A couple of tech notes concerning the site

A few of you noticed that the site was down for an hour or so yesterday. This was for maintenance and security, and is all good. It does mean that we have been under attack for some time, but users may notice that today the site loads faster and better than anything, thanks to our good friends at the security service that keeps us up and functioning.

Also for reasons I really don’t get, the semi-automatic post for readers links did not go up on time for 2 days in a row. This I think has also been fixed, as it did work for today’s post.

So thank you all for your vigilance and support and lets carry on as usual!


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4 Replies to “A couple of tech notes concerning the site”

  1. Thanks for the update guys, It always makes you wonder why occasionally there are problems accessing sites that seek to honestly chronicle the demographic and cultural decline and imminent fall of Western Civilisation. I’m a big fan of your site as well as your friends over at Tundra Tabloids. I don’t know if you are experiencing the same thing, but for over a week now I have not been able to click on their articles to read more of the story. When I do, I’m always confronted by the same message . . . ”Not found . . . on this server”. I’d have written to Tundra myself but given that function is under the fold, I can’t. Would you let them know what’s going on if they don’t already. Thanks guys. Best regards.

  2. Is there any way of tracking where these attacks originate? I realize that most of them are probably going through hijacked bot computers but mapping that information might be useful. Also are these traditional DOS* mass-assaults or hacking attempts to get at core functions? Again, any ability to distinguish twixt the two and map them separately could be of value.

    * It is more than a little ironic that Microsoft’s Disk Operating System’s initials now stand for “Denial of Service”, something that Microsoft’s software performed amply for early and recent Windows users.

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