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175 Replies to “Reader’s Links, February 4, 2018”

    • This you tube channel seems to be telling the facts but with an Indian slant. this makes sense give the Indian accent of the man talking at the beginning of the videos. The facts given in these videos match what I know and what recent history says.

    • When watching the video remember that China has taken over a Pakistani Port and is building a large Naval Base. They are also building an Army post inside Afghanistan. Combine these moves with the Artificial Islands and you get a picture of China working to “surround” India to prevent them from helping doing any thing to stop China taking over the South China Sea. While India has two Island groups that make up unsinkable air craft carriers this doesn’t mean the air ports can’t be knocked out of operation long enough for invasion forces to take both Island groups. This would be bad news for India and the other nations that are trying to stop China from stealing part of their territory.

      Is China planning on fighting a war? Maybe they don’t have a strong enough economy to fight a long one but if they can find some way to keep the US out of the fight most of the nations they are pushing wouldn’t be able to last much longer then a week in any war. India is an exception to this time limit as is Japan assuming they have enough of their war ships manned at the beginning of the war or that they don’t have any nukes they can use. The next video is one about the Chinese subs who could give India a hard time in any war.

      • Richard,

        Thank you so much for your dedicated efforts (e.g., the most excellent “China Uncensored” series) to keep Beijing in the crosshairs. Everything that The Mainland’s Mandarins are doing—be it their, “One Belt One Road Initiative”, colonizing Africa, suckling North Korea, or getting into bed with violent Islamic regimes—all spells serious complications for any freedom-loving countries around the world.

        As I have noted elsewhere at this site; it is long overdue for India to fight or fü¢k fish or cut bait. The Subcontinent’s long track record of idiotic Socialist misadventures (with every last attendant and well-earned woe), is something that needs to end, STAT!

        Narendra Modi has a rapidly shrinking window of opportunity to, kicking and screaming, drag his hyper-corrupt India out of its self imposed (post-colonial) “Dark Ages” and turn The Subcontinent into the dynamic, industrial powerhouse that it is meant to be.

        One would think that Communist China’s growing naval presence in both Southeast Asian waters and the Indian Ocean would serve as a (fü¢king blaring) klaxon horn for these cow-loving, gold hoarding, bunch of steamed basmati rice-eaters.

        Given the long-running border disputes that have occupied these two regional adversaries, the notion of Modi growing a brain doesn’t seem like too much to expect. Then again, a tiny island like Britain was able to subdue and remold this, almost, three-million square mile land-mass. So, go figure…

        Nonetheless, one remains obliged to wonder if these curry loving, daughter-aborting, congenital grafters will wake up to how the ChiComs are quite ready to eat their collective tiffin.

        • Nonetheless, one remains obliged to wonder if these curry loving, daughter-aborting, congenital grafters will wake up to how the ChiComs are quite ready to eat their collective tiffin.

          Some are, the man doing this You Tube Channel seems to be and from what I am seeing he has some kind of contact with the Indian Government. As for the rest? I am not sure, remember both China and India are groups of First World Cities surrounded by Third World Nations.

          As I said in reply to another of the videos India is telling Pakistan that they are through playing games and are ready to rumble big time. If/when this happens will China move on India? Maybe. Will Pakistan resort to nukes? Maybe. What is scary about the possibility of a nuclear exchange between the two is the way the Moslems think dying fighting the Infidal they go to heaven and get their virgins. The Hindu’s on the other hand think they will be reincarnated, possibly as an animal if they have lead a sinful life. This means that neither side fears a nuclear exchange the way we do. Also if Pakistan or India (they have renounced the no first strike idea) starts firing nukes at some point India will probably launch on China under the idea that they either use those nukes or lose them to a Pakistan nuke.

          I know this is a gross over simplification to a very complex problem but it hits most of the main points.

  1. Sounds like some Patriots’ fan is trolling Wikipedia:

    Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie and head coach Doug Pederson were listed as killed at Super Bowl LII by Wikipedia.

    The only problem: both coaches are alive and Super Bowl LII kickoff doesn’t start for a few hours.

    Lurie’s Wikipedia page said he died February 4th, 2018 at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

    Coach Pederson was also listed as killed February 4th, 2018 at the same location.

    • Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what might occur if vast numbers of Muslimas from various Islamic nations simply got the fü¢k out of there?

      Imagine what would happen were all of those goat-humping, bacha bazi reaming, sacks of bipedal carpet-weaving excrement to suddenly find themselves incapable of reproducing with their (previously confined) body-bagged brood mares? As in; a plummeting Islamic birthrate. What’s not to like?

    • One more time, thank you, Richard, for posting this video.

      It was the height of American hypocrisy to urge restraint when (right after our own hideous 9-11 Atrocity) India endured the outrageous December 13, 2001 Pakistani-orchestrated mass murder of its own parliament.

      Had the same event happened on America’s Capitol Hill, whatever offending country-of-origin that was responsible would have been Glassed and Windexed™ without a backward glance. Any opposing arguments to such a notion are welcome…

      Yet, somehow, India was supposed to stifle its own indignant retaliation as part of mimicking America’s totally brain-dead unwillingness to promptly provide Saudi Arabia with a six-pack of “canned sunshine”, which it so richly deserved.

      This is just one of many reasons why Bush 2.0 was an abject traitor (please click the link to see him osculate Saudi orifices).

      • PS: Most absurd of all is how India could absorb Pakistan’s entire nuclear arsenal and the dabbawallahs would be out delivering their thousands of tiffin the very next day.

        If India sent its whole atomic inventory (no postage due) to Islamabad and whatever surrounding points beyond … all of Pakistan would be a blinding, glow-in-the-dark, smoothly glazed, parking lot whose need for nighttime illumination wouldn’t become an issue of concern for another century.

        • At best they will have 2/3rds aimed at Pakistan, they have to save some for China to prevent them from invading. Also if I was India I would have a few aimed at Iran (If they have missiles that will reach the dangerous parts).

          India could have (and probably should have) taken Pakistan in any of the other wars they fought with them. They always delivered a sharp pointed lesson to Pakistan and then pulled back. They are getting pissed and seem to be ready to tell Pakistan where to place their nukes and then move in to help them insert the nukes in the appropriate rectal cavities. To modify what I said above the big question mark is China, what will China do once the festivities begin? They are moving to encircle India with strategically placed military bases, but aren’t yet in position to totally control of the access routes to India. India needs to move before they are surrounded but is their economy strong enough to prevent a collapse during the semi long fighting before China’s economy collapses?

          Also India has to consider which nation Russia will side with once the festivities start? Russia is an ally to both nations and may decide to help one nation (which one?) or no nation. Once China and India are fighting will the rest of the nations China has been pushing around will have to decide if they are going to help India of set out the war. Both courses of action have potential benefits and possible (massive losses) no matter which nations ends up being the winner.

  2. CBC – Is Trump creating a constitutional crisis worse than Watergate?

    Trump is creating a constitutional crisis with his attacks on the FBI and the Department of Justice, say White House watchers.

    The CBC’s Wendy Mesley speaks to former Attorney General of New Jersey Anne Milgram who believes it may be worse than Watergate.

  3. Justin Trudeau is suggesting that security officials raised no red flags when his office arranged last month for him to meet freed hostage Joshua Boyle and his family.

    The prime minister says his office follows all the advice it’s given by security officials and did exactly that in the case of the Boyle family.

    Trudeau met with Boyle, his American wife and their three children in the prime minister’s Parliament Hill office on Dec. 18.

    On Dec. 30, Ottawa police laid 15 criminal charges against Boyle, including eight counts of assault, two counts of sexual assault, two counts of unlawful confinement and one count each of misleading police, uttering a death threat and administering a noxious substance.

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