Things that make you go Hmmm and WOW: Links 1, Jan. 27, 2018

Here is a mix of the items that raise questions and the things that are clear, but Western traditional media will not show, and if on the slight chance they do, they will NOT represent it as it was, or without a spin so hard that it amounts to a pure falsehood. Much like calling Geert Wilders, the very definition of a classical liberal, a “far right wing extremist”.

1. Why was the attacker not named, discussed or any motive given at all? This is increasingly common, but historically they would always do what they could to describe the attacker, name him or try and surmise a motive if they didn’t know one. But since the massive influx of Muslims to Canada we don’t do that much anymore unless they are accusing people of Islam-o-phobia, and then you see them as clearly as you can for maximum victim impact.

The video only says: “By a stranger”. I suppose if they said, “By a peaceful person more Canadian than she is” we would have known.

2. Please watch this amazing segment of a rally in the German town of Cottbus. We think the speaker is Michael ‘Sturzi’ but waiting for confirmation on that.

3. New Austrian government, and the only party that isn’t communist, had its offices broken into and bugged.

4. Viktor Orban segment from V4 meeting. It is, as Orban usually is, excellent. There should be more from PM Orban later today, but this is a fine start.

5. It appears that “The Jungle” is rapidly re-forming in Calais, thanks to the provocation/invitation by Macron when he demanded that thew UK open its borders and let all the illegal invaders (w)in. Clashes with police have been going on in hundreds for a few days now.

6. Another curious story where normally public information, or at least information usually given to investigators is withheld for an unknown reason.

Thank you Xanthippa, M., Wrath of Khan, Richard, and a long list of people who translated articles, videos and left links and new for us in the Reader’s Links post this morning.

Its quite a day for news. Don’t miss it.


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  1. The good news is the Germans are organizing to fight back, they are doing this before the fighting starts which means they stand a better chance of liberating their nation.

  2. 4- That the UN is promoting the use of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) is something of a proof of their nefarious utility long suspected by those with their ear to the ground. Their ability to operate outside government regulatory oversight and to receive funding from anywhere has proven them most effective. The king of politically-motivated subversive NGOs, of course, is George Soros. Given this fact, the UN endorsement of this malevolent entity is perfectly indicative of his meddling and influence. That Hungary has identified NGOs as a Soros-driven problem is not antidemocratic. Rather, it simply shows that they choose to maintain a critical eye, and it is the NGOs that are undermining legitimate democracies around the world.

    Of course for regular readers here all of this is old news. Don’t forget, though, that new readers lurk every day. Maybe slowing the bus down just a bit, once in a while, helps a new potential red pill grab a ride.

    If NGOs are used as weapons against democracy, and the UN promotes them, then the UN is against democracy. It’s high time we discard our normalcy bias and kick this corrupted, evil, globalist, shitty (no good list describing the UN is complete without “shitty”), money-sucking, commie-infested organization to the curb. The longer we delay the more damage we allow it to do.

    Nothing lasts forever.

  3. 6- I’m still waiting to know why a farm house blew up in Greely–about 20 minutes drive outside Ottawa–so spectacularly that the explosion was heard 20 miles away. Not a word from police.

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