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One Reply to “Stunning video from Euro-Parl with Lauren”

  1. The English King James authorized the translation of the canonized Bible from its original languages to English. Upon its publication in 1611, he ordered that copies be sent to all churches in the land and that they must keep their doors unlocked so that any subject who wanted to read the Bible had free access to one.

    I would point out: “”Defender of the Faith” has been one of the subsidiary titles of the English and later British monarchs since it was granted on 11 October 1521[1] by Pope Leo X to King Henry VIII of England and Ireland.” from Wikepedia.

    Her magisty appears to no longer be defending this Faith. Her Progressive government seems hell-bent on defending the faith of a pagan deity, “allah”. Her ministers seem oblivious to the idea that Muslims can conquer by immigration and reproduction far more easily and by shedding far less blood than by waging open violent war. In the case of the West, they even get the host country to pay their expenses through “welfare benefits” while they are being conquered.

    Time to wake up UK! Wake up Europeans! The time is short. The longer you wait, the more costly it will be to reclaim your cultures.

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