Some worthy tweets

1. Don Trump Jr.


2. From Jack Posobiec

3. It really is time to use thee internet to take back institutions by grass roots. Religion, sports, entertainment. There is no excuse for letting communist and post modernists like the Pope or the Oscar committee that now have McCarthyist rules in place to eliminate any non-marxists. Play sports at local fields and support friends doing so by watching and bringing food and drink. Rent church basements to hold real Christian services in them. Maybe even stream them out. Same with nearly all reform Jewish Synagogues which are now more often than not, PC indoctrination centres. Rent rooms and hold authentic Jewish services there.


5. Sarah Carter verified Account:

6. Jordan Peterson: Why is Jeremy Corbyn so willing to overlook Iranian human rights abuses?

7. Tommy Robinson on Ann Marie Waters follower fired from her job

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    • He was using McCarthyism as it is defined in the Dictionary not as it was in reality. As you point out he was on our side and was a man who had his reputation destroyed for standing up and telling the truth about what was happening. Eventually this will be what is taught in the schools but it will take the destruction of the left and their hold on the educational systems before it can happen.

  1. Simply put, the left has made the teachings of Herbert Marcuse and the Frankfurt School so central to their philosophy that when they see you standing there with a Republican sign in your hand, they don’t see a fellow American with a different opinion, they see a Waffen SS officer heading to the death camps to gas another million Jews. And there’s no reasoning with that devious little child’s game. As long as they make believe that you are Adolf Hitler, your position is impossible because it’s perfectly OK to shout down Adolf Hitler, isn’t it?

    Of course, the next step after this little “child’s game” is physical violence and war, which the current crop of leftists seem to virtually crave…

  2. #3: Teach humility and modesty; avoiding sharing “too much information”: respect for the language everyone else uses [].org/sites/[]/Menorah.Feb18.pdf#page8
    Thoughts on being a nonbinary conversion student at []

    • (cont.) “For titles, I prefer the gender neutral honorific Mx. In 2015, the Oxford dictionary added it to its lexicon.
      I don’t expect everyone to understand my gender identity or remember the pronouns I use every time. I do expect people to be respectful of me and what I’m asking people to honor.”

    • (cont.) “Aster Treitman in a Tablet article discussed nonbinary gender identity and the development of options for rituals. They avoided ritual that would require gendered language for a while, but then their little sister had a Bat Mitzvah and their parents wanted to know if Treitman should be called up to the Torah by Ya’amod or Ta’Amod. Treitman chose ‘Ya’Amod’ with their new gender-neutral Hebrew name: They writes: “Their reasoning was that if you have men and women together in Hebrew, the plural takes on the masculine form. [My] identity has both masculinity and femininity, so ‘masculine was linguistically appropriate.’
      But… there is a third option… Fort Tryon Jewish Center in Washington Heights, for example, uses a grammatical loophole: The phrase ‘Na La’Amod,’ ‘Please rise,’ in Hebrew changes the verb in question into the infinitive, which is inherently gender-neutral. As for the name, ‘Bat’ or ‘Ben,’ daughter or son, becomes ‘MiBeit’—from the house, or family of, the parents of the honoree.” And in fact, Rabbi [] used both ideas at the recent ‘Kabbalat Mitzvah’ (a gender- neutral term for “Bar or Bat Mitzvah) of a non-binary child at TI a few months ago.
      As you can see from the examples above, the non- binary community are coming up with many ways to”

    • (and finally, while avoiding the “royal we are not amused pronoun) “make language gender-neutral. The examples I have chosen above express my preference. Other nonbinary persons may have different ideas about what kinds of language and ritual work for them.
      The transgender, nonbinary, and gender non- conforming communities have been evolving over time with language, identity, and visibility. We have been around for longer than people think. We’ve had other words and labels to describe our experiences, and sometimes different conceptualizations of them. The differences now are”

    • An awful lot of time and energy expended.
      Maybe it would be more prudent to learn krav maga and gain proficiency with firearms.
      Start learning Arabic. Or Chinese.

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