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5 Replies to “What exactly do Muslims say when they do those public (or private) prayers?”

  1. The Five Piles of Islam

    Destroy Disbelievers
    Kill the Apostate
    Women are inferiors
    Houries at Heaven’s Gate
    Lie to your superiors until their lives you take.

  2. Al-yahud “the Jew” clearly refers to Seinfeld and Al-nasiri “the Christian” clearly refers to Copernicus. Any of the imams could have said that instead of interpreting the text as they did, which was in the general case for all time. Well, actually, didn’t one of them indicate Seinfeld’s involvement?

    • I’ve never seen Seinfeld performing except for a clip on an occasional blog. I don’t understand his jokes (often the case for me).

      But he came to the 2006 Washington D.C. March in support of Israel during the 2nd Lebanon War. He brought along a huge group from NYC – purely by his brandname, not especially pro-Israel. He was one of many supporters in the VIP area.

      It was flash-organized: In about 3 days – one of which was Shabbat. People had gotten sick of the double standard, the U.S. involved in Iraq at the time, monstrous hypocrisy in all-around coverage and bloviation.

      Evangelicals had been riding in buses for endless hours.
      Bibi came, so did Caroline Glick. Mortimer Zuckerman spoke and I think Ron Lauder. Biggest crowd of my life.

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