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10 Replies to “Interesting news segment on Turkish allies in their war against the Kurds”

  1. Yep, the videos Martin added in Readers’ links are al-Nusra for sure. I added a few comments there.

    “Elements of the Free Syrian Army” include our “moderate jihadi” BFF, affiliates of al-Nusra => which is al-Queda. ISIS has been defecting to them. 0 and the Turk have been arming them since the beginning to overthrow Assad. Qatar and private individuals in the Gulf continue to fund them.

    They’ve kept a grip in pockets around Damascus and elsewhere. Now theyre supported by the Turk to fight the Kurds in regions where there are no ISIS. Pleas from the UN about ceasefires for “humanitarian” reasons should be ignored.

  2. Now they’re supported by the Turk to fight the Kurds in regions where there are no ISIS. Pleas from the UN about ceasefires for “humanitarian” reasons should be ignored.

    Please pardon my all-too irreverent suggestion but, somewhere in here, there’s a “Little Miss Muffin – Kurds and whey” wisecrack just screaming to get the hell out.

    Then again, maybe that’s just weird@ss little-old me…


  3. Germans aren’t so finicky:
    Germany sold technology to Iran for use in Syrian chemical attacks

    Germany’s Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control approved a license for a company to sell military applicable technology to Iranian companies that subsequently was used in Syrian regime chemical weapons attacks, reported the German publication Bild on Monday.

    The German company Krempel, located near the southern city of Stuttgart, sold electronic press boards to Iranian companies that were used in the production of rockets.

    The Jerusalem Post reported in 2017 that multiple German intelligence reports revealed that Iran sought chemical and biological weapon technology in the federal republic.

    The research of the human rights group, Syrians for Truth and Justice, Bild and the online investigative journalist website Bellingcat, showed photographs of the rocket remains with the company logo of Krempel and the product signature: “Made in Germany.”

    …Germany is Iran’s largest and most important EU trade partner. German exports to Iran increased in 2017 by 19%, amounting to just under €2.4 billion in export volume. The country’s Iran regime-friendly foreign minister Sigmar Gabriel has traveled with two business delegations to Iran to boost trade.…

    …A Chinese import-export company contacted a company in the German state that sells “complex metal producing machines,” the intelligence agency wrote. The technology would aid Iran’s development of ballistic missiles, it said.

    Iran made nearly 40 attempts to obtain illicit nuclear and missile goods from Germany during 2016.…


  4. First Assad, Then the World: Al Qaida’s Strategy in Syria

    Bottom Line: While ISIS’s territory has dwindled, al Qaida has managed to build a strong following in Syria, and may use the civil-war-torn country as a base from which to target the West. The group has evolved into the network’s largest global affiliate by strategically positioning itself as a key opposition movement battling the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

    Background: Al Qaida’s Syrian offshoot, formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra or the al-Nusra Front, emerged in 2011 against the backdrop of the Syrian civil war.


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