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  1. Fewer deportations from Germany due to lack of travel documents (DW, Mar 26. 2018)

    “The number of migrants who cannot be deported rose in Germany in 2017. Authorities often struggle to obtain the relevant travel documents from their countries of origin, according to a report.

    The number of rejected asylum seekers and migrants who cannot be deported as they lack the necessary travel documents has increased by 71 percent, to 65,000 in 2017 from 38,000 in 2016, according to an internal report by the German Interior Ministry seen by the Funke Media Group.

    In many cases, German authorities cannot send the migrants back to their countries of origin because the necessary paperwork does not get completed by the relevant embassies and consulates.

    The report suggests that Indian and Pakistani authorities, in particular, rarely cooperate. With regard to India, it says that “processing requests for replacement passports [is] slow or nonexistent, despite frequent visits to the embassy.”

    Regarding Pakistan, the report says that “replacement passport procedures are being processed, but there is a lag.” The report also mentions that cooperation with Lebanon is sketchy, with “replies to requests very rare. Contact with the embassy is poor.”…”

  2. Rapist is let off for sexually attacking a woman after agreeing to allow his sister to be raped by his victim’s brother in Pakistan
    Two families arrested in Punjab, Pakistan for agreeing ‘revenge rape’
    One man had committed rape last Tuesday, and families met
    They agreed not to take legal action if a ‘revenge rape was committed
    The following day, the victim’s brother raped the perpetrator’s sister
    By Sara Malm For Mailonline

    A shocking case of ‘revenge rape’ involving 12 members of two families has been unearthed by police in Punjab province, Pakistan.

    A man had been accused of raping a woman in Pir Mahal in the Toba Tek Singh district on March 20.

    Local news reports that the suspect’s family had approached the victim’s family for ‘pardon and reconciliation’.
    The victim’s family agreed to pardon the rapist, on the condition that ‘her brother would commit the same act with the suspect’s sister’, reports.

    A dozen people attending a meeting between the two families agreed to the terms, and the brother subsequently had sex with the suspect’s sister on March 21.

    A police officer found out about the case when the two families prepared legal documents agreeing not to press charges against each other.

    Pir Mahal Police Sub-Inspector Shaukat Ali Javed saw the and reported the families to his superiors.

    All 12 people in attendance , including four women, of which one was the victim of the second rape, were arrested on Saturday.

    The case has echoes another incident in the southern city of Multan last July, where a village council ordered a ‘revenge rape’ on a 16-year-old girl.

    The girl’s brother had sexually assaulted a 12-year-old, and the ‘revenge rape’ was reportedly carried out in front of her parents and 40 members of the village council.

  3. LCI INFO – frightening words of Radouane Lakdim’s companion
    ENEQUETE – While investigations are continuing to determine whether Radouane Lakdim was able to benefit from complicities, we know a little more about the profile of his companion arrested a few hours after the deadly attacks of Trèbes and Carcassonne. According to our information, this is what she said during her detention. Her words are chilling.
    March 26 12:24 – LCI writing
    The information was confirmed this Monday morning: the companion of the jihadist attacker Radouane Lakdim, placed in custody Friday after the attacks that killed four people in the Aude, is known to police service for radicalization. The 18-year-old is “fiche S” (for “State Security”) since 2017, said a source close to the investigation to LCI. She is also known to the police for ordinary criminal cases.
    According to our information, she was followed by the DGSI for her Islamist profile, very active on social networks: “She says she is sympathetic ISIS on Facebook”. However, it was not considered to represent an imminent and direct threat. Her report is located in the “low end of the spectrum” of 12,000 cards S issued for radical Islam today.
    While claiming to have known nothing of Lakdim’s plans (“he would have cut off the bridges with her a few weeks ago”), this convert nevertheless told during her detention about her pro-jihad views. She also said she condoned the attacks in France, a country she calls “disbeliever’s country”, and that it considers normal that ISIS revenge their “brothers” killed by the French army in Syria or Iraq. According to our information, she said she regretted that there were no more deaths during Friday’s attacks. Finally, she told the investigators that had she been aware of plans for attacks carried out by her companion, she would not have denounced it.

    At the same time, a 17-year-old who was reportedly a friend of Radouane Lakdim, and living in the same working-class neighborhood, was also taken into custody for criminal criminal conspiracy, according to a source close to the investigation, stating that the latter, just like the assailant’s companion, answered the questions of the investigators
    Their custody was extended. In counter-terrorism investigations, they can be up to 96 hours, and up to 144 hours in exceptional cases. The investigators seek to determine the reasons for the jihadist assailant’s action and to find possible accomplices..

  4. “Dreams of Obama: A Million Obamas against “Old Men” in Power”
    Eagle Rising – March 25, 2018

    “President Obama “Million Young Obama’s” Speech in Japan March 25, 2018″
    Live Stream News – March 25, 2018

    Beginning @ 28:33…Now that you are out of office…30:54… next phase @32:43…”and if I could do that effectively, then I would create a hundred or a thousand or a million young barack obamas or michelle obamas…” BO

  5. SCOTLAND – Politicians tackle Islamophobia after increase in attacks

    A schoolboy allegedly wanted to pull a young girl’s hijab off to ‘earn points’.

    Politicians will consider further action to tackle an “abhorrent” anti-Muslim campaign as a community representative said it has already triggered Islamophobic incidents in Scotland.

    Police Scotland representatives will tell MSPs of action taken so for against social media and letter campaign urging people to “punish” a Muslim.

    The officers will set out their response so far at a meeting with the Scottish Parliament’s cross-party group (CPG) on tackling Islamophobia, chaired by Anas Sarwar.

    A statement on behalf of Mr Sarwar said Glasgow’s ethnic minority communities have been alerted to give allegations of five serious hate crimes in the past 10 days.

    These are said to include an allegation that a schoolboy asked a young girl if he could pull her hijab off and film it to earn “points” for the campaign – which assigns these for crimes against Muslims.

    Other alleged incidents in Glasgow include a woman allegedly being punched in the face outside a supermarket, and another woman allegedly racially abused by three men and assaulted on a train.

    Mr Sarwar said: “The abhorrent ‘Punish a Muslim’ campaign is causing fear and alarm among communities across the UK, including in Scotland.

    “It is a sick social media craze that has absolutely no place in our society.

    “We will be discussing this issue and the police and community response at the CPG meeting to identify what additional action can be taken to reassure people.

    “We have a duty to stand against racism and prejudice in all its forms.”

    Muhammad Adrees, convener of the Muslim Council of Scotland, said: “The letters are a chilling reminder of the very real danger and hatred facing ordinary Muslims every day.

    “Although there are no known recipients in Scotland, they have nonetheless caused considerable alarm and the community needs reassurance, especially since the letters have already triggered Islamophobic incidents here.”

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