Gun control should mean having good control of your guns, Lindsay Shepherd kisses the left goodbye: Links 1, March 30, 2018

1. Rather good Thomas Victor thread on the ludicrousness of the arguments used by the gun control people.

2. Lindsay Shepherd explains why she no longer identifies as a “leftist”

3. Pat Condell video from March 22 2018. It might have been published here before but in case not, here it is, possibly again.

4. In Hungary approximately two thousand paid people are working in order to bring down the Government.

The Prime Minister has asked voters in Hungary’s general election on 8 April to not only think of the present, but also of the future, because they will not only be deciding on a government and a parliament, but Hungary will also be choosing a future for itself.


On Kossuth Radio on Friday morning Viktor Orbán said that there will either be a national government and Hungary will remain a Hungarian country, or there will be an internationalist government formed in essence by George Soros. The latter would mean that Hungary would become an immigrant country.

He stressed that the government parties are speaking about immigration as the most important issue influencing the fate of the country. This is because Hungary’s development will have been in vain if immigration is allowed, as it will consume all the advantages produced by the country’s growth.

The Prime Minister said that there is no trace of this issue in the campaigns of the opposition parties, however: they simply do not talk about the most important question for the future, as “they are under international censorship”.

5. German bystander objects to BS interview about ‘refugees’ of do-gooder.

Thank you Ava, M., Wrath of Khan, ML., Richard, Xanthippa, Charles, and a large group of most excellent people who are making sure we are all up to speed on a long weekend on which I bet everyone has things they would rather be doing.

So extra gratitude for everyone’s hard work on a long weekend.


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5 Replies to “Gun control should mean having good control of your guns, Lindsay Shepherd kisses the left goodbye: Links 1, March 30, 2018”

  1. Note how the do-gooder immediately used the line that the protester would be ‘perceived ‘ as being against migrants. All our legal systems now have this hook they can hang us on and we can’t get off.

  2. I have several (4)scars from projectile wounds. Had I not been armed at both times I would now be dead. Guns are like cars: no more dangerous than the person who uses/abuses them.
    I met Assange once and introduced myself and congratulated him upon his work and then asked when we could expect the same from the darkest depths of Russia, NK, China, Iran etc. where they kill you for doing it. He looked as though he thought that his fly was undone and mumbled something and walked away. However after his leaks regarding the Clinton DNP etc. fiascos, he has risen considerably in my estimation and I am not happy about this:

  3. so lindsay is about half way there maybe, maybe a third, but certainly has a longway to go to see the real truth…but a good start and she is young so I have faith….

    • They (the Left) have made a dangerous enemy in her: she is bright and (I believe) strong-willed. She will only get stronger and as time goes on.

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