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  1. What’s Next?

    “London Mayor Sadiq Khan | Convergence Keynote | SXSW 2018”
    Austin,TX – SXSW – Published on March 12, 2018

    • Meanwhile, the boots on the ground in _Afrin_ are on the feet of _jihadi mercenaries_.
      Ahrar al-Sham (related to al-Nusra [al-Queda]), ISIS (now “defeated”, thus unemployed, free to serve elsewhere). Plus random militias composed of strays.

      These motley jihadis armed by the Turk, who provides air support to target Syrian Kurds. Qatar is picking up the tab.

      Everybody’s into this mixed model warfare. Just telling different stories to their people.

  2. Video time point – 00:33

    People are looking elsewhere now for people who will lead them.

    With this, brave Tommy is on thin ice. The very last thing a government or controlling agency wants to hear is someone exhorting the public to look somewhere else for leadership. It would be intensely ironic if Tommy Robinson became the first British citizen that is removed by law enforcement from Speaker’s Corner. Especially considering the piss-poor track record that Muslims have accumulated in the UK.

    One thing is certain, matters are approaching critical mass. No sane government (a near-oxymoron these days) would ordinarily risk flouting the electorate’s will. Yet, all across Europe, ruling bodies regularly ignore the voters’ wishes and implement policies which are so contrary to the public weal that, a mere century or two ago, such acts would have sparked a “torches and pitchforks” revolution.

    I wish Tommy Robinson well. His is the bulldog courage that previous generations of Britons took such great pride in. Unfortunately, the system is rigged and, however amplified, Robinson’s voice will be squelched at every opportunity.

    As I said, Robinson is on thin ice. Therefore, in recommending that he and his colleagues make themselves very fast-moving targets, I will quote Ralph Waldo Emerson:

    When skating on thin ice, our safety lies in our speed.

    • He is on very thin ice, he has to be worried about what the government is going to do while the government has to be worried about what will happen if something happens to Tommy.

  3. Commie May has a big problem. Silencing the likes of Tommy and Lauren may backfire if alternative media continues to broadcast facts. There will be civil war if native Brits are red-pilled en mass and quickly. Conversely, the tards will up the violence if they think they can strike enough fear in the general population. This will be the Muslims’ mistake. The police (or agents) hurting Tommy will be May’s mistake. The lid won’t stay on this boiling pot for long.

    • There will be civil war if native Brits are red-pilled en mass and quickly.

      Too right, mate! That’s my “torches and pitchforks” narrative. It’s why the UK and EU are becoming so terrified of the Identitarian movements.

      Conversely, the tards will up the violence if they think they can strike enough fear in the general population.

      Isn’t that what they always do? At some point, we Infidels will catch on to this one-trick Islamic pony and no longer cut any slack.

      The lid won’t stay on this boiling pot for long.

      Like I said, “critical mass”. All that’s required is sufficient neutron density.

    • You are right, the pot is boiling and will soon build up enough pressure to blow the top off of Britain. Civil war is as close to certain as you can get, not only in Britain but in every western nation.

      The violence will come from the Moslems and from the left as they turn their thugs loose to learn what real violence is composed of. I don’t know how much longer the various governments can keep the lid on, but I don’t know how they have kept the lid on this long.

    • …if alternative media continues to broadcast facts.

      Commies are doing all they can to shut us down.
      • Twitter, YouTube, Facebook.
      • Infowars, The Rebel.

      • • • => If RT, yes, if R-USSR-T is cut off, that’s pretty much the ballgame.

      • You are right, once the British public is cut off from alternative sources for the news they are back to the age of the leftist monopoly on news dissemination. If enough Brits are to be red pilled in mass it needs to happen soon.

  4. GLOBAL JIHAD What remains of ISIS’s global terror network? Map reveals fanatics still have strongholds in ‘safe havens’ all over the planet

    Since declaring its self-styled caliphate in June 2014, the terror group has conducted or inspired hundreds of terror attacks – leaving thousands dead

    SINCE declaring its self-styled caliphate in June 2014, ISIS has conducted or inspired hundreds of terror attacks around the world.

    At the height of its powers it was feared the terror group had more than 80,000 jihadi fighters in Iraq and Syria alone.


  5. The mayor of London read racist tweets about himself during SXSW as a plea for Facebook and Twitter to stop hate speech

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan made a moving plea for tech companies to take on hate speech at the annual SXSW conference in Austin, Texas, on Monday.

    During his talk, the mayor read racist tweets about himself.

    “I say kill the mayor of London and you’ll be rid of one Muslim terrorist,” Khan read aloud. “I’d pay for someone to execute Sadiq Kahn.”


  6. Immigrants to UK held in ‘prison-like’ conditions: report

    London (AFP) – Immigrants to Britain detained in the country’s largest detention centre were kept in “prison-like” conditions for “excessively” long periods of time, according to a watchdog report released on Tuesday.

    Foreign nationals were housed in the facility near Heathrow Airport on the western outskirts of London in some cases for as long as four years, the government probe said.

    Inspectors visiting Harmondsworth centre found that planned removals of immigrants had consistently failed to materialise due to last-minute legal challenges or a lack of travel documents.

    The report, conducted by the government’s Inspectorate of Prisons, also concluded that some detentions were delayed because of failings by the Home Office, the British interior ministry.

    Publishing the probe, chief inspector of prisons Peter Clarke said: “The continuing lack of a time limit on detention meant that some men had been held for excessively long periods.”


  7. Duterte goes to war with UN as he threatens to throw rights team to the crocodiles

    Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte fuelled an extraordinary war of words with the United Nations by saying that their human rights team should be fed to crocodiles if they came to investigate his controversial war on drugs.

    It followed a week in which he had called Agnes Callamard, UN Rapporteur on extrajudicial killings, “undernourished” – while UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein remarked publicly that Mr Duterte needed to consult a psychiatrist.

    His latest outburst was made as he addressed soldiers in the southern city of Zamboanga and attempted to justify his order for the police to ignore inspectors who wanted to investigate his war against drugs, which human rights groups allege has claimed over 12,000 lives.


  8. Japan cautious while South Korea upbeat after North Korea talks in Tokyo

    TOKYO (Reuters) – Differences between Japan and South Korea on how to handle North Korea emerged on Tuesday with South Korea upbeat on prospects but a more cautious Japan demanding that North Korea account for Japanese people it says North Korea abducted decades ago.

    Signs of easing tension with North Korea began during the Winter Olympics last month, when the North sent a high-level delegation to the South for the Games, after more than a year of rising alarm over the North’s nuclear weapon and missile tests.

    Japan has been more guarded about the prospect of talks between the two Koreas, and between North Korea and the United States. Japan has warned that “talks for the sake of talks” would be unacceptable.

    South Korean officials have been briefing neighbours and allies, including Japan, on a South Korean delegation’s visit to North Korea last week, which included talks with leader Kim Jong Un and agreements on summits with both South Korea and the United States.


    • This is discouraging but not unexpected. It will take a long time for Japan’s WWII abuses (e.g., South Korean “comfort women”) to fade from memory. Unfortunately, the Northeast Asian quadrant does not have time to wait out these old hostilities.

      Either these nations find some sort of mutual solidarity or they face the prospect of fragmentation by Communist China. No options.

      • I agree, the South Koreans are going to have to bite the bullet and accept Japan as an ally or risk defeat in detail for every nation in the region. The US can only do so much with the limited resources we have left, Japan has to rearm and the rest of the region has to accept them as allies.

        Look at what is happening in the entire Ind-Chinese region, a slow hesitation waltz to war, a war that will spread to the rest of the world. The only question is when will the war start?

  9. Britain demands answer from Putin by midnight over nerve attack on former spy

    LONDON (Reuters) – Britain gave President Vladimir Putin until midnight on Tuesday to explain how a nerve agent developed by the Soviet Union was used to strike down a former Russian double agent who passed secrets to British intelligence.

    Sergei Skripal, 66, and his daughter Yulia, 33, have been in hospital in a critical condition since March 4 when they were found unconscious on a bench outside a shopping center in the southern English cathedral city of Salisbury.

    Prime Minister Theresa May said it was “highly likely” that Russia was to blame after Britain identified the substance as part of the highly-lethal Novichok group of nerve agents developed by the Soviet military during the 1970s and 1980s.

    “Mr Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia,” May said.

    “Either this was a direct act by the Russian state against our country,” May said. “Or the Russian government lost control of this potentially catastrophically damaging nerve agent and allowed it to get into the hands of others.”


  10. China promptly demonstrates why Trump is right to reject Broadcom takeover of Qualcomm
    By J.E. Dyer March 13, 2018

    Two big reports are circulating on Monday, 12 March. One is that President Trump has just prohibited Singapore-based Broadcom, the computer chip giant, from a proposed takeover of San Diego’s Qualcomm, global leader in cellular communications technology.

    The other is that the Xi Jinping regime in Beijing has just proposed a sweeping slate of bureaucratic reforms, which will consolidate the control of the Communist Party over huge and significant segments of the Chinese economy.

    What does one have to do with the other? The answer lies in the connection between China’s regime, the People’s Liberation Army, and major Broadcom partner Huawei (here, here, here, here) – a Chinese rival to Qualcomm in cellular technology, and in the race to develop the “5G,” fifth-generation framework of wireless tech.

    Regarding the significance of 5G, Gordon Chang explained in an opinion piece for Fox News on 2 March:


      • Given the number of internal enemies I wish we had more manufacturing facilities and that they were more dispersed. In all to may essential industries there are point source failures waiting to happen.

  11. “Tommy Robinson Talks About Vicious ANTIFA Attack And What The Cameras Missed” The Alex Jones Channel – March 12, 2018

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