Selective Enforcement: The fast track to Islamic-leftist tyranny

For those who might endure my monthly BlogTalk radio net casts, or read my twitter feed, they will be good and sick of me constantly talking about the evils of selective enforcement. It is because I believe it is one of the first and most effective tools of tyrants, and those seeking to destroy liberalism and anything akin to democracy.

It is for that reason I am posting the video AGAIN of the British police officer who in the course of this video, once at 7:20 and then several times more, sometimes even more clearly than at 7:20, states as unequivocally as possible that his superiors have been told not to enforce a very simply stated law about praying in the Royal Park against the people for whom it was clearly written. The muslims.

Here is another article on the meaning and consequence of the event above.

So we have a degree of selective enforcement going on to advantage the most pernicious and dangerous and threatening segment of society, alongside the communist/postmodernists like Sadiq Khan, who we can say confidently now is all three, being admitted out loud.

If ever the British people had grounds for a counter-revolution to put back rule of law and a properly demarcated territory where people would be vetted to be miscible with these laws, (A country) it should be this video above.

This item is interesting as well. Notice how the article talks about the unknown attackers of a wave of vandalism of Churches across Canada. They are quite derisive about them.

I would wager that means they either know it is white communists attacking Christianity and therefore fair game for insulting language or if they find out its Muslims then we shall see the articles change all of a sudden as ABC seems to do constantly when a true story makes Islam look bad.

Like they did yesterday with a story about how the Taliban poisoned 48 girls at an Afghan girls’ school yesterday and made the story about US bombing of Taliban fighters today. Notice the URL still carries the original core of the story.


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  1. If ever the British people had grounds for a counter-revolution to put back rule of law and a properly demarcated territory where people would be vetted to be miscible with these laws, (A country) it should be this video above.

    I don’t know how close the Brits are to a counter revolution but from the way the British government is acting they must be getting close. There are two problems with starting a counter revolution, 1) you need a leader. I know you have Nigel and Tommy but neither has called for a counter revolution. 2) you need weapons, I don’t know how available these are to the Brits.

    You also need to be worried about police spies.

    The lack of a leader is probably the major stumbling block, during the Obama years one man kept saying that the only thing preventing a civil war was the lack of a leader among the patriots. Yes civil wars, revolutions have started with out clear leaders, one example is the US Revolution. When it started there was no clear leader in any of the colonies, in fact the Second continental Congress was called to try and find a leader for the revolution.

    If the Feds hadn’t backed off at the Bundy Ranch we might have seen another revolution start without a clear leader.

    • Once the first European Civil war starts and is even semi successful the rest of the Western Nations will follow up with their own civil wars. This has happened before in European History and will probably happen again.

      • People are fed up and more and more aware, they are desperately trying to put a lid on it with more and more tyrannical policies but the two track enforcement of the law is becoming too obvious.

        I had a family meal on Sunday, people that I saw as left wing before, were openly talking about the issue, and asking me for information, previously they had avoided the subject when I raised it. To say I was shocked is a pretty major understatement. I never expected it.

        However you have to get over one major issue, we on the right are law abiding people, and while I have got to the stage in seeing that our system has been totally corrupted and that I no longer live in a free democratic country, many have not yet crossed that line.

        A number of years back I thought that when they removed our political freedom to criticize Islam as a political ideology that this would wake people up, but it did not, up until just recently, how long has it been that we no longer have the right to criticise Islam in the West. At least three years now.

        The awakening is here, but we do need a leader, there are some, and they are starting to push, one important country is Austria in terms of this, which is why these ministers were bugged by German intelligence.

        This is going to get very nasty and very dirty and people are scared because the state is totally ruthless against people like us, just look at what they did to Tommy.

        My own story is similar in that I had a direct threat to my children in 2009, now they are adults, and one is very far away from their ability to hurt them. But still don’t under-estimate just how powerful the application of state terror is in Europe, the UK is a prime example at just how bad they are.

        • Yes getting people to wake up to the crimes of their governments is hard, and once they are awake it takes time for them to decide that things are bad enough that only a civil war will solve the problem. By the time this happens the government is usually so desperate that they make things worse, they over react and cause the people to get madder. One of the things that makes them so mad is that they all have some hostages to fortune and they are either pissed because of what has happened to them or because of what can happen to them. Either way the revolutionaries are going to make the members of the government (both bureaucrats and politicians) pay a heavy price.

        • The same here. I spoke openly about the threat of Islam many years ago and people didn’t want to hear it. And since the past year, people have been telling me that I was right. They understood on their own. I would say the M-103 did it.

          Even better: I now speak openly about it in public spaces such as in line at a store checkout counter. People hear and listen but don’t speak although some do nod their head. I do subtly insert the odd nugget of info about their ideal man.

          To speak about it in the open, we must ask questions as to how we have become second-class citizens to a culture that orders our death or subjugation if we don’t submit.

          When I’m in a hospital waiting room, I do speak about it, not loud but loudly enough for those around me to hear. It doesn’t take long for me to be called to see the doctor. They want me out.

          • Keep up the good work but be careful the hate speech police don’t find out about you.

            What you are doing is one of the things that the left does to try and destroy their opponents, it is a variation of the whisper campaign used in by many Democrats. In you case what you are saying is true, in the Dems case they are lying.

  2. Based on the voice of the woman I am guessing that she is an older adult. Based on the video these are all young, military aged men. I didn’t see a single woman.
    The police officer seems of average or lower intelligence and his primary purpose is to stop any kind of confrontation. “His Boss” says this or that? Who is the “Boss” that allows street prayer in a public park?
    As I said yesterday, if this woman entered the park with a large cross she would be shut down immediately.

    • Commonwealth police officers (Canada also) are trained to protect the Queen or the Crown or the government, not the people. Whereas the U.S.A, it’s the people and the Constitution. Thus, yes, their IQ is not high if they serve the higher authority and not the people.

  3. There is no peace without justice. There is no justice with selective enforcement. Selective enforcement only defers the violent aspect of jihad by momentarily satiating and pacifying the Muslim superiority complex. Selective enforcement will drive native rebellion. The P.oMo multiculti Kool-Aid is taking effect. It is a Catch-22 the man on the street doesn’t see. He says the small X% of Muslims cannot be a threat. He doesn’t see that it is not only X%, but X + Over 50% of complicit Progressive voters in every western country including the U.S. where Clinton won the popular vote. (The Electoral College system bought our planet four years.)

    “Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are.”

    -Benjamin Franklin

    Perhaps this is true. But when priviledged radicals see their own daughter raped and murdered by an invader in Germany, then DOUBLE DOWN on their multiculti rhetoric of inclusion and diversity, you know B. Franklin’s rational “unaffected” are not your garden variety party apparatchiks. Rather, you’re dealing with ideologues on PoMo steroids ready to suicide all of society with their rabid convictions.

    Conspicuous omission is the cause of the fire:

    • The kind that throw their children to Moloch.
      Or the children who turn informer on their own parents.

      That’s not natural. It cannot long endure.

      • No it can’t just as the continued vote fraud by the Dems can’t stand much longer, the alternative media is reporting on the proof that the vote fraud occurred, this is something else that can’t stand.

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