Continued barbarity and greater resistance by a few: Links 1, March 8, 2018

1. Tweet claims to show some fairly brutal treatment of a migrant woman by a migrant man in Germany.



Thanks to a commenter we see this was fake news. It should be pointed out that in no way shape or form is this fake news any more unlikely than what UNESCO really does say and do. therefore, its understandable that people would take this on its own merits, especially after UNESCO declared there is no Jewish connection to the city of Jerusalem. Why is saying Islam is the most peaceful religion even one grain less likely than that?

Thank you Tamto for catching this!

3. ‘We Must Not Allow a Single Migrant’ to Enter Hungary – PM Orban

He also went on to reiterate that his government believes the EU should reimburse Hungary for the construction of its border wall.


“Brussels must pay for its [the border barrier] costs — or at least half of them, which would be 445 million euros (around US$550 million at the current exchange rate.) In addition, he said, the national security risk means that Hungary must exclude from the country everyone who is involved in organizing immigration,” the press release continues.


In April, 2017, Hungarian authorities announced the completion of a second border wall with Serbia, spanning 155 kilometers, and featuring thermal imaging cameras to spot migrants in dark conditions. 

4. Berlin has become considerably more dangerous for Germans

5. India Supreme Court restores ‘love jihad’ marriage

(This item shows the difficulty in dealing with Islamic tactics. A politic and a military doctrine that comes wrapped in a barbed skin of piety,)

An Indian woman at the centre of an inter-religious marriage row may now live with her husband, the Supreme Court has ruled.


Hadiya Jahan, who is in her 20s, was born into a Hindu family, but converted to Islam and married a Muslim man.

Her family alleged she was brainwashed as part of an anti-Hindu conspiracy, prompting a lower court to annul the marriage.


India’s top court has now set aside the ruling, restoring their marriage.

Marriages between Hindus and Muslims have long attracted censure in conservative Indian families, but the attachment of a deeper, sinister motive to them is a recent phenomenon.

Thank you Charles, M., Wrath of Khan, EB., Bugs, and all who sent in materials.

There is a great deal more in the Reader’s Links post. Please do check it out. I can say this one thing with some certainty, and that is that those we seek to expose to the light of day have upped their focus on this, and related sites and have engaged in some deceptive and technical attacks.

It may be reasonable to say that those who seek to silence others who speak demonstrable and observable truths are not concerned with the rightness of their position or the amount of suffering it will cause when (fully) implemented. So we can know that our efforts are worthy ones.

Is it ‘racist’ to expect (designers of) machines to know their place?

A little inspirational music from Hungarian border hunters:

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  1. Number 1 and number 4 are related, the Islamic invaders are bringing their culture and laws to Germany and when they get a large enough body of invaders in one location they are setting out to make the locals fear them so they can impose sharia law on the areas they control. Once they have dominated one area they will set out to expand that region and build a state within a state where German law is not followed and where even German police are afraid to go.

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    • It is not ‘fake’ – it is a Poe. There is a huge difference between the two.

      Fake news is meant to mislead.

      This video clearly states it is a Poe – a cautionary parody – to show just how far things have deteriorated.

      Calling it ‘fake’ misses the point of the piece entirely.

  3. 5. “Her family alleged she was brainwashed as part of an anti-Hindu conspiracy, prompting a lower court to annul the marriage.”

    But how was she brainwashed? 7,000 years of reincarnated souls against 1,500 years of slavery and thuggary. How did the lowest male of humanity look like a giant of masculinity? This Muslim looking out for four brides.

    Well, Hinduism, for whatever divine spark it came, ended up a Socialist Ideology.

    From my interpretation, Sai Baba of Shirdi was a beggar who angered and intimidated a village so much so, that they resolved their guilt-for-giving – their resentment for being pressure to aiding a huckster – turned on a dime into one of giving to a God. In an instant, what was once the return of poison for knowingly abetting sloth, was cured by their self-delusion of being blessed. This was their miracle. And Sai Baba brought all his followers round to tea. The free meal. Giving to God.

    For the Muslim, their murderer-in-chief Muhammad became their Saint in a gang that demanded submission to joinand profit. The free meal. Giving to God.

    So daughters, very much like the West’s Socialists on Welfare, come in contact for the very first time with something on the outside that resembles a man. Not a metrosexual. He is doing things aggressively, looking so self-controlled, she does not know it is not of his own volition. Her whole body responds though, as if he did own his own a soul.

    And for him, afraid of intelligent women, and drawn to little boys when growing up, finds this weak people-pleaser being able to turn him on. To want to rape her if it can be done without four witnesses The fake-fathered and the fatherless. Muhammad and his child-bride.

    So I blame the Hindus, for emasulated peace; and the Muslims for taqiyya, to pretend they own the lease.

    “Baba, who used to be visited by the kings and commoners both, used to beg from door to door in Shirdi. He would attend four or five houses in Shirdi for alms and call out “O give me a piece of bread”. He was like no ordinary beggar. One day he astounded a lady who refused him charity by gently rebuking her thus, “Mother you have (such and such number of) chapattis (bread), so much of cooked rice (naming the exact quantity), why do you refuse a crust to the poor fakir?

    In one hand he carried a tin-pot for liquid or semi-liquid food items such as soup, vegetables, milk or buttermilk and in other hand a cloth bag to receive bread, cooked rice and solid food items. Baba’s tongue knew no taste as He had acquired full control over it. Irrespective of the taste all the food collected was mixed together of which He would distribute to some devotees, dogs and birds around and partake a small quantity from the rest over.

    He would never taste the food He had begged without letting others have a share in it. Dogs and crows always had their share as also beggars and fakirs. Imagine God begging for His children !

    In the advanced years of his stay at Shirdi devotees turned up in large numbers and offered the finest delicacies out of devotion and love but Baba was contended with the little He received in alms. He continued begging His food till the last days of His human embodiment. He reigned supreme in His Royal poverty, Fakiri.”

    • Communism is where beggars rule through envy; and Islam is where dhimmis rule by birthright. An authority of the whiny “me-too” oppressed, or the impotent-unless-rapists gangs of mauderers. The selectively preferenced and the chosen privileged – if only they bow down and serve their masters with the memorization and regurgitation of their life-guides: The little red book or gold one. Distribution of wealth or the division of spoils. International Socialism or National Socialism. Collectivism or invasion. To find yourself in the House without Walls or the House of War.

  4. This news “Continued barbarity and greater resistance by a few: Links 1, March 8, 2018 / Umba Kalumba erklärt auf seine Art das er unzufrieden mit der Asylunterkunft ist.Das kommt auf unseren Frauen zu.Bitte Teilen (…)” is a fake. ALthough the video is real, the aggression did not take place in a German refugee center, as claimed by “Norbert”, but in the city of Newark NJ – whose police have issued a wanted notice. This site has researched and found out the real source of the video:

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