The media in the wake of “The Memo” release

Media is scrambling to find ex-members or retired members of the intelligence ‘community’ to weigh in on The Memo and its value.

I chose this one to post because while its opinionated tact, it contains a lot of fact.

It doesn’t actually matter that the speaker is ex-CIA because he is stating a set of facts rooted in basic civics that could be said by anyone and be just as valid. Gravitas not required.

Lets compare that to CNN’s pack of Intel people:

It seems to be to be all interpretation and spin along with opinion and conjecture. Oh yes and a touch of threat.

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  1. The members of the Deep State are looking a prison time and lose of pension, of course they are going to fight back, as the information continues to come out they and the Propaganda Media will find it harder to continue their propaganda campaign. They will continue it but will (probably) turn antifa and the other violent groups they fund loose to riot about the lack of prosecution of President Trump. The closer the Deep States comes to being removed from power the more violent their thugs will become and the more they will try to frame their opponents for crimes similar to the ones they are accused of committing.

      • Assuming he isn’t out of the country staying out of contact until after his retirement date. Until he is officiall retired and drawing a pension the DOJ can fire him if he refuses to testify, once he is retired and drawing the pension he can plead the 5th Amendment (no self incrimination) and nothing can be done without a lo of evidence. All he has to do is stay out of contact for a couple of months.

      • If McCabe can keep out of sight and contact for a couple of months he will be officially retired and on pension, the investigators will have no leverage to get him to ignore his 5th Amendment rights and talk. Listen to the Don Bongino shows he goes into great detail on this subject.

  2. Chuck (Charles) Grassley’s report is coming up next. It will complement Nunes’ memo.

    And then, in March, the MOAB: Inspector General Horowitz’s report covering his one-year+ investigation.

    It’s a drip-drip strategy that will help people process the information slowly.

  3. MSNBC host: Next time federal agents are killed in the line of duty, that is on Trump


    NBC News political analyst Nicolle Wallace not only did her part to discredit the House Intelligence Committee memo released Friday, she upped the ante to say, through a third party, that President Donald Trump is responsible the next time federal agents are killed in the line of duty by allowing the memo to be released.

    This from a memo that the left has labeled a “nothing-burger.”

    […]Wallace took the narrative further.

    “Let me paint a bleaker picture. It was posited to me by a former national security official,” she said. “That the next Waco, the next time that federal law enforcement officials are killed in the line of duty, that’s on Trump.”

    […]Wallace gave contributor Donny Deutsch, a staunch critic of the president, the last word and he did not disappoint the anti-Trump crowd.

    “The FBI are the people that dedicate their lives to protect us and give their lives. Period,” he said. “The other guy’s a reality real estate star.”

  4. Judge Jeanine: They needed reason to spy, so they made it up

    A cabal of arrogant, condescending employees of our government thought we didn’t count.

  5. Chicago Tribune – Democratic, GOP lawmakers say memo doesn’t clear Trump in Russia prob

    Democratic and Republican lawmakers said Sunday that a GOP-produced congressional memo on FBI surveillance powers did not clear President Donald Trump in the Russia investigation, and they expressed hope that special counsel Robert Mueller’s work would continue without interference.

    The top Democrat on the Republican-led House Intelligence Committee that released the memo called it “a political hit job” and questioned whether GOP Rep. Devin Nunes, the committee chairman, had coordinated with the White House in drafting it

    “The goal here is to undermine the FBI, discredit the FBI, discredit the Mueller investigation, do the president’s bidding,” said Rep. Adam Schiff,[…]on ABC’s “This Week” Sunday.

    “The interest wasn’t oversight,” Schiff told host George Stephanopoulos. “The interest was a political hit job on the FBI in the service of the president.”

    On Sunday, Schiff argued that not only does the memo not vindicate President Donald Trump in the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election and the Trump campaign’s possible cooperation — it proves the probe is legitimate.

    “What the memo indicates is the investigation didn’t begin with Carter Page, it actually began with George Papadopoulos, someone who was a foreign policy adviser for candidate Trump and someone who was meeting secretly with the Russians and talking about the stolen Clinton e-mails,” Schiff said.

    Business Insider – ‘A political hit job’: Democrats come out swinging to discredit the highly controversial GOP memo, warn against a ‘constitutional crisis’

    Led by Rep. Adam Schiff, Democrats came out in force this weekend to criticize the controversial intelligence memo released on Friday.

    Schiff called the memo a “hit job” but claimed that a line in the memo actually confirmed the validity of the Russia investigation.

    Other top democrats called the release “reckless” and said it did not vindicate President Donald Trump, despite his suggestions to the contrary.

    The House Intelligence Committee is likely to take up the potential release of the Democrats’ counter-memo on Monday, according to Reuters.[…]

    CNN – Durbin: Firing Mueller or Rosenstein over Nunes memo ‘could precipitate a constitutional crisis’

    Washington (CNN)The No. 2 Democrat in the Senate says Republicans may be setting the stage for a “constitutional crisis” if they use the Nunes memo to end the special counsel’s Russia investigation.

    “To say that that’s the end of the investigation, that this is all that Donald Trump needs to fire (Deputy Attorney General Rod) Rosenstein or to fire (special counsel Robert) Mueller, I’ll just tell you, this could precipitate a constitutional crisis,” Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, said on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday.

    […]”If House Republicans believe that they’ve set the stage for this President to end this investigation, they are basically saying that in America, one man is above the law, and that’s not a fact,” Durbin added.

    […]”The norms and institutions protecting the Department of Justice from political interference in the years since have been tested, but never before as they are under President Donald Trump,” Schiff wrote. “What we have witnessed during the first year of the Trump Administration is a determined effort to demolish the separation between politics and the fair administration of justice — an attempt to turn the DOJ’s investigative powers into the personal political tool of the President.”


    CNN – Nadler accuses House GOP of organized obstruction

  6. CNN – Stelter: Sean Hannity won, rest of America lost

    CNN’s Brian Stelter says that Fox News host Sean Hannity and other pro-Trump media’s constant hype of the Nunes memo successfully distracted the public and eroded faith from special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

    “Let’s be honest”

  7. MSNBC – Adam Schiff Suggests Another Oklahoma City Bombing Could Happen Because Of GOP FISA Memo

    Adam Schiff: “But the real damage they have done is they have damaged the relationship between our committee and the intelligence community in the future. They are going to be wary about sharing information pause they won’t trust us to be responsible stewards of it. And sources of information are going to dry up. If you have a neighbor next door who is buying a lot of fertilize and it seems odd because they don’t have a yard, are you going to think twice because if they get a search warrant for your neighbor and something is politicized, the political winds change and there’s an investigation, your identity is going to be revealed. Because you really can’t trust that this is going to be kept confidential anymore. There’s a reason why this process has never been used before. Even so, the process presumed that the president of the United States who has a veto over this would be a responsible person who would have the interest of the nation at heart. And that’s not what we have here.”

    Rachel Maddow: “Congressman Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the house intelligence committee, currently engaged in a fight to have the Democrat rebuttal memo to this declassified and. Released. Thank you for being with us tonight.”

  8. Is Trump creating a constitutional crisis worse than Watergate?

    Trump is creating a constitutional crisis with his attacks on the FBI and the Department of Justice, say White House watchers.

    The CBC’s Wendy Mesley speaks to former Attorney General of New Jersey Anne Milgram who believes it may be worse than Watergate.

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