French town remembers what schools are for: Links 1, January 9, 2018

1. Katie Hopkins on mass immigration to France:

2. I cannot tell if this person is using ironic sarcasm to make his point about legacy media lying about the public’s feelings about President Trump, or if he meant what he says and his own evidence shows him a liar. I will go with the former. If one took the time to look at his other tweets of course, we could find out quickly, but… the clock moves quickly and I have many tasks at hand.

3. Understanding Abrogation: The Koran in Reverse Chronological Order

An anonymous emailer contacted us about a version of the Koran which has been compiled in reverse chronological order, so that abrogating verses appear before abrogated ones. The abrogated passages are struck through, to make it clear that they no longer apply. There is also a system of color-coding to provide the reader with additional information.

The text of the PDF document is too long and the formatting too complex for it to be converted to HTML. However, I’ve uploaded a copy of it here (1.45MB).

Below are excerpts from the introduction:

(Click through for the rest please)

4. ANTIFA has some difficulty defining fascism.

5. “We are not a four star restaurant” says classical liberal mayor of French town about halal meals at public schools.

Marlene Schiappa, France’s minister for sexual equality, told BFM TV the move was a “typical example of someone brandishing secularism as an anti-Muslim political weapon, or anti-Jewish for that matter”. 

Mr Sanchez insisted the introduction of pork-free meals was “anti-Republican” and a “provocation” because it introduced “religion into school”. 

“We are not a four-star restaurant,” he added on Twitter. 



Thank you Verderso, M., Wrath of Khan, and all who sent in materials and there is a LOT off materials. Please do check the Reader’s Links post for the past few days.



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  1. 3. Understanding Abrogation: The Koran in Reverse Chronological Order

    The first time I picked up a Quran I leafed through it a bit, went to the back, and read the tiny little Sura that’s at the end. I think it must be the one Kalil Gibran was reading or something because it reads like something out of the hippie coolness manual. “You do your thing, man, and I’ll do my thing, and it’ll be, like, totally cool, man…”. I think that’s how it goes.

    Then I got to the Revelation of Abrogation that explains that the nice Mecca verses are no longer valid but the violent hateful Medina verses definitely are. That’s trickery, plain and simple. It’s so hard to get across to people without sounding crazy, but Islam is a conspiracy. The Quran really is written so Infidels won’t understand it. The Holy Quran is really trying to sneak one past you. They do the same thing with alcohol and gambling, saying it’s a minor vice in the Mecca revelation and a sin worthy of public flogging in the Medina revelation. See how easy it is to lie to people with the Quran? It’s not an accident… And the Quran is written out of order, like the script to “Pulp Fiction”. Why is that…? Certainly makes it confusing if you’re not in the know…

    • The author is impassioned and absolutely accurate in his description of the death cult and its promotion by liars and hypocrites in the West. We Counter-Jihadis already know these things.

      If you’re looking for the promised “Blueprint”, you’ll be disappointed. This is the work of a totally secular individual. He reaches out to religious Jews and Christians as natural allies, but trivializes deeply spiritual belief systems.

      To debunk Moh’s brothel in the sky and the gruesome alternative, the author urges Christians to ditch Heaven and Hell as pagan accretions to original Christianity. Holding such beliefs props up Islam, so they’re out.

      A missionary’s zeal for a temporal mission muddles the argument. It has to be reframed within the appropriate sphere: Islam is a heinous political ideology, abhorrent to civilized people that will no longer tolerated.

  2. 1. Mass Migration – DACA, A Bill of Love?

    “Lou Dobbs Tonight 1/9/18 – Breaking News – January 9, 2018”
    Trump Truth Watch – January 9, 2018

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