Quick update for regulars to this site

Many of you may have noticed that the site was not reachable for some hours over the past 8 hours or so.

We live in a time of the death and burial of genuine liberalism. People who speak obvious truths, that there are only 2 sexes however many imaginary ‘genders’ there may be, or that Islam is a clear and immediate danger to any other system of thought, government or religious belief and must be fought by any means necessary and exposed for the pernicious and hate-filled ideology it is, face attacks of all kinds.

In this case its digital attacks on digital media.

Sorry for any inconvenience to readers, but as you know, it is extremely rare that one of these attacks succeeds in any meaningful way at all as it did last night.

Lastly, a shout out to the people who manage the firewall.

They are exceptional. They have kept this site up under incredible circumstances that used to bring us down for hours and hours every day. And the site has grown in authority and popularity since then as well, so the attacks have likely grown as well.

So the occasional issues with the site are a reminder of just how good their technology, and staff really are.

They did publish a partial explanation for what took place which makes for interesting reading for those interested in a more in depth understanding.

Thank you all for your patience as well. We appear to be back live now.


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3 Replies to “Quick update for regulars to this site”

  1. It was really weird last night. I deactivated my FB account and the first site I clicked on in my email box was here. No service. I tried other blogs and only here was the problem.
    What a coincidence!
    Happy you’re back and major kudos to your Tech Team.

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