was kind of cool.”

  40. Last week, Judicial Watch reported to you on our efforts to expose the Obama administration’s funding of George Soros’s left-wing political activities in Romania and Colombia. They also noted that we were pursuing his actions in Albania.
    Judicial Watch has obtained 32 pages of records showing that the Obama administration sent U.S. taxpayers’ funds to a Soros-backed group that used the money to fund left-wing political activities in Albania. That included working with the country’s socialist government to push for highly controversial judicial “reform.” The records also detail how the Soros operation helped the State Department review grant applications from other groups for taxpayer funding.

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