Muslim only community in Vaughan Ontario? Links 1, April 5, 2018

1. South African farmer shot dead, wife and children live with the burden of the murder

2. Robert Spencer does a great video on fake hate crimes against muslims in the West

3. Tensions high at Vaughan meeting over fate of Muslim (only) community complex

Despite passionate arguments on both sides of the issue, hundreds of people both for and against a massive residential development proposed by a Thornhill Mosque, deputants kept their cool while making their final pleas to Vaughan city council.

“This is democracy at play,” quipped Shafiq Ebrahim outside a jam-packed council chambers as councillors prepare to make a final decision on the proposal next Wednesday.
Ebrahim is the vice president of the Islamic Shia Ithna Asheri Jamaat (ISIJ) of Toronto, the group hoping to secure council’s support for the Jaffari Village community development.

And what CBC didn’t tell us, check out this Facebook page:

So far it appears that it is myself and one other person in line amongst MANY supporters from the Jaffari development. I have emailed Sandra Racco, because at this moment I am standing outside council chambers and I am absolutely dismayed and frankly offended that we are being told to line up with men and women in separate lines. Is this 2018, Canada? I’ve never heard of such a thing in a public place. I’ve asked her to please clarify-is this Vaughan city practice, to have men and women line up separately to enter council chambers? I asked the security guard here and he couldn’t give me an answer.

Go to the link. There is more.



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  1. A government approved No-Go zone. Saves the trouble of breaking pensioners windows and putting flaming mail through door slots of the unbelievers in order to drive them out to make a muslim area pure.

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